Angel Almanac (original RRP hardback £12.99, Paperback £7.99, including free CD).

USED PAPERBACK: £35 (1 set only, used but excellent condition, with CD) +P&P, £25 (1 set only - good condition but no CD, however, we do also have the CD available separately for additional £10 if required)

This Angel Almanac book features everything you would like to know about angels but might be afraid to ask! Bestselling author Angela McGerr here brings together all the many aspects of working with angels in one practical and inspirational volume based around the angelic year.

Part one is a guide to the changing energy of the solar and lunar cycles, with appropriate angels to call on and work with at different times. The second part, 'Working with your Guardian Angels', covers the angel rulers of the days of the week (including how to find your birthday angel), the Zodiac angels for each month and the 72 Quinary angels of the Heavens. Part three deals with healing, using sacred geometry, colour healing, angel alphabets and numerology. The appendix includes an A-Z of over 200 angels and their guardianships. Packed within vocations, affirmations and a host of heavenly information, this beautiful package also includes a CD containing angelic meditations to aid life balance and inner peace.