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As we progress into April, a theme emerges which venerates spring, renewal and fertility as well as nourishment.

For a more in-depth analysis of the listed festivals and spiritually significant days, such as April Fool's Day and Veneralia, I publish a blog post on the day in question. Or to receive the information to your mail inbox, sign-up for Blog update alerts.

We are delighted to be allowed back in the forest this month. We have North Surrey Forest Bathing events scheduled for the 17th at Harry Edwards & 22nd April at Newlands Corner, see those dates below for details and Eventbrite booking links.

We are also re-running the New Moon New Vision virtual course for a full lunar cycle, 12th April - 11th May.  During this programme, we learn together how to take full advantage of energetic support from the moon cycle which assists manifestation when waxing and promotes release when waning.

April FoolThursday 1st April is April Fool’s day.

A day for practical jokes, April Fools Day may originate from the move from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

This moved the start of the year by four months! Those who refused to recognise the new calendar and still saw April as the start of the year were labelled "April Fools". Much about this in our specific Blog post on 1st April.

Veneralia Fortuna Virilis 1st AprilThursday 1st April, in addition to being April Fool’s Day, is also the Roman celebration of Veneralia and Fortuna Virilis.

Both celebrations seem loosely connected with Venus who is honoured on this day and whose advice is sought on matters of love.

Good Friday 2nd AprilFriday 2nd April is the Christian Festival of Good Friday, which is a Bank Holiday in the UK as part of the Easter break.

This commemorates the day when Jesus was crucified. It was not called ‘Good Friday’ until 4th Century and may be a corruption of God’s Friday. 

Saturday 3rd April is Easter Saturday in the Christian Calendar.

hare triscol by Jackie MorrisSunday 4th April is Easter Sunday, which is generally taken to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus three days after his crucifixion. Intriguingly, Easter Sunday is not a set date but is calculated according to the Lunar cycle, so it can move around between 22nd March and 25th April. It's fixed as the Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Vernal (Spring) Equinox. 

This points to the celebration being linked to an earlier Pagan celebration, which were all associated with seasons and moon cycles.  The name Easter itself is derived from the Pagan God Eostre. the Easter Egg is reminiscent of the Pagan egg to symbolise fertility. And of course, the Easter Bunny, a strange addition to a crucifixion story, makes a lot more sense when viewed as a sign of spring, and possibly even a hare. Watch my YouTube presentation: Was Easter superimposed into an earlier Pagan Festival?

The Hare is another ancient symbol of fertility, with a 28 day gestation period very linked to the lunar cycle.

In Ancient Egypt the hare is a hieroglyph meaning ‘existence’.

Magna Mater 4th AprilSunday 4th April, this year, is also Magna Mater in the Roman calendar.

This is the festival of Cybele, Phrygian Great Earth Mother. Her priests took on female clothes and identities to commemorate her lover (or in siome sources her son) Attis, who was castrated and died of the wounds but was later resurrected.

Monday 5th April is Easter Monday, which is Bank holiday in the UK.

World Health Day 7th AprilWednesday 7th April is World Health Day. The message of World Health Day is simple: giving people access to healthcare without the prospect of financial hardship. 

COVID-19 has highlighted, that our world is an unequal one, with access to healthcare being entirely dependent on the geographical location and conditions into which people are born, live, work, grow and age.

The theme for 2021 is 'building a fairer, healthier world'.

New Moon course starts 12th AprilMonday 12th April is the start of our New Moon New Vision; lunar cycle alignment programmerunning until 11th May 2021. Cost is £155.

This lunar cycle applies the transformational properties of spiritual alchemy to help you feel rejuvenated and purposeful about the rest of the year, via the creation of a Vision Board.
It's a special one lunar month empowerment and attunement programme combining the solar & lunar balancing with various ceremonies throughout the month. The next Moon Alignment Programme begins with the New Moon on the 12th April and culminates with the New Moon on 11th May. This takes in the Pagan Festival of Beltane (1st May) and also the 5th May which carries the Expansion energy of the 555 numerology.

Pagan Dark Moon 13th 2Monday 12th April @ 03.31 (Sunday night/Monday morning) is the New Moon or Pagan Dark Moon.

The New Moon Abundance Ritual should be carried out within 24 hours after the New Moon. It needs to be after the New Moon because the moon should be waxing (getting bigger again) to carry the manifestation energy. There are video instructions on my Facebook Page or You Tube Page.

New Moon is a good time to work on your Vision Board for the rest of 2021.

Ramadan 12th AprilMonday 12th April, Ramadan begins after midnight on the 12th April. Ramadan is the Islamic remembrance of the reception of the divine revelation by Muhammad as recorded in the Qur'an.

Complete fasting is observed from sunrise on 12th April to sunset for 30 days, until Wednesday 12th May.

Back in the forest 17th 22nd AprilSaturday 17th April, 11am - 2pm, Forest Bathing+ in the grounds of Harry Edward's Healing Sanctuary, £38 (+ Eventbrite fee = £38.32).

Immerse yourself in the healing elements of nature and connect deeply with all your senses. Spend 3 hours in the woods mindfully connecting to your surroundings and living fully in the present moment, guided by me in simple sensory exercises and a treelaxtion. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and which, despite the title forest bathing, does not involve any swimming!

Some of the scientifically proven benefits of spending time in woodland include reduced stress levels, stronger immune system response, and a stabilised cortisol cycle.

We have small groups of maximum 12* including guide(s) to allow us to adopt COVID precautions and social distancing. Book at Eventbrite. If the event is full, email me on  to go on a waitlist. * We were previously exempt from the social group maximum 6 rule due to our categorisation under sport and exercise.

This is a 3 hour Forest Bathing+ session which will take place in all weathers except 30+mph winds.

Lyrids 21st AprilWednesday 21st (late) until dawn Thursday 22nd April is the Lyrids Meteor Shower.

The Lyrids are an average shower, usually producing about 20 meteors per hour at their peak.

These meteors can produce bright dust trails that last for several seconds. This year the shower peaks on the night of April 21st/22nd, although some meteors can be visible from April 16th - 25th.

Look for meteors radiating from the constellation of Lyra after midnight, the later you view in the morning of the 22nd, less meteors will be below the horizon and therefore more will be visible but as sunrise approaches light pollution will hamper viewing.

However, the proximity of the Waxing First Quarter Moon on the 21st April this year means light pollution shouldn't be too bad. See for more.

Earth Day 22nd AprilThursday 22nd April is Earth Day, which is heralded as a pivotal opportunity for people, corporations and governments to join together to create a global green economy.  The theme for 2021 is restore our earth, see more at

It is hoped that coordinated efforts now will be recognized by future generations as a turning point.

Forest Bathing 17th 22nd AprilThursday 22nd April, 10.30am - 1.30pm Forest Bathing+ at Newlands Corner, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in the Surrey Hills, £38 (+ Eventbrite fee = £38.32).  

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to join me for a reviving yet relaxing Forest Bathing+ session in our local ancient woodlands? I will lead you slowly and purposefully through a series of mindfulness-based sensory exercises and a treelaxation. Deeply relaxing and surprisingly profound, you will be delighted by your reconnection with, and enhanced appreciation for, nature.  Despite the name, there's no swimming involved, this relates to bathing in the ambience of the tree canopy.

We have small groups of maximum 12*, including your guide(s) to allow us to adopt COVID precautions and social distancing. * We were previously exempt from the social group maximum 6 rule due to our categorisation under sport and exercise.

This is a 3 hour Forest Bathing+ session which will take place in all weathers except 30+mph winds. Book at EventbriteIf the event is full, email me on  to go on a waitlist. 

Shakespeares birthdayFriday 23rd April is St George’s Day in England, celebrating England's patron saint, St George.

England's National Day is celebrated on the anniversary of his death, which is on April 23rd.

Shakespeares birthdayAccording to legend, St George was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. 

The English flag is the red Cross of St. George, which is widely displayed as a symbol of national identity.

It's also supposedly Shakespeare's birthday and deathday.

However, 23rd April is not a Bank Holiday.

moon lodge w window 1Friday 23rd Aprilis also the Moon Lodge Healing Women's Circle, 7-8.30pm GMT, £11 + Eventbrite fee = £11.27. 

Run by Harmony Healing collaborator Sarah Jane Dennis, this is a sacred circle for women in the community to come together as we once did, to connect in a safe and loving space to the energies of the moon and our own cycles.

Talk, support, heal, celebrate, and hold each other. It's a virtual event on Zoom. Book at Eventbrite

Contact Sarah-Jane via or email .

Beltane Pink Moon Supermoon 27th AprilMonday 26th April, 7.30-9.30pm UK Time (GMT+1 which is also UT+1) - Virtual Healing Share & Healing Circle, £22 to participate. 

This will be a Zoom video gathering and all participants will receive group healing, be able to nominate others for healing, plus there will be a global healing exercise. 

This event is during the range of the ETA Aquariid Meteor Shower (though the peak is 6th May) so we also tune into the energy of that with Zikiel, Guardian Angel of Comets and Meteors. Please email  or contact me via Facebook Messenger/What's App to let me know you've booked to make sure I send you the link.

2-hour Virtual Healing Share & Healing Circle, 26th April @ £22
To book now via Paypal

Pink Moon SupermoonTuesday 27th April (Monday night/Tuesday morning) @ 04.31 is Beltane Pink Supermoon. It's Full Moon and also the first of three consecutive Supermoons. A Supermoon or Super Full Moon are names used when a Full Moon takes place at a time when the Moon is near its closest approach to Earth. See timeanddate.

Between Full Moon and the next New Moon is considered as a good time energetically for detoxing the body.

Click here for Angela McGerr's Full Moon Meditation with Gabriel, taken from Angela McGerr's A Harmony of Angels; signed copies are available from the Harmony Shop.

Floralia 28th AprilWednesday 28th April is the Roman fertility festival of flowers and crops called Floralia, that later developed into celebration of sexuality, and may have influenced the subsequent celebrations for Beltane and May Day. 

Bright coloured clothes are worn (if any!), races and shows are performed.

Beltane 30th AprilFriday 30th April, is the Pagan Eve of Beltane; celebrations begin with people dancing around the fire clockwise, singing. Sometimes two fires are set, and cattle are driven between the fires to purify them.

Dew gathered from the grass at dawn is used in potions for luck and indeed it is believed to be lucky to roll naked in the dew!!!  On Beltane, it is traditional to drink from a well before sunrise.

Wash in the morning dew, and adorn yourself with greenery. Watch the sun come up, dance round the Maypole, and otherwise abandon yourself to the season. 

Round Full Moon Cakes are eaten and blackberry, elderberry, dandelion wine or cider is drunk. Sacred springs are visited and healing water is drunk. 


Moonwise calendar 2021

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