VSA.logo.JPG"It’s easy to get disheartened over the sorry state of affairs – world pollution, ecological disaster, global warming, starvation, racial tension, corruption and now a pandemic; our media make us feel powerless, but is this really the case?

If, as many spiritual leaders believe, we create our own reality, then by implication we must take collective responsibility for this international chaos - surely even more reason to despair. However, various publications (notably The Secret, 2006) outlining the ancient Law of Attraction and further self-empowerment techniques paint a very different picture.

The Law of Attraction predicts that we attract into our lives whatever we spend our time focusing on. We are told it is down to a Universal Law, that the mind works to manifest whatever we seek. So, it is prudent to filter your thoughts and keep them positive and constructive". 

                                                ....     article by Joanna Bristow-Watkins continued at THE VICKYSOUL ACADEMY Blog 

Find out what you can do as a Lightworker, via my Guest Blog on THE VICKYSOUL ACADEMY (where I am a member of the teaching team, known as Tribe Leaders), linked below. I would like to post the entire article to my own Harmony Healing Blog, but as some of you will know Google - and other search engines - will identify it as a plagiarised article, even though it's my own work, because it's already published on another site. 

This is part one of a series of articles I will be writing for the site on how we can make a difference to our own enlightenment, and by so doing, have a wider impact on human consciousness and improve the global predicament.

So please do visit THE VICKYSOUL ACADEMY website which you find a useful resource and where you will find other Guest Blogs from established and up-and-coming spiritual mentors. If you like the article, please do give it a heart and all shares and comments are welcome ...

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