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Joanna Bristow Watkins

New Year, New Vision online course for 2022

Moon Scarletts shotFriday 5th June  @ 20.12 UK time (GMT/UT+1; click here to convert to your time zone) is the Hawthorn Full Moon. It's also a Penumbral Lunar eclipse. The eclipse will be at least partially visible in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa. It will be visible in London between 21.01 and 22.04, with maximum effect at 21.06 when the entire moon is above the horizon, at this point it might even turn a darker shade.  However, penumbral eclipses are not always easy to discern at all. 

This is the first of a series of three eclipses, with an annular solar eclipse 21st June and another penumbral lunar eclipse on 5th July. More details at 

Even if we can't see much (or anything at all from some parts of the globe) there will still be an effect energetically. Tonight, Friday 5th June, we are holding the next Virtual Harmony Healing Circle, 7.30-9.30pm £11 (half price to VFoA & RSE graduates).

This eclipse falls in the 16th degree of Sagittarius.  Eclipses are said to warn us that things may not be as they seem. Reflection on alternative meanings could be advisable. Childhood issues may come up for clearing and we could be feeling vulnerable a few days either side, especially as our political environment could be making folks feel vulnerable anyway.  Astrologer Lisa Mendes says:

"Over the next 18 months or so, expect the spotlight to move from family dynamics and childhood traumas and wounds, to fall on how we make decisions and/or moral calls (faith vs reason) and discern fact from fiction when it comes to navigating the Information Age. Do we truly think logically when we make important political decisions, for example, or do we default  to deeply-held belief systems or become overly reliant on commonly-held assumptions? Elon Musk is quoted as saying that one way we can very quickly unplug from the matrix and start thinking independently is to question all assumptions and go back to first principles - not a bad idea, especially in an era where psychological manipulation and cyber warfare by stealth is mostly how elections are won."

See Lisa's website for more. For those interested in the impact of eclipses on their personal zodiac, Lisa offers complementary video 'eclipse-scopes' to her subscribers, you can sign up at her astrology sphere online shop.

At the time of the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposition. The solar (sun) energy influences our masculine/yang archetypal attributes (our outer world) such as strength, courage, identity, self-esteem, expression, conscious beliefs and determination together with our logical outlook. Whereas the lunar energy (moon) influences our femininely archetypal attributes (our inner world), such as our unconscious beliefs, hidden emotions, nurturing feelings, creativity and intuition. The Full Moon is a powerful and appropriate time to show gratitude for life and the riches and bounty bestowed upon us by Mother Earth (Gaia).

The Moon shines due to its surface reflecting the Sun's rays. A lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon thereby blocking some or all of the Sun's light from reaching to the Moon. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when there is an imperfect alignment between the Sun, Earth, and the Moon; causing the Earth to block some of the Sun's light from reaching the Moon's surface. This covers all (or part of) the Moon with the outer edge of its shadow, which is also known as the penumbra. The penumbra is considerably fainter than the dark core of the Earth's shadow; hence a penumbral eclipse of the Moon is often difficult to distinguish from a normal Full Moon. See for a detailed explanation.

The Celts had names for each Full Moon of the year, this is the Hawthorn Moon following soon after Beltane. Known as Huath (pronounced Hoh-uh), the plant is prickly with pretty blossoms and is associated masculine energy, fire and fertility; tradition dictating that male potency is high at this time of year.  Hawthorn can be used for magic rituals involving masculine power (it has a raw phallic energy about it), making professional connections and business decisions. The faerie realm are said ti like it, with the fae being particularly attracted when Hawthorns grow together with Ash and Oak. See

Other names for a northern hemisphere Full Moon in June are: Strawberry Moon, Lotus Moon, Oak Moon, Cold Moon, Honey Moon, Mead Moon, Full Rose Moon or Long Night’s Moon.

The Strawberry Moon, was so named by the Algonquin tribe because it heralded the perfect time to pick wild strawberries. Indigenous tribes - such as the Native Americans - were much more aligned with lunar cycles (rather than our 'solar' calendar) and used labels to identify each moon with events in nature which coincided. See article in The Telegraph for more on this.

If you are an angel fan, the angel of the Moon is Gabriel. See link for instructions on Angela's Angelic Meditation with Gabriel.

To the right is a beautiful image of Gabriel by Richard Rockwood from my sister Angel McGerr's A Harmony of Angels book (and Harmony Angel Cards).

Both are out of print and collectible but we still have a few remaining copies via the Harmony Shop. 

The time between any Full Moon and the next New Moon is a good time, energetically, to detox the body. I recommend an oil pulling technique, with coconut oil, which must be from a glass container for best taste.

Aligning ourselves with the moon cycle is very therapeutic, hence being aware of the New moon (good for starting new projects) and Full Moon (a good time for bringing projects to a conclusion) is excellent for bringing harmony and wellbeing into our lives.

Harmony Healing activities are aimed at bringing harmony and wellbeing into your life. If you are looking for spiritually enlightening activities during lockdown, Joanna offers distant intuitive readings (past life and/or aura readings) and distant 1-2-1 healings and virtual healing circles. We also have meditations available.

A number of virtual courses are now ready and starting this month, details on Harmony Healing Virtual Events. Currently, due to Coronavirus, most events will be virtual hence distant readings and healings are proving popular. We don't recommend giving a reading or healing to another person, without first checking whether it would be welcomed.

To receive regular Blog updates (headed with a title detailing the occasion or event so that you can choose whether to open it or not), featuring New and Full Moon, meteor showers, eclipses and other meteorological events, interesting anniversaries, ancient festival dates plus notification of dates of numerological significance, sign up for the Harmony Healing e-newsletters above or at the top of any page of this Harmony Healing website. The nature of the Blog means that whenever there are several key dates in close succession, there will be frequent mailings. The sender e-mail address is (and the sender will show as Joanna Bristow-Watkins @ Harmony Healing). You may need to add this email to your safe list and check your junk filter initially.


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