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Joanna Bristow Watkins

New Moon image cropped toghtFriday 13th July @ 03:49* (Thursday night, Friday morning in the UK, *taking place Thursday evening 12th July is the Americas) is the New Moon and it's another Supermoon also known as a Perigean New Moon. And, there's a partial solar eclipse too (visible mostly in the Southern Ocean area between Antarctica and Australia)!  It's the second of a trilogy of New Moon Supermoons occurring due to the New Moon closely pairing up with perigee on 13th June, 13th July and 11th August. More at

It will be at its brightest at 03:49 UK time and coming less than 6 hours before the moon reaches lunar perigee (see note below) at 09:30 on the 13th July, it will be the closest and brightest of the New Moon Supermoons of 2018.  Perigee timings are given at

A Supermoon is when the moon appears larger in the sky because it is reaches the closest proximity to Earth (known as the perigee*) coinciding with the New Moon or Full Moon. Since the New Moon is only a sliver to the naked eye, the Full Moon Supermoons are much more of a visual treat, when the moon may appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than on any other Full Moon occasion. Although it may not seem all that noticeable to us and of course it will depend on good clear viewing conditions; however due to an optical illusion, it will always look bigger and more luminous when closer to the horizon.

*The moon orbits around the Earth in an ellipse which takes just over 29 days, meaning that it reaches points in the year when it is at its closest (perigee, when it is about 363,000 km away) and furthest (apogee, when it is about 405,500 KM) from our planet. Those old enough might be reminded of Bed Knobs and Broomsticks when Angela Lansbury mentions the perigee and apogee in one of her invocations!

This New Moon Abundance ritual  should be carried out within 24 hours after the New Moon. There are video instructions on my Harmony Healing Facebook Page

The zodiac sign of Gemini (in which the trio of Supermoons began) - represented by twins - signifies duality and adaptability through the conscious and subconscious mind. It's a good time for clearing blockages by moving suppressed thoughts and emotions from the subconscious so they can be released. We can anticipate an emotionally intense period which will last through to the third consecutive New Moon Supermoon in August.  New Moons always signify the start of a new cycle, this one coinciding with a solar eclipse marks the winding down of a cycle which began with the January eclipse and will finish with the 26th July lunar eclipse.  

According to Elephantjournal.comwhereas New Moon energy usually last a few days, this intense, life-changing energy of this New Moon trio will remain for the full two month period. Those sensitive to energies will feel the heightened charge as extremes of moods, with some sudden unexpected swings. Last year we had summer eclipses in Leo and Aquarius and this time our second Supermoon of the trio and partial eclipse is in Cancer and Capricorn, and it's the first time there's been an eclipse in Cancer since 2011 and there hasn't beena Friday 13th lunar eclipse since 13th December 1974!  The general view is that this date marks the beginning of a cycle which will illuminate the way for many years to come.  A Cancer solar eclipse reverberates strongly of re-birth, shaking us to our very foundations to uncover areas which need to be re-awakened or re-invented; either to fully recognise that we've found our soul purpose (and need to trust and focus on it more) or that our soul path needs to be slightly tweaked or re-directed.  Cosmic alignments over the last few years are shifting everything hugely and we are changing all the time, such that we have new capabilities on a daily basis.

The drive towards perfectionism - particularly here in the UK - is making us all feel unnecessarily inferior and that needs to stop. Today's eclipse invites us to honour the changes in ourselves, look boldly and deeply into our shadow and respect who we are, complete with our imperfections.  This will bring up painful memories and issues from the past (many of which have been at least partially addressed before, but this is an opportunity to finally move onward and upward, accepting this challenge as a cosmic shortcut to an elevated level of consciousness. Strong new friendships may come along and old established ones may be released. Go with the flow ...

Here is a summary of a review of the two eclipses this month (there's a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on 26th July) from the website, which you can consult for more details about the specific influence of the five planets which go retrograde this month (plus another one over the summer) : -

The intense nature of a solar eclipse takes up to six months to develop and is shaped by our energy during the two or three days either side of the actual event. This makes it vital to filter the quality of our emotions, thoughts and behaviour at this time. A solar eclipse draws our attention to the outward impact of events beyond our control but that how we react to them is up to us.

We manifest our own destiny, a fact which may become clear at this time. The chapters of our life, complete with emotional and financial peaks and troughs, reflect our inner strengths and shape our unique worldly. Our personal force-field of interacts and combines with unified fields of the planet and universe. Through clever use of intuition and self-acceptance, we can live more fully despite what events (without or without the influence of this solar eclipse) are thrown at us.

With the 13th July also marking the Games of Apollo in Roman mythology and the Birthday of Ra in Egyptian mythology (see the Blog entry below), there's certainly a strong solar theme going on here concurrently with this key lunar event.

New Moons are good for setting intentions, so it's a fabulous day for creating a personal or corporate Vision Board for the rest of 2018.  

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