My December theme is Celestial Alignment. Spiritual Communities across the globe (and beyond) have probably eagerly anticipated and dreaded in equal measure the arrival of a major planetary alignment later this month! I'm amongst those in the excited camp. Best discussed is the Mayan 2012 Prophecy, but the Egyptians also highlighted the same Galactic Alignment because both ancient civilizations attributed great significance to complete cycles of the Precession of the Equinoxes, which has been calculated to end on 21st December 2012. Personally I find it fascinating that these two Civilizations, divided by over 7,500 miles, should have such parallel ideas, but then since there are similarities between the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and some of the Mayan Glyphs, plus the intriguing fact that 'Maya' was an Ancient Egyptian word for water, revered as an essential ingredient for healthy life.


Of course, neither the Mayans nor the Egyptians (as far as we can tell!) foresaw the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar (that is the 'annual dating system' by which we now identify our year as 2012), so they would not have heralded the forthcoming December Solstice as the culmination of the Great Year and the point at which Earth passes through the centre of the universe - the equator of the Milky Way. The Great Year being a 25,625 year elliptical orbit as Earth revolves around the star system of Sirius, during which the Sun completes a full, 360-degree backward circuit through the zodiac. It is modern astrologers and scientists who have 'computed' this ending date to mean 2012, though a significant faction of 'experts' have pointed out that the Gregorian Calendar has had up to '6 unaccounted and therefore 'missing' years, so arguably the 'real' 2012 could have already happened at any time since 2006!

To add further confusion, there are those who say that we may not notice the shift because our spiritual development has progressed so exponentially in the last few years that the change will be subtle. Others say that the key date has already passed (clearly without a fanfare!) either earlier this year or on highlighted dates in the last 3-4 years. Perhaps these theories are equally sound or perhaps the proponents of these theories are preparing excuses to alleviate the consequential 'mud on face' that would inevitably result from an entire global community awakening on 22nd December 2012 to find absolutely nothing has seemingly changed?


Then there are those who say that 12th December 2012 must be the 'Big Day' as that is surely a 12:12:12 in numerology (being the 12th Day of the 12th month or the '12 year). Personally I favour the full year being used for these purposes which makes the year 2012 a '5' year, rather than a '12' year, but there will still be enough people on a global scale celebrating the 12:12:12 on the 12th of this month (particularly at 12 minutes past 12) - and indeed on the 21st December solstice - that there will be an impact anyway due to the basic principles of quantum physics - i.e. when enough people focus on something there is a tangible effect. I would try and explain this further in simple terms, but the newsletter is already later going out than I planned!


So, in summary, I am going to celebrate the 12th December and the 21st December, in London with like-minded folks. Christopher Street (london leylines expert and published author) has already arranged events, so I'm planning to tag along to those. Please see the detailed section(s) on my December newsletter for more (you can use the purple summary of events link in the top left of the newsletter). I'll be doing the 12:12:12 distant attunements (£22) from one of the London sacred sites.

If you want to connect with nature on one or both of these dates, weather permitting you might like to try this
OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) Deep Peace of the Tree Meditation Video Link - it's simple but calming and effective.


Marion Briggs is planning a preparatory gathering at Steiner House, London @ 7.30pm on 20th December. See attached poster.


With Christmas fast approaching, I'd like to wish those of you who celebate it, a wonderful and enjoyable break. If you live in the UK or Europe, and you're looking for globally responsible eco-friendly presents, try this link to Wikaniko.

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting how to use Ancient Egyptian philosophies for personal empowerment at two local Fabulous Women netwinning groups, if you'd like a presentation at your group, please email Jo.

If you need a lift after Christmas is over, I'm running my Feel Rejuvenated for 2013 lunar month e-programme (£55/£99) starting 26th January.