Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Reyad Sekh Em and the Violet Flame of Amenti

Helping you towards harmony and balance in life.

Harmony Healing was established in 1999 by Joanna Bristow-Watkins to offer healings, tuition and advice on good health and wellbeing through self-empowerment and spirituality. Harmony Journeys operates escorted sacred site visits.

Developed and trademarked by Joanna, Reyad Sekh Em® Egyptian Alchemy Healing is an ultra high vibration healing system combining ancient Egyptian philosophies, angelic elemental healing rays, sound vibration, sacred breathing and etheric crystalline energies.

Reyad Sekh Em® is as much about expansion of spiritual consciousness as it is about healing. It was created to open additional perceptions over and above the five we recognise in western society i.e. sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. The Ancient Egyptians acknowledged a potential for having 360 perceptions available to us.

In response to recent global challenges, Joanna has developed a successful virtual academy programme enabling aspirants to regain control of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Through the Harmony Healing Mystery School, Joanna offers mentoring packages for scholars craving knowledge and support on their quest from spiritual awakening to unity consciousness.

Joanna's corporate programme brings the benefit of meditation, healing and wellbeing to the workplace to alleviate stress and increase productivity.

Joanna has been featured a number of times in Paradigm Shift Magazine. Follow this link to read her interview with Edwin Courtenay in Issue 52.