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Joanna Bristow Watkins

New Moon image cropped toghtSaturday 11th August @ 10.59 it is the New Moon and it's another Supermoon also known as a Perigean New Moon. And, there's a partial solar eclipse too (visible mostly in the most of north and east Asia, Scandinavia, Greenland, Iceland and far-north esatern Canada).  Sdaly it won't be visible in the UK at all!  It's the final of a trilogy of New Moon Supermoons occurring due to the New Moon closely pairing up with perigee on 13th June, 13th July and 11th August. More at Earthsky.orgPerigee timings are given at

A Supermoon is when the moon appears larger in the sky because it is reaches the closest proximity to Earth (known as the perigee*) coinciding with the New Moon or Full Moon. Since the New Moon is only a sliver to the naked eye, the Full Moon Supermoons are much more of a visual treat, when the moon may appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than on any other Full Moon occasion. Although it may not seem all that noticeable to us and of course it will depend on good clear viewing conditions; however due to an optical illusion, it will always look bigger and more luminous when closer to the horizon.

*The moon orbits around the Earth in an ellipse which takes just over 29 days, meaning that it reaches points in the year when it is at its closest (perigee, when it is about 363,000 km away) and furthest (apogee, when it is about 405,500 KM) from our planet. Those old enough might be reminded of Bed Knobs and Broomsticks when Angela Lansbury mentions the perigee and apogee in one of her invocations!

This New Moon Abundance ritual  should be carried out within 24 hours after the New Moon. There are video instructions on my Harmony Healing Facebook Page

More about the impact of this eclipse and the current retrograde planets

I asked Astrologer Tanya Cohen for more information about this 11th August eclipse, she's holding a Solar Eclipse Workshop on the 11th (see details below and/or email Tanya direct Here's what she said

On Friday 27th July we experienced the longest, Total (Full Moon), Lunar Eclipse of the century.  And gosh did its purging energy play out in the weather here in the UK, where we;ve experienced the hottest Summer on record  The influence of this potent eclipse will be with us for several months to come. 

Right now, during this powerful vortex of energy between the Lunar and Solar Eclipse, the theme of release and letting go, will be particularly strong. You may be feeling more sensitive than usual.  However, this is a precious time to take stock, recharge and prepare yourself for a major new cycle, which will begin in just under two weeks’ time. 

We've had six planets in retrograde motion in early August - Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and Pluto, meaning the theme of introspection, re-evaluation and resetting, will continue.  When planets are retrograde, they’re nearer to the earth, so their impact on us is even stronger.  This is a great time for inner work and reconnecting with ourselves at the very core. On 6th-8th August Uranus is stationery; and planets are extremely powerful when they are stationery - then on the 9th August Uranus turns retrograde too taking the total to 7. The Sun and Moon are never retrograde so really the only ones going forward are Venus and Jupiter.  It’s known as a retrograde and it’s a time for all the re’s - re examination, revaluation, recharging etc….

The Power of Mars

Last month’s Lunar Eclipse was made even more powerful, by the closeness of Mars to the Moon. Retrograde Mars has only been this close to the earth, once, in the past 60,000 years and boy are we feeling its impact!

Mars is about our fight for survival and its current proximity to the South Node (early and past life conditioning), gives us the strength and courage to cut ourselves free from unhealthy ties to the past. Mars’ symbolic association with the surgeon’s scalpel, makes me wonder if the world is going through some kind of shamanic surgery. The energy of Mars tends to heat things up and right now, it’s helping to purify and burn away what’s toxic on a personal and global level.  We’re also experiencing the adverse effects of record heatwaves, fires and heat related deaths, across the world. 

In wonderfully symbolic style, Mars, (currently in Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer), reached the headlines on Wednesday 25th July, when astronomers announced that they’d discovered a large body of salt water beneath Mars’ southern pole. Their discovery reintroduced the idea, amongst scientists, that there may well, indeed, be life on Mars.

Meanwhile, Uranus (revolutionary change and great awakenings) and Mars continue to be tightly aligned, intensifying our urge to evolve and transcend to a higher level of consciousness.  These two planets, will be making an exact, dynamic, square aspect to each other tomorrow, Wednesday, 1st August.  This Uranus/Mars connection is rather volatile, but on the plus side, could result in sudden insights and major aha moments.

And if this wasn’t enough, as stated above, by the eclipse on the 11th Uranus will have become the seventh planet to join the current retrograde line up.  It’s hard to determine what’s going to happen when Uranus, known for its unpredictability, moves direction. Sudden, surprising and radical shifts, that could change the direction of our lives, are all real possibilities. Be mindful of who you bump into next week, there could be a lot of interesting and exciting synchronicity in the air.

The great news is that, Uranus and Saturn, will be making a supportive trine aspect to each other, right up until mid-September.  This rare, harmonious alliance, between two planets who traditionally don’t get along, bodes well!  Saturn is a practical earth sign.  Its biggest concern is that we align to our path in the most realistic and responsible way.  Its favourable alignment with Uranus, will help us take the steps we need, to make the right kind of revolutionary changes in our lives, with perfect timing.

These are unpredictable, but exciting times, with huge potential for inner alchemy and accelerated growth. As we approach the last Solar Eclipse in Leo for eight years, let’s focus on our vision for the future to help us let go of the past.



Hampstead, London NW3, Saturday 11th August – 10.30-16.30 - Cost £75.00

The energy of Leo encourages us to raise the bar of what we believe we’re capable of.  We’ll make the most of this powerful manifesting energy to tap into our creative fire and clear any blocks that may be getting in the way of us truly shining. 

New Moons carry energy of initiation.  They’re like a gift from the universe offering us the highest qualities of whatever sign they are falling in.  So we’ll be spending the day, absorbing and immersing ourselves in the energy of Leo - creativity, open heartedness, passion and fun!

Email Tanya at  to find out the venue and to book the workshop. Tanya is also offering phone or Skype eclipse sessions for those who can't amke the workshop.

According to, the intense nature of a solar eclipse takes up to six months to develop and is shaped by our energy during the two or three days either side of the actual event. This makes it vital to filter the quality of our emotions, thoughts and behaviour at this time. A solar eclipse draws our attention to the outward impact of events beyond our control but that how we react to them is up to us.

We manifest our own destiny, a fact which may become clear at this time. The chapters of our life, complete with emotional and financial peaks and troughs, reflect our inner strengths and shape our unique worldly. Our personal force-field of interacts and combines with unified fields of the planet and universe. Through clever use of intuition and self-acceptance, we can live more fully despite what events (without or without the influence of this solar eclipse) are thrown at us.

With the 11th August also marking the peak of the Perseid Meteors, it could be an excellent evening for star gazing anyway.  See the Blog entry under 9th August for details of the Perseids and also involking Zikiel, angel of meteors.

New Moons are good for setting intentions, so it's a fabulous day for creating a personal or corporate Vision Board for the rest of 2018.  

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