I spent the moment of the long awaited 2012 Winter Solstice (21st Dec) with Chris Street's Earthstar Group sitting on the steps of All Soul's Church, Langham Place (the closest publically accessible point to the centre of the London Earthstar - a 30-pointed star Sacred Geometrical pattern in the London landscape) - directly facing the sun (thus looking towards the alignment with the galactic centre) from 11.11 - 11.30 (GMT). I imagined a golden masculine anti-clockwise spiral of energy coming down from the sun, through the gathered group and into the centre of the Earth, plus a silver feminine clockwise spiral of energy coming up from the centre of the Earth, enclosing the group, reaching up to the sky. In my mind's eye I created a diamond column of light coming through the double helix (gold and silver spirals). The sun shone on me & the weather was fantastic, especially for a December day. There were about 40 of us gathered on the steps in quiet reflection and meditation, yet there were happy children & traffic noises as a stark contrast: a very surreal moment.