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Joanna Bristow Watkins

New Year, New Vision online course for 2022

Angela McGerr Books, Angel Cards & CD 

Joanna's sister, Angela McGerr, became interested in angelology in 1999. Quadrille Publications have since published nine of her works, comprising four books and five sets of angel cards, plus an angelic meditation CD. To order signed copies of Angela's books and cards from us, please use the menu on the right or click on the links below.  Apart from Angela's new book Angel Healing and Alchemy and the Angel Card Trilogy (detailed below), all other books are out of print which means that they are no longer available to us - or other suppliers - direct from the Publisher. This means they are very difficult to obtain.  We do have a few copies available from time-to-time, but they will be priced at higher rate than the recommended retail value due to their scarcity and of course, wherever possible, they are signed by Angela. To establish whether we have an out of print title available, please contact Joanna, stating which title you are enquiring about and in which country you live, so that we can advise costs with postage.

USA readers may find some of Angela's books available at Barnes & Noble Stores.

Many of the publications really are incredibly heavy and are offered purely as a service since otherwise some readers find them difficult to obtain. Checking locally is advisable before ordering through us, although where possible we do try and send copies personally signed by Angela. Please be assured there is no profit on the postage and packing costs, we barely cover PayPal fees and actual postage and we recycle old envelopes where possible. Time spent queuing at the Post Office is unremunerated!

Angela offers various e-Courses and occasional workshops. To receive notification of any events, please subscribe to the Harmony Healing e-Newsletter from Angela's sister Joanna. Each issue details notable events in the calendar for that month plus an update on any courses and international e-Courses, click on the Join Our Mailing List Link at the top of the website.  

Angel Card Trilogy

One Trilogy Set only available pre-owned but signed

Please note that the pre-used trilogy set is signed by Angela.

  • Harmony Angel Cards
  • Heart & Soul Angel Cards
  • Love & Light Angel Cards

Pre-owned trilogy from £135 + P&P (shabby covers but good condition inside & signed by Angela)


Gold & Silver Guardian Angel Cards

Gold & Silver Guardian Angel Cards featuring A-Z book of 100 angel channellings.

Gold & Silver Guardian Angel Cards (original RRP hardback £12.99). Very few left.

New & Signed: £55 
Pre-loved & Signed: £35 (2nd hand, signed, good condition - complete with all 144 cards)

There are times when everyone has problems making decisions or resolving issues. Every one of us has a 'left', or logical, active part of the brain, and a 'right' or intuitive, passive side. Only when these are working effectively together can we come to balanced decisions and lead a happy existence.

Read more: Gold & Silver Guardian Angel Cards

Angel Quest of the Heart

Angel Quest of the Heart (original Hardback, RRP £12.99).


Angela's semi-autobiographical work: The Angel Quest of the Heart (a Labyrinthine Quest with Melchisadec, Hermes Trismegistus and Pistis Sophia) was published in October 2007. This is a two-book set.

Read more: Angel Quest of the Heart

Angel Almanac

Angel Almanac (original RRP hardback £12.99, Paperback £7.99, including free CD).

USED PAPERBACK: £35 (1 set only, used but excellent condition, with CD) +P&P, £25 (1 set only - good condition but no CD, however, we do also have the CD available separately for additional £10 if required)

This Angel Almanac book features everything you would like to know about angels but might be afraid to ask! Bestselling author Angela McGerr here brings together all the many aspects of working with angels in one practical and inspirational volume based around the angelic year.

Read more: Angel Almanac

Angel Healing & Alchemy - published 2015

Book, £10.99 plus P&P

Angela's most recent book - published Summer 2015 - is on Angel Healing & Alchemy; Melchisadec, Sacred Seven and the Violet Ray. 

For those familiar with Angela's books, this title, from a different publisher, takes a different format; it is designed as an instructional tool and does not include colour illustrations.

We are selling signed copies for £10.99 plus postage and packing. Sorry, we can't accept orders to South Africa due to insured postage not being viable. 


Read more or to buy Angel Healing & Alchemy - published 2015

A Harmony of Angels

A Harmony of Angels,  Paperback (original RRP, £7.99).  SALE £40 + P&P 

This is Angela's first book, published in 2001, and is now out of print and rare.  We are down to the last few signed copies, available for £40 plus postage and packing, see below to order. Due to the value, postage and packing includes fully tracked and insured rates. Please advise if you would rather collect from London or Surrey.

It's an introductory volume for those new to the Angelology philosophy as interpreted for the 21st Century by Angela. By learning how to commune with Angels (God's messengers) you will never be alone or lack spiritual guidance. 

This is a lovely colour illustrated gift to anyone new to angels. 

Read more: A Harmony of Angels

Celestial Forecasts

Forthcoming Events and Workshops


New Moon New Vision - £155
Lunar Cycle Alignment
Group Mentoring Programme
Provisional next dates
25th Oct - 23rd Nov
Held remotely on Zoom
Late starts accommodated

Full Moon Guided meditation - £20
7.30-9.30pm UK timings

Violet Flame of Amenti - £88
(online courses are UK timings)
Level 1 including attunement

Thurs 12th, 19th and 26th May 
6¾ hours, 3 x 6.15pm-8.30pm (GMT+1)
Recordings of each Zoom session available
Late registrations accepted

Worth 1 unit towards the RSE Level 1
Held remotely on Zoom

Mindful Chakra Alignment- £66
(online courses are UK timings)

And reconnect with the Earth & Sky

Thurs 10th, 17th & 24th March 
6¾ hours, 3 x 7.15pm-9.30pm (GMT/UT)
Recordings of each Zoom session available
Late registrations accepted

Worth ½ unit towards the RSE Level 1
Held remotely on Zoom

Introduction to Khemitology - £88
(online courses are UK timings)

Thurs 17th, 24th February & 3rd March
6¾ hours, 3 x 7.15pm-9.30pm (GMT/UT)
Recordings of each Zoom session available
Late registrations accepted

Worth 1 unit towards the RSE Level 1
Held remotely on Zoom

Planetary & Elemental Essene Angels
(online courses are UK timings)
4½ hour course - £66

Weds 16th & 30th March (skipping 23rd)
5½ hrs, 2 x 7.15pm-9.30pm (GMT/UT)
Recordings of each Zoom session available
Late registrations accepted

Worth ½ unit towards the RSE Level 1

Held remotely on Zoom

Forest Bathing+ Events
For dates, costs and locations of our
Forest Bathing Events, see
Harmony Shop Forest Bathing

For general info on Forest Bathing

New Meditations Since 2020:

555 Spiritual Expansion Meditation
MP3 555 Numerology written for 2021
Created for 5th, 14th & 21st May

Chakra Balancing & Global Healing
MP3 Meditation Recording @ £9.99
or £4.44 to Harmony Healing subscribers

Unity Consciousness plus Axiatonal Alignment
MP3 Meditation Recording @ £9.99
or £4.44 to Harmony Healing subscribers

RSE 2 available as modular units
cost is £330

The following are on hold since lockdown:

Reyad Sekh Em (RSE)
Level 1 - Introduction

Next 2-day Course: TBA
A modular version is available (£266)
as separate units taught virtually 

Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) - £500
1 & 2 Practitioner Intensive

Next 3-day Course: TBA
Withdrawn during Covid restrictions
But a modular version of RSE 1 is 
available as units taught virtually


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