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8:8 Lions Gate from Angela McGerrs Angel Quest of the HeartThursday 8th August is The Lion's Gate. August 8th (8:8 in numerology, being the 8th day of the 8th month) has always been experienced as the Lions Gate doorway opening up a time portal to ancient Egyptian encodings situated between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The portal lasts 26th July to 12th August, but peaks evey year on the 8th August.

The number 8, being the infinity symbol on its side, represents the infinite forever conscious part of our soul, higher realsm of consciousness and our infinite journey. The number 8 is also connected with abundance and strength making 8:8 this a good time clear the way to charge our energies.

It is said to be an energy doorway, which activates through the Solar Lion into the etheric and the Hall of Records (Akasha) and is said to be associated with the marriage of matter and anti-matter, where polarities meet and merge. 

Encrypted at sacred sites all over the world, but headquartered at Giza Egypt, these long-established data programmes, communicate with our own inner crystalline codes held in our DNA. 

By tuning in and connecting with these codings we may be able to access a portal ancient truths and wisdoms resulting in an accelerated spiritual awakening. 

The Lion's Gate is not only about numerology and astrology (being in the Lion shaped zodiac of Leo), it's also connected to the rising of Sirius, Sopdet to the Egyptians, sometimes referred to as our spiritual sun. It was believed to be the gateway to heaven and the home of higher frequency beings with advanced wisdom. The rising of Sirius coincided with the Nile floods, bringing abundance and wellbeing to the ancient civilisation. More at

The beautiful mandala image above shows the Solar Lion by Richard Rockwood, from Angela McGerr's Angel Quest of the Heart. It has been out of print for some years but we still have a few remaining unused copies of the book at £25 each (plus postage and packing), signed by Angela, email  for details.

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