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Joanna Bristow Watkins

Significant dates from folklore, lunar and meteorological activities this month in dark turquoise
Selected Events (Harmony Healing and other events as notified) in Violet, Forest Bathing Events in green.
Timings given are UK time (GMT), click here to convert to your time zone

Autumn view squareNovember in Britain, with the clocks having gone back, features more dark colder nights, but peppered with the explosive lights (and smells) of bonfires and fireworks as Guy Fawkes Night and, as in 2023 also Diwali, are celebrated. 

This year, autumn colours linger with purple, brown, red and golden yellow, with most of the green having gone as the trees continue shed their leaves. Some remaining colours cling on and seedheads from 'old man's beard' in the hedgerows look magical as they catch the low sunlight. Seasonal in the kitchen this month, we have Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, carrots, beetroots, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, kale, potatoes and winter squash  It remains good for harvesting chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts plus late-fruiting apples and pears, with a plethora of fungi for those who know the edible from ones best avoided.

The month of November was named after 'novem' meaning 9th in Latin, as November was the 9th month when the year started in March. To the Anglo-Saxons, November was called Blotmoneth, meaning “blood month” as this was traditionally the month of slaughtering and preserving meat to last through the winter.  It was also a month of feasting as all the meat cuts which couldnt be preserved were cooked up, making it a bountiful month and helping folks keep warm.

During November, as well as Guy Fawkes Night, we have international festivals including World Vegan Day (1st) and Armistice Day (11th) and Thanksgiving in USA (23rd). We can also look forward to the British Celtic Festival Samonios (Celtic New Year = 1st November) which is also the Christian Festivals of All Saints Day (1st) and All Souls Day (2nd), St Andrew's Day to commemorate the Patron Saint of Scotland (30th). There are three annual Egyptian Festivals Hilaria (3rd), Khoiak (23rd) and Nehebkau (29th), to celebrate we have a new series of Violet Flame of Amenti online module starting 30th November. We have our public Forest Bathing event on Sunday 12th (Shere). Essene Angels completes on 9th November and our Full Moon Meditation takes place 7.30-9.30pm (UK time) on Monday 27th, with the Beaver Moon peaking at 09:16. We also have the Leonid Meteor Shower peaking 17th/18th. We have Forest Bathing vouchers and Harmony Healing vouchers available as Christmas gifts.

01 Nov samoniasWednesday 1st November starts the first month of the Celtic Year, called Samonios - 'Seed Fall'. Again this mirrors the death/rebirth cycle of Asar (Osiris).

It is thought that two Roman festivals became incorporated with Samhain - 'Feralia', when the Romans commemorated the passing of the dead, and 'Pomona', when the Roman goddess of fruit and trees was honoured. The Halloween tradition of bobbing for apples is thought to derive from the ancient links with the Roman fruit goddess, Pomona, and a Druidical rite associated with water. 

This is also All Saints Day in the Christian calendar.

The text below, by Helen Benigni, was kindly taken with permission from the website, which may no longer be available.

The month of SAMONIOS is a month of miraculous births beginning with the appearance of the twin stars of Castor and Pollux on the Eastern Horizon. These miraculously born twins, from an egg containing both mortal and immortal potential, bridge the gap between this world and the Otherworld.

Literally translated as "seed fall," SAMONIOS is the month when the light of the Dagda, the seed of his loins, penetrates the womb of the earth and creates life. This light is symbolized by the sunrise of the Winter Solstice penetrating the inner chambers of the sacred mounds of the Neolithic peoples. At Newgrange, the sacred mound of the Bru na Boinne, the light of the Winter Solstice shines through a roof-box of white quartz for seventeen minutes to dramatically illuminate the cruciform chamber of the passage tomb. Here, the stone-carved geometric motifs common to trance states of shamanic ecstasy amplify the light in order that the observer may experience the light of life bestowed by the solar deity.

This solar alignment initiates the light half of the year. Mistletoe is hung as a symbol of the immortal love that the good father, Dagda brought to Boand, the goddess of the Bru na Boinne. Oengus, the son of their union and the Lord of the Sid mound, guards the entrance to the Otherworld and immortal life. 

01 Nov World Vegan dayWednesday 1st November is also World Vegan Day. In 1994, the event was established by Louise Wallis, then Chair of The Vegan Society, UK, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of coining the terms "vegan" and "veganism" and the founding of the organisation.

Thursday 2nd November is All Souls Day in the Christian calendar, commemorating the ‘faithful departed’.

03 Nov HilariaFriday 3rd November iHilaria, the culmination of the Egyptian Festival of Isia on the 28th October, when Isis (Aset) resurrected Osiris (Asar) by re-membering him; no doubt contributing to the definition of our word remember meaning to recall someone from memory.

Informative laminated posters of Isis by Jacqui Taliesin El Masry from Alkhemi and other Egyptian Posters by Jacqui, are available to purchase from the Harmony Shop.

05 Nov Guy Fawkes NightThursday 5th November is Guy Fawkes Night in the UK. 

Some sources indicate that this replaced the Samhain Fire Festival, which was transferred in Britain to the night after Guy Fawkes's attempt to blow up parliament in 1605.

The ritual burning certainly resembles the Pagan sacrifice of the corn king!

11 Nov 11 11 portalSaturday 11th November is Armistice Day to commemorate all those who died in World War 1 and 2.

Poppies are traditionally used for this occasion. 

We also have the annual 11:11 Energy Portal.

11 Nov armistice dayWith many people worldwide recognising the 11th November as a powerful date, this, in itself, will create a heightened energy on the day.

The effect of a high number of people all having positive expectations on the same date, due to the impact of quantum physics, will make it significant.

I personally see this as an opportunity for a very cathartic release of all the sorrow, grief and disappointment for the thousands of families who were directly affected by WWI and the souls of all the millions who died, especially those whose bodies were never repatriated to their homelands. It's a pertinent day to undertake a meditation and send our love and gratitude to these people who selflessley gave up their lives.

This year it falls in the waning part of the lunar cycle, meaning it will be a powerful day for releasing.

Diwali FestialSunday 12th November is Amavasya, part of the Hindu, Sikh and Jain Celebration of Diwali, Festival of the Lights, celebrating the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Themes, such as joy, forgiveness and knowledge over ignorance, are included as well as rituals to Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and the legend of Rama and Sita is recited. 

The full festival runs for five days, this year Friday 10th - Tuesday 14th November, with the main event, Amavasya, being on the third day. However, each day has its own significance. Image from Canva. 

14 Nov HE forest bathingSunday 12th November,  11am - 2pm, Forest Bathing session with Joanna at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary (Shere, near Guildford, Surrey), £39.77. This Winter Forest Bathing session will take place in all weathers except 30+mph winds or electrical storm. 

Immerse yourself in the healing elements of nature and connect deeply with all your senses. We will take you on a 3 hour journey through this beautiful private semi-ancient woodland, nestled in the heart of the Surrey Hills. Through a selection of simple sensory activities, you will learn how to enhance your perceptions and slow down to focus on what could easily be mised.  We end with a treelaxtion. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and which, despite the title forest bathing, does not involve any swimming!

Some of the scientifically proven benefits of spending time in woodland include reduced stress levels, stronger immune system response, and a stabilised cortisol cycle.

Book via our the Harmony Healing shop. Email  to request receipt of our monthly Harmony in Nature updates.

November New MoonMonday 13th November @ 09:27 is the New Moon.

The New Moon Abundance Ritual should be carried out within 24 hours after the New Moon.  

It needs to be after the New Moon because the moon should be waxing (getting bigger again) to carry the manifestation energy.

There are video instructions on my You Tube Page.

16 17 Nov Leonid meteorsThursday 16th & Friday 17th November is the Leonid meteors; one of the most prolific meteor showers also known as shooting stars. The shower peaks this year the night of 16th/17th November and 17th/18th November, but you may see some meteors from 6th - 30th November. The close proximity to the New Moon on 13th should help viewing this year. See Time & Date website or EarthSky Website for more. 

The Leonids have had occasional periods when hundreds of meteors can be seen, roughly every 33 years, and were especially stunning in 1799, 1833, 1866, 1966 and 1998. 

This shower has produced amazing meteor storms in the past, but a Leonid storm is not expected this year. The Leonids are usually modest, with typical peak rates of about 10 to 15 meteors per hour, in the darkness before dawn. Look for the shower radiating from the constellation Leo after midnight. 

This meteor stream is associated with Comet Tempel-Tuttle. As the meteors in the stream are thought to be dust particles released from the comet it is thought likely that there is a dense stream of such particles in the path of the comet and located close to it. The Earth's orbit passes close to the comet's orbit each year in November and the Earth collides with these particles of cometary debris following the comet's orbit. According to the EarthSky Website, it is a myth that we need focus only on the radiant point to see Meteors. In fact it seems they often don’t become visible until they are 30 degrees or so from their radiant point, so they are streaking out from the radiant in all directions.

Thus the Leonid meteors – like meteors in all annual showers – will appear in all parts of the sky.

Dec Book SaleFriday 17th November, 10-5pm, pop-up angel book sale drop-in at Indigo Moon Holistics, Market Street, Guildford, GU1 4LB. Offering a selection of Angela McGerr's many publications, most of which are long out-of-print, for sale including signed pristine sets and 2nd hand editions.

Friday 17th November, 6.15-7.45pm, £30 Angels are not just for Christmas mini-workshop; a brief introduction to the weekday angels (in the Essene Angelology System) from Joanna and how to work with them, £30 per person - see below for details. 

Indigo Moon Angel workshopStarting at 6.15pm, there will be a 90 minutes workshop introducing the seven weekday angels: Raphael, Gabriel, Camael, Michael, Zadkiel, Haniel, Cassiel plus the patriarchal angel Melchisadec and the matriarchal angel Pistis Sophia. Each angel will be briefly invoked in turn (but with extra emphasis and time spent on Haniel the Guardian of the Day), introducing their key attributes and how to work with them more closely. A crib sheet for calling on them on a daily basis will be supplied as a handout. We will look at the angel cards and channellings in Angela McGerr's publications (Angela is Joanna's sister) which will also be available for sale (both new and pre-loved editions, making excellent and unusual Christmas gifts) during the course. This will be a deep and cathartic experience to prepare you for the festive season. Full personal guardian angel charts can be ordered for an additional £25. Book workshop and charts via the Harmony Shop.

23 Nov KhoiakThursday 23rd November is the Egyptian celebration Khoiak and Nehebkau on Wednesday 29th November

The Egyptian Year was split into three seasons (divided into 4 months of 30 days), commencing with Akhet in early August, then Peret from late November to early April and Shomu from early April until mid July.  Khoiak was a sombre celebration to complete the first season; later associated with the death of Asar (Osiris).  However, it was followed closely by Nehebkau - marking the start of the next season Peret - and was seen as a kind of rebirth process. 

25 Nov US ThanksgivingThursday 23rd November, in 2023, is also Thanksgiving in the US calendar. Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November (different in Canada, which is the 2nd Monday in October) and is a family day and public holiday to express gratitude for one’s material and spiritual possessions. 

Beaver Full Moon imageMonday 27th November is Beaver Full Moon @ 09:16. 

Click here for Angela McGerr's Full Moon Meditation with Gabriel. Angela McGerr's publications are available from the Harmony Shop (including some signed by Angela).

Between this date and the next New Moon is considered as a good time energetically for detoxing the body. A brilliant time for oil pulling.

Monthly Full Moon Virtual Healing & Unity Consciousness Guided MeditationMonday 27th November is our Full Moon Unity Consciousness Meditation, 7.30-9.30pm UK time (GMT/UT). The Full Moon peaks earlier in the day at 09:16.

During this session, we connect with other like-minded people and together we work through a mindful chakra balancing process using colours and etheric crystals, with the aim that all participants will experience a degree of unity consciousness. 

Participants all receive a deeply healing experience. Cost to participate is £20 by online BACS payment (small admin fee added for PayPal). This activity serves as a good taster of Joanna's work in general. For more details and to book, see Harmony Shop.

Nehebkau image by peter LomasWednesday 29th November is the Egyptian celebration Nehebkau, which literally meant 'he who unites the Kas'; the Ka being the body double which we might interpret as spirit or soul. See Ka image to left.

Nehebkau was depicted in the form of a snake with arms and legs and occasionally wings!  He was yet another Deity associated with protection and magic. 

Violet flame course startingThursday 30th November is the start of Harmony Healing Virtual Workshop series: Violet Flame of Amenti (Level 1), 7.30pm - 9.45pm (UK time/GMT), £88. 3 x 2¼-hour evening course, held remotely on Zoom. The course will run on Thursdays 30th November, 7th & 21st December.

The colour violet has an established association with spirituality. Having the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, violet is at the point of transition to the next octave of light. During the pre-Dynastic period of Khem (Ancient Egypt), the Violet Flame of Amenti was ruled by the Deities Ausar (also known as Wzr or Osirus), brandished by Sekhmet, and made freely available to Akhenaton.

Both in Atlantis, and subsequently during the Essene era (which spanned the lifetimes of Mother Mary, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene), this powerful tool was retained under the Guardianship of Angels Melchisadec and Ariel. 

This course features instructions on the ancient alchemical properties of the Violet Flame and how to use it in your daily life. See Violet Flame of Amenti page for further details and to book. This module comprises one unit towards RSE Egyptian Alchemy Healing Level 1.

30 Nov St Andrews dayThursday 30th November is also St Andrew’s Day in Scotland.

Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew's Day is celebrated by Scots around the world on the 30th November.

The flag of Scotland is the blue Cross of St. Andrew, and this is widely displayed as a symbol of national identity. 

Harmony Healing Blog updates can be emailed to you

The Harmony Healing regular Blog update can be emailed out with more information as the events above happen (updates are headed with a title detailing the occasion so you can choose whether to open it or not), featuring New and Full Moon, meteor showers, eclipses and other meteorological events, interesting anniversaries, ancient festival dates plus notification of dates of numerological significance.

See for typical Blog entries. Sometimes Blogs will appear on successive days and at other times there will be no messages for a while. The sender e-mail address is j (and the sender will show as Joanna Bristow-Watkins @ Harmony Healing). You may need add this email to your safe list and check your junk filter initially. 

You can sign up at or at any page of the Harmony Healing website.  


Moonwise Calendar 2022Celestial Forecast is compiled by Joanna Bristow-Watkins of Harmony Healing, the original is published at Joanna's Monthly Celestial Forecasts. It is created using many sources but notably the Moonwise Calendar and Lia Leendertz's annual Almanac. Whilst considerable effort is made to ensure accuracy, this is not an exact science and sources are sometimes contradictory!

These monthly Celestial Forecasts (CF) are generally uploaded to the Harmony Healing website a fortnight ahead and can be accessed via the drop-down box on the right. They are sent out to the main mailing list and CF subscribers a few days before the month starts. 

Extracts from the Celestial Forecast are reproduced in Glyden Magick, an online magazine offered via Gylden Fellowship which is a fabulous resource for Neo-Pagans (particularly in the South of England when physical meet-ups can resume).

Through Harmony Healing, Joanna utilises the philosophies of the Ancient Egyptians, in the form of Reyad Sekh Em® (RSE) Level 1Egyptian Alchemy Healing. Featuring four online modules of Khemitology (Ancient Egyptology according to the indigenous oral traditions), Violet Flame of Amenti, Mindful Chakra Balancing & Essene AngelologyMissed sessions are fully recorded so that late registrations or are possible. Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Level 1 costs £266 and run about three times a year. the individual modules are stand-alone and cost either £88 or £66, hence the RSE 1 package offers a cost saving.

She is also an intuitive healer offering 1-2-1 distant healings and readings, plus MP3 recordings. She is a fully qualified Fotrest Bathing guide, offering Forest Bathing sessions in the Surrey Hills of England. Joanna acts as the retailer for her sister, Angela Mcgerr's, best selling angelogy books and angel card sets. The are mostly now out-of-print, but Joanna still has some unused copies as well as pre-used versions of many of the card sets, see the Harnony Shop for the full details.

Celestial Forecasts

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Violet Flame of Amenti - £88
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30th Nov, 6th &19th Dec
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Mindful Chakra Alignment- £66
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Introduction to Khemitology - £88
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Feb/March 2024
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Worth 1 unit towards the RSE Level 1
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Planetary & Elemental Essene Angels
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Worth ½ unit towards the RSE Level 1

Held remotely on Zoom

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New Meditations Since 2020:

555 Spiritual Expansion Meditation
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