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Joanna Bristow Watkins Harmony Healing Director

Geminids Meteors, peaks night of 17th/14th December 2018

Geminid image from Earthsky websiteThursday 13th - Friday 14th December. The Geminids are considered by many to be the best meteor shower in the heavens, and are known for producing multicoloured meteors 65% being white, 26% yellow, and the remaining 9% blue, red and green. Rates typically peak at 100-120/hour; this high activity lasts for several hours. It is certainly possible to see 80-100 Geminids in a single hour, but only from a dark site! With the recent New Moon, viewing could be excellent, weather permitting. The Geminid Meteor Shower is expected to peak in activity on the night of December 13th-14th, although some meteors should be visible from December 7th – 21st. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Gemini. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight; ideally at 02.00 GMT. With the New Moon on the 7th December, this will be the waxing Quarter Moon, so not too hampered by light pollution hopefully. However the Geminid meteors – like meteors in all annual showers – may appear in all parts of the sky.

Go to Earthsky Website for lots of additional information, from which this image was taken. 

Even if you can't see anything, there will be an impact energetically.

Zikiel croppedYou can invoke the Angel Zikiel (Angel Guardian of Meteors and Asteroids) to help bring in new ideas. The image of Zikiel (left) is by Richard Rockwood from Angela McGerr's Heart & Soul Angel Cards.

Zadkiel offers you a visionary flash of inspiration from the Sky.

Zikiel guides the comets and meteorites in their eternal passage through space, tracking man's galactic origins.

You can invoke Zikiel by calling his name three times (pronunciation = Zick ee el) and adding 'I call upon you to be with me now, 'in love & light, in love & light, in love and light'. 

If you have a clear quartz, you can prgramme it with Zikiel's name and keep it with you to help capture any inspiration thoughts channelled from the heavens tonight and also to help your heart to make the right choices.  

This ritual is taken from Angela McGerr's An Angel For Every Day - now out of print and in short supply. However, we do still have some of Angela's out of print titles (generally also personally signed by her) available via Harmony Healing Shop, which also has collectable signed copies of the Heart & Soul Angel Cards for £75 plus postage and packing, as well as some pre-loved fully complete sets for £20 + postage and packing.  An Angel For Every Day is available at £35 (paperback) or £50 (hardback) plus postage and packing. 

New Moon at 07.21, Friday 7th November

Moon Scarletts shot squareFriday 7th December @ 07.21 is the Pagan Dark Moon. 

See this link to the New Moon Abundance Ritual, which should be carried out within 24 hours after the New Moon.

Energetically, the New Moon is a good time to start a new project and on this occasion to set some goals for 2019 and maybe complete a 2019 Vision Board.

Bona Dea Roman Festival, 4th December 2018

Bona Dea Roman girls playingTuesday 4th December is the Roman Festival of Bona Dea, this being a smaller festival that the one celebrated on 1st May but similarly for women only.  In Roman mythology, Bona Dea (literally "the good goddess") was the goddess of fertility, healing, virginity, and women. Image left of Roman girls playing is from Wikipedia and is attributed to Agnete [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons. 

She was the daughter of the god Faunus and was associated with supplying medicinal healing herbs in her temple garden. Bona Dea was also invoked for freedom from slavery; many of her worshippers were freed slaves and plebeians, and many were women seeking aid in sickness or for fertility.  Her oracles were revealed only to females.

Men were not just prohibited from Her secret festival, they not even allowed to know Her name, let alone utter it. There were other restrictions during the worship of Bona Dea: drinking either wine or myrtle was taboo and could not be mentioned by name throughout Her secret festival, probably because they were both considered very powerful due to their sacred association with Her.


11:11:11 numerology this year on 11th & 29th November

PhuelThis year, Sunday 11th November 2018 was numerologically a primary 11:11:11 (and also a 2:2:2), being the 11th day of the 11th month and the numerals of the year adding up to 11 (2+0+1+8 = 11). The numerology 11:11:11 will have an impact because many people worldwide will be recognising the 11th November as a powerful date, this, in itself, will create a heightened energy on the day. The effect of a high number of people all having positive expectations on the same date, due to the impact of quantum physics, will make it significant.

Thursday 29th November 2018 is numerologically a secondary 11:11:11 (and also a 2:2:2), being the 29th day of the 11th month and the numerals of the year adding up to 11 (2+0+1+8 = 11). This will give people a second opportunity to tune into the 11:11:11 (and 2:2:2) frequency and meditate on its personal meaning for you.

The best time to tune into the energy of the date is at 11 (or even at 11.11) in the morning or evening. To strengthen the Divine Feminine Energies within (regardless of whether your gender is male or female), simply go outside after dark (best if it's a clear night) and invite in moon energy. Focus on it saturating your body, especially in the third eye, throat and heart.

Image of Phuel is by Richard Rockwood and is taken from Angel McGerr's Harmony Angel Cards (available from the Harmony Shop). Phuel is the Guardian of the element of water and therefore all of the seas and oceans on Earth.  Water is extremely calming to the emotions and therefore working with Phuel to help cleanse and clear the sadness and grief resulting from both World Wars seems appropriate.

Khoiak & Nehebkau, Egyptian Festivals 2018


Friday 23rd November is the Egyptian celebration Khoiak and Nehebkau on  Thursday 29th November.  The Egyptian Year was split into three seasons (divided into 4 months of 30 days), commencing with Akhet in early August, then Peret from late November to early April and Shomu from early April until mid July.  Khoiak was a sombre celebration to complete the first season; later associated with the death of Asar (Osiris).  However, it was followed closely by Nehebkau - marking the start of the next season Peret - and was seen as a kind of rebirth process. 

Thursday 29th November is the Egyptian celebration Nehebkau, which literally meant 'he who unites the Kas'; the Ka being the body double which we might interpret as spirit or soul. See Ka image to left.

Nehebkau was depicted in the form of a snake with arms and legs and occasionally wings!  He was yet another Deity associated with protection and magic.

A laminated poster of Wzr (Ausar, Osirus) shown right by Jacqui Taliesin El Masry of is also available from the Harmony Shop along with other Egyptian Deity posters by Jacqui.

This year, Thursday 29th November 2018 has numerological significance as a secondary 11:11:11 (and also a 2:2:2) - see separate Blog entry.

Full Reed Moon, Friday 23rd November 2018

Friday 23rd November is the Full Reed Moon @ 05.41.

If you are an angel fan, the angel of the Moon is Gabriel.

To the left is a beautiful image of Gabriel by Richard Rockwood from my sister Angel McGerr's A Harmony of Angels book (and Harmony Angel Cards).

Both are out of print and collectible but we still have a few remaining copies via the Harmony Shop. 

See link for instructions on Angela's Angelic Meditation with Gabriel.

At the time of the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposition. The solar (sun) energy influences our masculine/yang archetypal attributes (our outer world) such as strength, courage, identity, self-esteem, expression, conscious beliefs and determination together with our logical outlook.  Whereas the lunar energy (moon) influences our femininely archetypal attributes (our inner world), such as our unconscious beliefs, hidden emotions, nurturing feelings, creativity and intuition. The Full Moon is a powerful and appropriate time to show gratitude for life and the riches and bounty bestowed upon us by Mother Earth (Gaia).

The Celts had names for each Full Moon of the year, and associated each with a tree; this is the Reed Moon ( Reeds were used by the Celts to make wind instruments and at this time of year, as the wind blows through the dying reeds (they die back in winter), and the resulting eerie haunting sound was thought to be the souls of the departed on their final journey to the underworld. The Celts called this month Negatal (pronounced nyettle) and it's a time for magical relating to spirit guides, meditation, energy work and honouring the cycle of life - birth, death and re-birth.  It's also a good time for scrying and divination. The neo pagans sometimes refer to this month by it's alternative name of Elm Moon.

Other names for a Full Moon in November are: Hunter's Moon, Frosty Moon, Beaver Moon (Northern Hemisphere) or Corn Moon, Milk Moon, Flower Moon, Hare Moon (Southern Hemisphere). Names for the moon can also relate to the season, so this Full Moon could also be called the Harvest Moon, or Hunter’s Moon, Frosty Moon, Beaver Moon, Moon before Yule or Long Night Moon (after the autumnal equinox) or Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Planting Moon, or Milk Moon, Rose Moon, Flower Moon, or Strawberry Moon (after the spring equinox). Source = 

The time between any Full Moon and the next New Moon is a good time, energetically, to detox the body. As avoiding toxins is recommended for the Ivy Moon, detoxing might also be advisable. I recommend an oil pulling technique, with coconut oil, which must be from a glass container for best taste.

See my Facebook Live on Saturday 31st March is the Equinox Easter Alder Blue Full Moon (featuring the energies of the March 2018 Equinox Full Moon event plus instructions on Oil Pulling and Angela McGerr's Angelic Meditation with Gabriel). Plus, if you're interested, 'Has Easter been superimposed onto an earlier Pagan celebration Eostre?' 

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