Gold & Silver Guardian Angel Cards featuring A-Z book of 100 angel channellings.

Gold & Silver Guardian Angel Cards (original RRP hardback £12.99). Very few left.

New & Signed: £55 
Pre-loved & Signed: £35 (2nd hand, signed, good condition - complete with all 144 cards)

There are times when everyone has problems making decisions or resolving issues. Every one of us has a 'left', or logical, active part of the brain, and a 'right' or intuitive, passive side. Only when these are working effectively together can we come to balanced decisions and lead a happy existence.

In her Gold and Silver Guardian Angels, Angela McGerr provides two products for the price of one! Guardian Angel Cards offer a means to seek advice and guidance from gold (active) and silver (passive) angels (to see both sides of a problem) with a key card that adds balance.

The Book of Angels describes how to use the cards and features detailed portraits of over 100 angels. The reader can use it in two ways: to find out more information about the angels they have drawn with the cards, or to learn more about all the angels featured. It is, in fact, an angelic 'bible' for those already intrigued by the subject of angels.