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Joanna Bristow Watkins

New Year, New Vision online course for 2022


The theme for March is Networking, as I believe it is only through connecting with like-minded others that we can hope to bring the long-term future of mankind into check. We simply have to take responsibility for the damage we are doing to our environment and the more people on the case, the better! It's also through networking with other spiritually minded folk, and the emotional support of those with whom I have connected, that I have survived the last few years! This short Karma Tube footage is about the amazing Networking antics of Trees, yes I said TREES, it seems that they have developed an incredible support network for lesser specimens which can now be measured and therefore acknowledged. It seems we could learn a few things from our fellow earth dwellers! It's well worth 4½ minutes of your time to watch Professor Suzanne Simard sharing her latest research regarding forest ecosystems.

Last July, I joined a new 'netwinning' initiative, set up by Paullette Shwartz, called Fabulous Women. In March 2012 Paullette launched the first netwinning group in Guildford, with a view to having 5 or 6 groups running in Surrey by the end of 2012, however her well focussed business acumen led to there being 20 groups! Fabulous Women is a not-for-profit community of people, which strives to provide a support network for women (and men) in small businesses. Cost to attend a session, typically between 9.30-11.30 am (school-run friendly) is £10 for members or £15 for non-members, which includes a light breakfast. There are three main aims:

1. To support women in life more generally by inspiring, motivating and informing in positive ways. Promoting the concept that all women are fabulous.
2. To find practical ways to support women in business, especially small business; focusing on finding ways to promote these businesses in win-win ways.
3. To raise funds for the causes women care about by organising and hosting fund raising events.
If you want to be involved in Fabulous Women in your area of the UK (I'm sure it will reach you sooner or later), see the website and check out Membership, Inspirer Membership, Ambassador roles or even Area Management for any forthcoming locations.
I am an Inspirer Member, benefits of which include priority speaker slots. As well as running the Fabulous Women Alchemy Group (feel free to join), I will be presenting at the following events (contact me for full details of talks, locations etc, or see the website): -

Fri 15th March, Teddington – Life: Empower Yourself with Egyptian Alchemy
Tuesday 19th March, Chichester - Life: Empower Yourself with Egyptian Alchemy
Wednesday 20th March, Chertsey - Life: Can we tap into our Past Lives and why would we want to?
Thursday 21st March, Croydon - Life: Can we tap into our Past Lives and why would we want to?
Thursday 28th March, Esher/Oxshott – business: Think 'Out of the Box' in business
Wednesday 10th April, Fleet  - Life: Can we tap into our Past Lives and why would we want to?
Wednesday 17th April, Sutton - Life: Empower Yourself with Egyptian Alchemy
Tuesday 23rd April, Midhurst – Business: Empower your business with Egyptian Alchemy
Tuesday 7th May, Woking - Life: Empower Yourself with Egyptian Alchemy
Wednesday 8th May, Surbiton – Life: Empower Yourself with Egyptian Alchemy
Thursday 16th May, Haslemere - Life: Can we tap into our Past Lives and why would we want to?
Wednesday 22nd May, Cranleigh – Life: Empower Yourself with Egyptian Alchemy
Tuesday 28th May, Wokingham - Life: Empower Yourself with Egyptian Alchemy
Tuesday 9th July, Guildford – Business: Could your Past Lives affect your business?
Tuesday 16th July, Richmond – Life: Empower Yourself with Egyptian Alchemy


I'm awaiting confirmation of talking slots at Dorking, Clapham, Liverpool Street and Winchester. I'll be adding other dates later. 



Skiing maybe like riding a bike, in as much as you remember the skill for 20 years, but how come I forgot how much it hurt my shins? And knees. And everywhere really, come to think of it ...

We've recently returned from a one week skiing holiday in Bulgaria for half term. I was delighted that we got back in one piece, albeit bruised!!! My husband (Richard) and I pretty much remembered how to ski, having not been for over 18 years, and apart from a couple of days of bitter snow/blizzard conditions, it was all very positive. Our daughters have never skied other than minimal experience on the dry slopes and they did really well though failed to accept our compliments on how well they had done. They were both managing red runs by the end, though understandably blue were more in their comfort zone.

Returning home afterwards, there was severe weather in Vienna affecting the flights, as was the case on our way out the previous week. Despite a tight transfer, fortunately that time our luggage made the connection although we had been careful to pack emergency ski gear in the hand luggage; it's always more of a nuisance being without hold luggage away from home.

On the way home however, our luggage got stuck in Vienna, but was efficiently couriered to us the next afternoon by Austrian Airways (or whoever is their baggage handling agent), so that the marathon washing could begin ...


Chinese New Year - Feb 10th

Sunday 10th February is generally celebrated as the Chinese and Japanese New Year when we move from the Year of the (Water) Dragon to the Year of the (Water) Snake. The Snake is a calm, shy, cautious and low-key animal in the Chinese Horoscope; Snake won't attack its opponent, unless it's disturbed or hungry. However, in esoteric writings, the snake is a classic representation of Wisdom.

Winter Solstice 2012

I spent the moment of the long awaited 2012 Winter Solstice (21st Dec) with Chris Street's Earthstar Group sitting on the steps of All Soul's Church, Langham Place (the closest publically accessible point to the centre of the London Earthstar - a 30-pointed star Sacred Geometrical pattern in the London landscape) - directly facing the sun (thus looking towards the alignment with the galactic centre) from 11.11 - 11.30 (GMT). I imagined a golden masculine anti-clockwise spiral of energy coming down from the sun, through the gathered group and into the centre of the Earth, plus a silver feminine clockwise spiral of energy coming up from the centre of the Earth, enclosing the group, reaching up to the sky. In my mind's eye I created a diamond column of light coming through the double helix (gold and silver spirals). The sun shone on me & the weather was fantastic, especially for a December day. There were about 40 of us gathered on the steps in quiet reflection and meditation, yet there were happy children & traffic noises as a stark contrast: a very surreal moment.

December Review - Celestial Alignment

My December theme is Celestial Alignment. Spiritual Communities across the globe (and beyond) have probably eagerly anticipated and dreaded in equal measure the arrival of a major planetary alignment later this month! I'm amongst those in the excited camp. Best discussed is the Mayan 2012 Prophecy, but the Egyptians also highlighted the same Galactic Alignment because both ancient civilizations attributed great significance to complete cycles of the Precession of the Equinoxes, which has been calculated to end on 21st December 2012. Personally I find it fascinating that these two Civilizations, divided by over 7,500 miles, should have such parallel ideas, but then since there are similarities between the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and some of the Mayan Glyphs, plus the intriguing fact that 'Maya' was an Ancient Egyptian word for water, revered as an essential ingredient for healthy life.


Of course, neither the Mayans nor the Egyptians (as far as we can tell!) foresaw the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar (that is the 'annual dating system' by which we now identify our year as 2012), so they would not have heralded the forthcoming December Solstice as the culmination of the Great Year and the point at which Earth passes through the centre of the universe - the equator of the Milky Way. The Great Year being a 25,625 year elliptical orbit as Earth revolves around the star system of Sirius, during which the Sun completes a full, 360-degree backward circuit through the zodiac. It is modern astrologers and scientists who have 'computed' this ending date to mean 2012, though a significant faction of 'experts' have pointed out that the Gregorian Calendar has had up to '6 unaccounted and therefore 'missing' years, so arguably the 'real' 2012 could have already happened at any time since 2006!

To add further confusion, there are those who say that we may not notice the shift because our spiritual development has progressed so exponentially in the last few years that the change will be subtle. Others say that the key date has already passed (clearly without a fanfare!) either earlier this year or on highlighted dates in the last 3-4 years. Perhaps these theories are equally sound or perhaps the proponents of these theories are preparing excuses to alleviate the consequential 'mud on face' that would inevitably result from an entire global community awakening on 22nd December 2012 to find absolutely nothing has seemingly changed?


Then there are those who say that 12th December 2012 must be the 'Big Day' as that is surely a 12:12:12 in numerology (being the 12th Day of the 12th month or the '12 year). Personally I favour the full year being used for these purposes which makes the year 2012 a '5' year, rather than a '12' year, but there will still be enough people on a global scale celebrating the 12:12:12 on the 12th of this month (particularly at 12 minutes past 12) - and indeed on the 21st December solstice - that there will be an impact anyway due to the basic principles of quantum physics - i.e. when enough people focus on something there is a tangible effect. I would try and explain this further in simple terms, but the newsletter is already later going out than I planned!


So, in summary, I am going to celebrate the 12th December and the 21st December, in London with like-minded folks. Christopher Street (london leylines expert and published author) has already arranged events, so I'm planning to tag along to those. Please see the detailed section(s) on my December newsletter for more (you can use the purple summary of events link in the top left of the newsletter). I'll be doing the 12:12:12 distant attunements (£22) from one of the London sacred sites.

If you want to connect with nature on one or both of these dates, weather permitting you might like to try this
OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) Deep Peace of the Tree Meditation Video Link - it's simple but calming and effective.


Marion Briggs is planning a preparatory gathering at Steiner House, London @ 7.30pm on 20th December. See attached poster.


With Christmas fast approaching, I'd like to wish those of you who celebate it, a wonderful and enjoyable break. If you live in the UK or Europe, and you're looking for globally responsible eco-friendly presents, try this link to Wikaniko.

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting how to use Ancient Egyptian philosophies for personal empowerment at two local Fabulous Women netwinning groups, if you'd like a presentation at your group, please email Jo.

If you need a lift after Christmas is over, I'm running my Feel Rejuvenated for 2013 lunar month e-programme (£55/£99) starting 26th January.

November Review

Having whizzed around the UK looking at Universities for my daughters, I then spent the Sunday 11th November - Armistice Day - presenting at the Paradigm Shift RoadShow in Filton, near Bristol. It was a lovely gathering (shame it wasn't even better attended) and it was touching to experience the 2 minutes silence in a venue where only seconds before there had been a vibrant buzz.

I've also thoroughly enjoyed presenting twice at the Fabulous Women Netwinning events in Walton-on-Thames (9th November) and Wimbledon (30th November). The presentations were to demonstrate how to use Egyptian Alchemy principles  for personal empowerment.  Fabulous Women is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Paullette Schwartz; essentially to support business women in their community and raise funds for causes women feel passionate about.

My digestion system is still struggling. I'm certainly a believer in fluctuating energies affecting us, but I've decided that enough is enough. I'm now about 25 days into a detox diet - with no alcohol, refined sugars, meat (I'm a veggie anyway) etc. - as well as taking herbal remedies and I'm currently housing a 'Sputnik' metallic resonator capsule which I swallowed earlier today and which has to make it's course through my system, zapping any possible parasites en route. Next month, I'll let you know how I got on with it, I bet you can't wait ...

The month ended with an amazing evening of entertainment from Jools Holland at the Royal Albert Hall. We took my 89-year old mother-in-law and even with a bad leg she couldn't resist a boogie, so that proves how great it was!  

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