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Tuesday 2nd July is the Dark Moon @ 20:16.  

It's also a total solar eclipse in some parts of the world.  Solar eclipses occur at the time of the New Moon, when the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, obscuring the view of the Sun from the Earth. This creates a metaphor that a Solar Eclipse obscures our vision forward, allowing an ideal opportunity to reflect on the present and relate it to our past in a beneficial way.  It's vital that this reflection is constructive and not the re-living of old pain, instead re-evaluate how much you have moved forward in the interim; looking for positive re-assessment and tangible progress on your life path.

This total solar eclipse will be visible from small parts of Argentina and Chile just before sunset. Some regions in the Pacific and in South America, including locations in Paraguay and Uruguay, Brazil and Ecuador will see a partial solar eclipse, if the weather permits. See for more on how to follow the eclipse progress. Whether this total eclipse is visible to us or not, it will affect us energetically, see for details on the astrology of this particular eclipse. 

Any New Moon is a fabulous day for creating a personal or corporate Vision Board. With this being a total solar eclipse as well, it's particularly powerful for creating a Vision Board for the rest of 2019 to create new goals and release old ones. 

This New Moon Abundance ritual should be carried out within 24 hours after the New Moon, click this link (or via the image) to see the YouTube Video Instructions.

For a list of Joanna's forthcoming Harmony Healing events, see this recent Harmony Healing Event Update. 


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