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Joanna Bristow Watkins

New Year, New Vision online course for 2022

2014 - Year of Melchisadec, Magic & Mystery

Wow, I can't believe that 2014 is actually here. I've been really looking forward to it. This is not because 2103 has been awful, though I do know people who would think that, but because I am interested in numerology, which is the mystical study of numbers and the unique properties ascribed to them.  The digits of 2014 add up to 7, which makes it very special.


Seven is a magical number in folklore and mysticism. Seven is undeniably a lucky number with great influence; associated with psychic and mystical powers, secrecy and the search for inner truth.    


The authority attributed to the number seven, dates back to the ancient civilisations who co-ordinated their lives with the lunar cycle, which comprises four phases each lasting just over seven days.  This is likely to explain why we have seven named days in our week (each ruled by a planet). On a separate note, this brings me to the observation that we have a close affiliation with the ruling planet connected with the day we were born in addition to the ruling planet for our element (earth, air, water, fire) as well as the zodiac. The realisation that performing celestial attunements on someone to match his/her personal profile (based on a birth chart or wedding date for example) led me to develop a new series of bespoke empowerment attunements detailed in the dedicated section below or via this special offer link.


The number seven appears frequently in our society: there are seven years to each stage of human growth, seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes in the musical scale, we have grouped our environmental miracles into The Seven Wonders of the World and there are even seven petitions in the Lord's Prayer and seven deadly sins.

The seventh child of a seventh child of a seventh child is said to be born with psychic ability. Mrs Heaney, our art teacher at school was said to have this ancestral heritage and I must say, that those of us unskilled at fine art certainly used this old adage to our advantage - whenever we were bored with the task at hand we would insist that she regaled us with proof that she was indeed psychically gifted. Long before the flurry of interest brought about by Harry Potter, we pupils had a fascination with ghosts and spirits and since my grammar school was founded in 1725, there were plenty of rumours to whet our appetite.

Anyway, back to my theme! To summarise, the number seven is widely held to be a lucky number, especially in matters of love and money, and is associated with Magic and Mystery,


Anyone familiar with my sister Angela McGerr's angelology books or who has studied my Violet Flame of Amenti course will know that Melchisadec is associated with the number Seven. He is the Patriarch of the Seven Planetary Angels and ruler of the Violet Ray.  He represents peace and wholeness through spiritual transformation. In Atlantis he was said to rule the Temple of Spirit, which represented healing and alchemy. The Temple housed a violet flame, featuring all shades of violet; a spiritual antiseptic, which transmutes negativity. It should be a great year for those who feel close to the Melchisadec energies. 


Together with Joylina Goodings, we've already booked private access to Stonehenge for an hour from 6.15 on 7th July, so we will be inside the stone circle for 7am on the 7th day of the 7th month of this year that adds up to 7, making it a 7:7:7 in numerology. Then we'll go on to Avebury for other energetic hotspots and our meditational walk along the Michael Leyline. Get ready for the magic ...


As the theme for this issue is magic, I couldn't resist including this link to some amazing footage of David Copperfield seemingly 'flying'.  Whether it is a brilliant illusion or whether he has genuinely perfected an art which may be available to all of us who believe it is possible, it's certainly magic!! I'd recommend watching it for pure entertainment.


You tube footage of David Copperfield flying (6 mins)


"For those who believe - no explanation is necessary

For those who don't - none will suffice" 

Joe Dunninger (mental wizard from the 1940s)


Undeniably David Copperfield is an accomplished stage performer.


David Blaine is an amazing Street Magician, so it would appear much more difficult to set up illusions requiring elaborate sets as he works outdoors in urban areas. Many of his most famous feats have taken place in highly populated areas such as central New York. These include 3 days inside a transparent tank of ice with no food or water, 7 days under water (in a tank where he was fed air and food via a tube) and an unbelievable stunt called 'Vertigo' involving 33 hours standing on top of a 100 foot column which was only 22 inches wide.  He was not harnessed to the column in any way and at the end of the endurance session he jumped down onto a pile of cardboard boxes. For another feat he was suspended under Tower Bridge over the Thames in Central London in a Perspex box for 44 days with no food and only water to drink!  Whilst he has a penchant for the spectacular Houdini style stunts, he is also an extremely talented magician.


There are some amazing You Tube links freaturing David Blaine, I'd recommend the following depending on your time availability:-


David Blaine Levitates (5.28 minutes) 

(focused on audience reaction but includes some unbelievable footage)


The Best of David Blaine (8.30 minutes)

(a really good overview of some of his best magical moments)


The Tattoo (3.27 minutes)

The guy he picked for this trick is totally astounded, as are his friends


If you want to hear him talking about what drives him to undertake the endurance feats, try this 20.19 minute Ted Talk


Chinese New Year of the Horse 

From 31st January we will move into the Chinese New Year, progressing from the year of the Black (Water) Snake to the Year of the Green (Wooden) Horse.  Below is a summary drawn from these two Chinese websites:Chinese Fortune Calendar and Go To Horoscope


Horses are intelligent, competitive and sociable, giving people a ride to destinations, so are associated with travel, ambition and swift success. Horses pursue freedom, passion and independence. They can be noble but also proud.


2014 will bring success and abundance for those who are hard-working and focussed, plus reward for honesty, integrity and humility. Those who behave without morals may see karmic retribution! It is a year to be sociable, especially with friends and relatives, and also close to nature with frequent access to, and appreciation for, the outdoors.  The Year of the Horse is said to be a good year to look smart and elegant; high heels and cascading hair will be lucky apparently (what about the men??).


Interestingly the lucky element for a horse year is Fire and the lucky numbers are 3, 5 and 7.  Perhaps it is especially auspicious since this is a 7 year.


The New Moon on 30th January - preceding the start of the Chinese New Year of the Horse - is an ideal day for the new Personal Celestial Profile Attunements.


I'd also recommend this Alabe Website link for a very succinct review of the Chinese expectations from the year to come, I found this after I'd compiled the above, but thought it excellent. 


Also, a book called 'Up to Me' by Mary Ancillette has been recommended. Its a unique approach to self-development; aiming to renew confidence, improve relationships and provide profound insights into how to achieve your full potential. There are some excellent reviews on Amazon. It sounds like an apt way to start 2104, I've got a copy myself so I'll let you know ...


Happy New Year  

Special Offers

Personalised Celestial Profile Attunements with Joanna

"I have had attunements before but the ones from Joanna were really powerful.  I resolved many past issues and my health is now much improved" Lynn White, UK.

See the bottom of this page for an explanation of what is meant by an attunement (also known as an initiation).

1.  Your own personalised Planetary, Zodiac & Elemental Attunements to match your Astrological Natal Chart. These are designed to align you more closely with the ruling planet, element (earth, air, water, fire), and prominent zodiac formation (sun sign) at the time of your birth.  

Each attunement usually costs £22 i.e. planet, element, zodiac £22 each

Special Offer for the Triple Personalised Attunement Set at the same time = £55

Book personalised triple attunement set with Joanna at £55 (+ £2.25 Paypal fee).

These are recommended to take place on a New Moon, email Jo for the next available date.  To select your own alternative date, such as a birthday or other special occasion, add £7.

Supplement to nominate a different date

2.  Your own personalised Planetary, Zodiac & Elemental Attunements to match your Astronomical Natal Chart (as above) but also including an attunement to the ruling Angel (from Essene Angelology).

Special Offer for the Triple Personalised & Angelic Attunement Set at the same time = £77

Book personalised triple attunement set with Joanna at £77 (+ £3.50 Paypal fee).

These are recommended to take place on a New Moon, email Jo for the next available date.  To select your own alternative date, such as your birthday or other special occasion, add £7.

Supplement to nominate a different date

Couple's Personalised Celestial Profile Attunements

3.  Personalised Planetary, Zodiac & Elemental Attunements to match the Astrological Chart for your Wedding Date. These are designed so that together you can jointly grow your close alignment with the ruling planet, element (earth, air, water, fire), and prominent zodiac formation (sun sign) at the time of your Wedding. 

Each attunement usually costs £33 i.e. planet, element & zodiac (£33 each)

Special Offer for Couple's Triple Personalised attunements at the same time = £77

Book Couple's personalised triple attunement set with Joanna at £77 (+ £3.50 Paypal fee).

These are recommended to take place on a New Moon, email Jo for the next available date.  To select your own alternative date, such as your Anniversary or other special occasion, add £7.

Supplement to nominate a different date

What is an Attunement (or Initiation)?

Attunements can also be called Initiations; you are being attuned to a new vibrational rate. Your physical body needs to adjust to this new rate and hence you may experience a 21-day clearing. Some people don't really notice anything during the clearing period, but others can experience physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual symptoms with mood swings, aches and pains plus emotional outbursts. Your physical body needs to be ‘boosted’ in order to cope with the faster cellular vibration and the spiritual awakening which usually follows.

The word 'initiate' also means 'to begin'. This is achieved by placing ancient sacred symbols into your aura at specific chakra points. These symbols manifest in a dimension normally outside our awareness causing a change in your energy field. As the symbols are drawn by the Healing Master (the title used for teachers/mentors who are able to impart these symbols to others), they manifest in a different dimension which is generally invisible to us [though it may be tangible in other ways] but visible to Higher Dimensional Beings.

Sacred symbols are currently a language that we don't fully understand on an intellectual level, but having them in our auric field seems to signify to higher frequency beings that we want to work with them.  At this point in time, we don't have any scientific proof of any of this, it is purely a theory. Use your discretion to determine whether this sounds feasible to you. Being open to the concept is enough; I was extremely sceptical to the idea, but having felt so totally different afterwards and conscious of a whole new array of perceptive ability over a period of time, I was fully converted.  If the idea sounds ridiculous to you, don't waste your time or money.  Similarly, attunements are not recommended for anyone who is feeling mentally, emotionally or spiritually vulnerable.

By welcoming these symbols into your auric field, you are sending a signal to the loving positive energy beings (Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides etc.) in other dimensions that you are ready to interact with them. Your vibrational frequency is modified (by means of the symbols) as if you are a radio set with the wavelength being adjusted along the dial.  Your new frequency enables you to interact more easily with higher frequency Beings and for them to be able to communicate with you.

These Beings exist in a higher vibrational state to us and therefore as we increase our own vibrational state we are more aware of their presence and more able to accept their loving guidance. They will want to help you remember the ancient truths you have known and worked with before. You have opened the door to your soul awakening, it is up to you to decide how and when you will walk the path towards enlightenment; these Beings readily accept your invitation to illuminate that path for you.

New Year's Day 2014

Today is New Years Day and we had the Pagan New Moon at 11.14. The New Moon Abundance ritual should be carried out within 24 hours after the New Moon. See my New Moon Abundance Page for instructions. As this is is a New Moon as well as New Year's Day, it's a great time to compile a Vision Board for 2014 and beyond.

Winter Solstice 2013

Today, 21st December is the Pagan Winter Solstice @ 17.11; the shortest day of the year with just 7 hours and 49 minutes daylight in the UK. The solstice itself is the moment the sun is shining farthest to the south, directly over the Tropic of Capricorn., so the time is varies every year, falling between December 20th and 23rd. See my December Celestial Forecast for more details.

6th June is an auspicious date

6th June is numerologically significant: as the day, month and year each add up to 6, making it a 6:6:6. Six is the number for healing, so it will be an intensely healing day - a good opportunity to let go of anything bothering you. I will be at Stonehenge for the sunrise (04.45!) and then onto Avebury. If you can't join us physically at Stonehenge/Avebury tomorrow, see the event link for how you can join in remotely from your own home. We have two meditations which can be downloaded (£6.66 and £4.99/£2.99).  The 6:6:6 numerology is repeated on 15th and 24th June as the digits of those dates also add up to 6.

You can join us remotely - from your own home - by tuning in. You can invoke the Angel Eth to bend time so that you tune-in at the right time.

At Stonehenge we will be doing a ceremony starting at about 5am, including a meditation to create the 5th dimensional flower of life within our heart chakras as well as a moveamulet. To purchase an MP3 of Joylina's meditation go to her website

At Avebury, Joanna will lead a meditation to the Akashic Records with Tehuti (Thoth) to use the Violet Flame to cleanse karmic debt ready to be transmuted. An MP3 of this guided meditation is available on Joanna's website for £4.99 or £2.99 to mailing list subscribers. See

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