Copy of wolf moonMonday 17th January @ 23:51 is Full Moon. The January Full moon is also known as the Wolf Moon. See below for details of our Full Moon guided meditation at 7.30-9.30pm GMT on Monday night.

The Wolf Moon image was created by Antonia Skelton for Harmony Healing.

The Native American tribes named each moon to keep track of the months and seasons. As mentioned above, they called the January Full Moon the Wolf Moon. There isn't a standardised system however, as some tribes took a year to be 12 moon cycles, whilst others went with 13 moon cycles. Similarly some tribes worked with five seasons per year whereas others went with four. Why Native American tribes (and Medieval Europeans) are said to have referred to this as a Wolf Moon is thought to be because hungry wolves howled more at this time of year since less food was available. American Farmers have adopted these titles so that they are still used today. (See article in the Telegraph for more on this).

Although the Celts, wth their Druid priests, were believed to have revered nature, the idea that they also had tree names for each Full Moon of the year, is neo-Pagan, having been introduced by Robert Graves in the 1948, which I find rather charming. So, according to Robert Graves's imaginings, this is the Birch Moon ( The Celts called this month Beth (pronounced beh). The Birch Moon is linked with rebirth and regeneration, with growing light following the Winter Solstice here is the Northern Hemisphere. After forest fires (sadly there have been way too many of these internationally), Birch is the first tree to regrow. The birch is also associated with healing, protection and creative magic, especially regarding fertility. To keep sacred writings safe, they would be written on Birch bark. A red ribbon tied around the trunk of a Birch tree is said to ward off negative energy and a Birch twig can be hung over a cradle for psychic protection for a new born.

Lunar Cycle imageBetween Full Moon and the next New Moon (1st February) is considered as a good time energetically for detoxing the body.  Aligning ourselves with the moon cycle is very therapeutic, hence being aware of the Full Moon (a good time for bringing projects to a conclusion) and the New moon (good for starting new projects) is excellent for bringing harmony and wellbeing into our lives.

Harmony Healing utilises the philosophies of the Ancient Egyptians, in the form of Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Egyptian Alchemy Healing, to bring balance and harmony. Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Level 1 - our next interactive training course series will start soon.

Through Harmony Healing, Joanna offers a wider spectrum of events designed to nurture your welbeing. If you are looking for regular spiritually enlightening activities which help to connect you with the lunar cycle, we have our monthly Full Moon Guided Healing Meditations. The next one is tonight, Monday 17th January at 7.30-9.30pm (UK time = GMT). Participants all receive a deeply healing experience. Cost to participate is £20 by online BACS payment (small admin fee added for PayPal) or half price to RSE graduates. There are multi-buy packages for regular attendees. Book at the Harmony Shop.

Other services

Within Surrey, via Harmony In Nature, we facilitate Forest Bathing+ Sessions to help adults reconnect with nature and reap the therapeutic benefits.

Currently, MP3 meditations and distant readings and healings are proving popular and we offer Harmony Healing Vouchers for any value for use on Harmony Healing services  and Harmony in Nature vouchers for Forest Bathing vouchers (£35).

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