Moon Scarletts shot

Friday 19th April @ 12.12 is the Easter Willow Full Moon.

Between Full Moon and the next New Moon is considered as a good time energetically for detoxing the body.

If you are an angel fan, the angel of the Moon is Gabriel. See link for instructions on Angela's Angelic Meditation with Gabriel.

To the right is a beautiful image of Gabriel by Richard Rockwood from my sister Angel McGerr's A Harmony of Angels book (and Harmony Angel Cards).

Both are out of print and collectible but we still have a few remaining copies via the Harmony Shop. 

At the time of the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposition.  The solar (sun) energy influences our masculine/yang archetypal attributes (our outer world) such as strength, courage, identity, self-esteem, expression, conscious beliefs and determination together with our logical outlook.  Whereas the lunar energy (moon) influences our femininely archetypal attributes (our inner world), such as our unconscious beliefs, hidden emotions, nurturing feelings, creativity and intuition. The Full Moon is a powerful and appropriate time to show gratitude for life and the riches and bounty bestowed upon us by Mother Earth (Gaia).

The Celts had names for each Full Moon of the year, this is the Willow Moon.  At this time of year, Europeans can expect the best conditions for healthy growth of the Willow, namely lots of rain!  Known as Saille (pronounced Sahl-yeh) it is associated with healing and growth. Willows planted close to your home are reputed to provide protection from flooding, storms and other natural disasters, even warding away other dangers. More about this at the Celtic Weirdness website I happily stumbled upon.  This may be why they are often planted in cemeteries. Willow month is the time to work on healing rituals, building esoteric knowledge, studying women's mysteries and nurturing yourself and others.   Also see

The time between any Full Moon and the next New Moon is a good time, energetically, to detox the body. I recommend an oil pulling technique, with coconut oil, which must be from a glass container for best taste.