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Joanna Bristow Watkins

New Year, New Vision online course for 2022


Calling all Lightworkers 21.12.2020

By Joanna Bristow-Watkins,, December 2020

Last month, in Calling all Lightworkers - Part 1, we introduced the concept of Lightworkers and suggested some mindfulness exercises to try. We also discussed that, since we supposedly create our own reality, we must take collective responsibility for the current global disasters, and theoretically could potentially 'uncreate' the mess, too.

According to David Hawkins (author of Power Versus Force) and Owen Waters (author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness), if the thoughts and emotions are emanating from more spiritually developed individuals, then the universal response is faster and more intense. Thus, the more enlightened we become, the stronger our influence. How uplifting to learn that we can make a positive difference to the world situation simply by working on our own consciousness. This is explained in our video

Furthermore, this positive intent can be amplified exponentially when like-minded people get together in focused groups, where the total output is much greater than the sum of the parts. This is especially true if the group meditation takes place at energy vortices or other sacred locations, but any group of Lightworkers meditating together has a profound influence on the planet as a whole and all its inhabitants.

Sacred sites and the chakras of the planet

Sacred sites are traditionally locations where the veil separating higher vibrational dimensions is thin. Often they are energy ‘hotspots’ positioned on junctions of ley-lines or electro-magnetic force fields.

Whilst our ancient forefathers were more adept at detecting these, some of us can still sense a tingling
sensation which undoubtedly fosters a ‘feelgood factor’,   particularly when tied-in with the opening of
new galactic portals;  dates when we all experience heightened energy vibrations.  These ley-lines and
energy hotspots form the meridians and chakra centres of the Earth.

Therefore, by focussing the intent for planetary healing from these, our efforts are amplified to create an entire global energy shift. You can compare this to focusing on a specific chakra of a client you’re working with, or on yourself.

Currently, we may not be able to easily travel to the more powerful sacred sites, but we can go somewhere local to us where we sense this ‘feelgood factor’, it could be a beautiful place in nature that we’ve previously discovered nurtures us and give us an emotional lift, perhaps somewhere with a stunning view or an ancient forest. Any location with spectacular scenery or woodland will give us that nature connection we all crave on a cellular level, where we can almost determine the moment-by-moment nourishing flow to our DNA and resulting boost to our immune system.

Disconnect from WiFi and reconnect with the forest

The absolute best therapy is to be found in ancient forest, where it has recently been scientifically demonstrated that the trees have created their own network of overlapping roots interconnected by a special ‘mycorrhizal’ fungus to produce their very own WoodWideWeb for inter-tree communication. Amazingly, trees have been creating their own network for millions of years. You could even say their ability to communicate through the ‘phytoncides’, which are the plant chemicals emitted from the trees, mean they invented their own form of WiFi many thousands of years before we caught up. Through these networks and signals, they share nutrition and even warn each other of incoming predators.

To build on the mindfulness exercises described in Part 1 of this Blog, here are some ideas to ‘plug in’ and connect better with nature and the woodwide web:

  • If It’s raining, relish in the cool sensation of the rain on your skin, taste the raindrops on your lips. Let the rain wash away stale emotions that aren’t serving you anymore. If it’s a cold windy day, whisper your troubles into the wind and watch them blow away.

  • See what smells you notice in the countryside. Wet soil can be very pungent, and a recent shower brings out the smell of nettles and hedgerows as well as aromatic herbs.

  • Next time you’re out and about, find a deciduous tree (these lose their leaves in the winter). Look up at the branches and see how many leaves, if any, are still clinging on. Marvel at the splendour of nature which allows the autumn leaves to absorb unwanted substances the tree needs to release therefore detoxing the tree as it departs.

  • Try standing next to your tree and touching its trunk with the palm of your hand. Concentrate on the texture of the bark, run your fingers slowly over the bumps and notice the contrast with the smoother areas. Imagine how it would feel to have such a solid exterior. See if you can sense how it would feel to have squirrels running up and down – pleasant and tickly or strange and scratchy.

  • Trees are constantly sending water and nutrients up and down inside of their trunks. See if you can sense any movement within it, are you able to ‘will’ yourself to visualise it?

  • Imagine what it would be like to be a tree, swaying in the breeze, but with a solid foundation. Try and picture how far the roots spread out underground. If you walk away from the tree can you sense when they end beneath your feet?

As you practice these skills regularly over time, you will find you become much more observant and you will start to feel intimately connected to nature rather than a by-stander.

Recognising galactic portals

Earlier in 2020, we experienced a number of these galactic portals linked to numerologically significant dates, planetary alignments or co-ordinated global healing events. Adding up the digits of the year gives us a numerological frequency for the year, this 2020 is s ‘4’ year. The 4th April (April being the 4th month), as well as the 13th (adding the digits, 1+3 =4) and the 22nd (2+2 =4) this year, carried the triple frequency of the number four giving us a 4:4:4 in numerology.

According to spiritual leader Drunvalo Melchizedek, the fourth month of this year was a true demonstration of the qualities of the 4; Earth, structure, form, sharp unforgiving angles, rigidity, mastery, organisation, patience, strengthening of endurance, building solid foundations and practical protection. The '4' energy of April echoed the '4' energy of the year, both the higher aspects (20+20 adds up to 40 which reduces to 4) and the lower ones (2+0+2+0=4). Whenever an energy is repeated it is enhanced - the outcome of which can be observed in the current World situation.

In the UK, lockdown commenced 23rd March, so April was really the start of all the challenges for many.

Rethinking our relationship with numbers

Until this year, most people saw 2020 as a positive. We use 2020 vision to denote perfection. It’s hard to imagine that what is playing out in the world right now is perfection. However, maybe it has given us an accurate vision of humanity, so we can change.

If we can use the prediction of 444 as the building of solid foundations, this is more encouraging.

In numerology within the healing community, 4 also represents the heart chakra, linking to love & creation.

444 indicates a higher spiritual purpose, and enhances energies that are currently around you. When
the energy of a number is echoed,  these  energies  are boosted.  In  angelology  444  represents  the
opening of 
the higher (sacred) heart to unconditional love and creation linked to the colour magenta.

Building on solid, heart centred foundations

How can we build on all this? I’ve long had a vision of an active network of caring spiritual individuals with a global mission, working together to promote love, light and harmony via virtual networks until we can meet again physically in sacred site locations and/or ancient forest.

Perhaps you would like to co-ordinate such a group in your area?

This was the drive for creating the Harmony Healing Mystery School. By definition, a Mystery School is a collective of ‘initiates’ who have dedicated themselves to protecting, preserving and perpetuating the mystery teachings. These teachings supply the keys to living an enlightened, enriched, and empowered life.

Throughout antiquity, Mystery Schools have hidden in plain sight, for those who seek. The initiates are Lightworkers who have been called to disseminate these teachings. They are also known as the Guardians, the Protectors, the Light bearers, the Teachers, the Healers, the Record Keepers, the Magicians, and the Watchers, among many other names.
The ancient and modern, for balance and harmony

This year, I’ve expanded my view with a modern twist. As a mirror to my practices, in which use I apply ancient wisdom for modern living, we can use modern technology to bring people together to tap into that ancient wisdom collectively.

Modern technology enables us to bring people together from anywhere in the world. Online platforms mean that we can auto-record our tutorials, so absentees can catch up on missed sessions or they can be re-watched. Once we’ve connected online, we can re-connect with each other offline. In this new reality since lockdown, I carry out my attunements virtually for all my students. I have had some wonderful testimonials, and they have had some profound experiences. Whilst I undertake group attunements in one sitting, students learn how they can pick theirs up at any time to suit them, from wherever they are.

We can apply these distant principles when working together in the future - when we are more able to move freely again. Perhaps I can be tuning in from an ancient site in the UK, while one of my students tunes in from their closest ancient site, far away on the other side of the world. The possibilities are many, and the future could be a truly better place for that.

In total harmony with Joanna's own principles, THE VICKYSOUL ACADEMY is designed to nurture this; an holistic education to support a core of dedicated Lightworkers who will become like a family, working (and when allowed again, travelling) together to unfold energies from sacred locations and connect to far distant memories; exchanging keys and codes between participants and the energetic nodes of the divine landscapes, opening portals of information within. Synchronicities are common; we have found ourselves performing ancient ceremonies with tribal elders in Egypt, as well as numerous unexpected treasures presented throughout every journey.

555 for Spiritual expansion

We have another exciting energy portal occurring next year; with 2021 being a ‘5’ year, the 5th May (5th Month) will be a 555, where the digits of day, month and year each add up to 5.

In numerology five represents Spiritual Expansion, with the five-pointed star - or Microcosm - representing man's struggle towards spiritual enlightenment.
May is also the month of many celebrations, starting with Beltane, associated with fun lively festivals providing joy and laughter, we have an essential ingredient for spiritual growth. This is an exciting prospect in store for lightworkers and we are already working on our 555 meditation.

Forthcoming Programmes

In the meantime, please join my monthly Full Moon Virtual Healing Circles (£11), 7.30-9.30pm on the night of the Full Moon (next one is Tuesday 29th December) where we jointly work though a mindful chakra healing programme, using colours and crystal energy, then connect above and below to the earth via the WoodWideWeb and the Sky via the heavenly bodies and constellations for a taste of Unity Consciousness and to add our lightworker efforts to the global healing needed for a bright future for us all.

For those wanting a deeper experience and to further connect with nature through the moon, I am running New Year New Vision mentoring programme 13th January to 11th February. This runs for a total lunar cycle from the first to the second New Moon of 2021 (11th February heralds in the Chinese New Year of the Ox) to connect with the different moon phases and 28 Mansions of the Moon via the individual angels of each Mansion. Cost is £111 and is for a maximum of 11 participants.

In February and March, we have new units of the Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Egyptian Alchemy Healing introductory modules. These comprise the Violet Flame of Amenti, Khemitology(Egyptology according to the indigenous tribal elders), Essene Angelology and Mindful Chakra Balancing & Unity Consciousness.

2021 will bring in the Energy of Expansion

On 21st December, 18 of us undertook a group Solstice Meditation to connect with the energy of the Solstice - a time when we move into longer daylight here in the northern hemisphere - and to celebrate the coming together of Saturn (harmony, balance & serenity, Angelic Guardian is Cassiel) and Jupiter (abundance, wisdom & kindness, Angelic guardian is Zadkiel) in our skies at the moment but came closest at 6-7pm GMT on the Solstice itself. This was the closest Jupiter-Saturn alignment since July 1623, but his conjunction was almost impossible to see,because of its proximity to the sun.

The last plain view close pairing of these two planets was in March 1226 - around the time Genghis Khan was conquering Asia!

Monday’s conjunction was the closest visible pairing since then. Sadly visibilty where I am in the UK wasn't favourable.

Many of those in our meditation circle had visions, and one saw a giant womb birthing a new era and another saw a beautiful white ocean stretching out to infinity.

One thing is for certain, for humanity as a whole, 2021 will surely be a step forward and I am looking forward to the expansion to our collective consciousness that the numerology promises.

This article first appeared on the VICKYSOULACADEMY Blog

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Continued from a previous Blog, which introduced the concept of a lightworker and how they can collectively mitigate our current global emergency, plus some simple mindfulness exercises to help keep us focused on the remaining constants and positives in life.

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