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Joanna Bristow Watkins

Significant dates from ancient folklore and dates on which you can 'tune in' to higher frequencies, shown in green
Times shown are UK times (GMT/UT+1), click here to convert to your local time
Selected Events (Harmony Healing and other events as notified) in black

May is a month when our Pagan heritage breaks through into parochial folklore. May Day, also known as Beltane, is a Pagan Festival still celebrated in parishes across the country (lockdown rules allowing) featuring elaborate traditions involving May Poles, floral-dressed girls bedecked with flower garlands, Morris Dancers, Green Man imagery, hobby horses etc. We usher in the promise of sunshine and summer as we welcome green shoots and abundant blossom everywhere, not least the Mayflower (Hawthorn) associated with the old adage, ne'er cast a clout till May be out (which I always assumed meant the month itself) ...

The month could be named after Maia, a Greek Goddess linked with the land, fertility and growth. To the Anglo-Saxons, it was called Thrimilci, the month when cows could be milked three times a day due to constant grazing on abundant new grass.

During May, as well as our own traditional British Festivals, we can look forward to Roman and Egyptian celebrations plus exciting 555 numerology (5 being the number of spiritual expansion) featuring three times this month (5th, 14th & 23rd) which we can expect to bring a tangible shift in our personal spiritual awareness as well as a lunar eclipse towards the end of the month. We have Surrey Forest Bathing events on 15th & 27th plus two virtual study courses starting again on the 14th & 17th.

On the 26th we have a total lunar eclipse. Visible only in Australia, South/East Asia, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, most of North America, Antarctica & Indian Ocean - so not visible here in the UK or Europe - but we will still be affected energetically. Eclipses always bring the unseen into focus.

May Day BeltaneSaturday 1st May is May Day and Beltane - a Celtic word meaning 'fires of Bel' (Bel was a Celtic deity). It is a fire festival that celebrates the coming of summer and the fertility of the coming year. Celtic festivals often tied in with the needs of the community. In springtime, at the beginning of the farming calendar, everybody would be hoping for a fruitful year for their fields and hence also their families. Beltane rituals would often include courting: for example, young men and women collecting blossoms in the woods and lighting fires in the evening. These rituals would often lead to matches and marriages, either immediately or in the coming summer or autumn.

Bona Dea 1st MaySaturday 1st May was also the annual Roman Festival of Bona Dea. In Roman mythology, Bona Dea (literally "the good goddess") was the goddess of fertility, healing, virginity, and women. She was the daughter of the god Faunus and was associated with supplying medicinal healing herbs in her temple garden. Bona Dea was traditionally invoked for freedom from slavery; many of her worshippers were freed slaves and plebeians, and several were women seeking aid in sickness or for fertility. This Festival was celebrated by women only!

1st May Surrey daySaturday 1st May is Surrey Day here in our locality. Discover Guildford are organising a Surrey Hike from 11am until 3pm, meeting outside the March Hare Pub, the route will trek along the River Wey, pass historic buildings, meander through ancient woodland and enjoy stunning views from surrounding hills.

Donation based, but must be booked via Eventbrite.

Sunday 2nd May is Easter Sunday in the Orthodox Church. This year, we celebrated Easter here in the UK on the first weekend in April.

Sham El Nassim 5th AprilMonday 3rd Mayin Egypt, is the ancient festival of Sham El Nassim (literally meaning "smelling of the breeze") which dates back to Pharaonic times (about 2700 BC) although it is celebrated on the Coptic Easter Monday.

It's not seen as a religious festival as it's a National Holiday for both Egyptian Christians and Muslims.

Traditional activities include painting eggs, picnicking, and eating feseekh (fermented mullet).

Monday 3rd May, in 2021, is also early May Bank Holiday in the UK.

Veneration of the ThornTuesday 4th May, is the festival of the Veneration of the Thorn at which the Hawthorn is honoured.

This is a festival of modern origin that may have been adapted from the night of Lunantisidhe on 16th May, honouring the fairy spirits of Hawthorns.

Holy bushes and trees marking sacred places and wells are acknowledged and new scraps of cloth are tied to their branches. 

555 numerologyWednesday 5th May is a primary 555 in numerology.2021 is a '5' year in numerology (2+0+2+1 = 5), May is the 5th month and today is the 5th day of the month, so this is a primary 555 as each component of the month adds up to 5.

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers and the science attributing significance and meaning to seemingly random numbers happening globally or noticed in our environment. Double or triple digit numbers are added together and reduced into a single digit (as above with the digits of the year). 

In numerology, the number 5 can be said to represent curiosity, change, movement, travel, freedom, adventure, variety, sensuality, experience and being detached to outcomes. It is the number of the knowledge seeker and teacher as well as being imaginative, playful and child-like.

But by far the most vital representation of the number 5 is expansion, particualrly regarding personal cellular vibration; its the number of divine grace, harmony & balance.

We have  5 elements; earth, fire, water, air & spirit or earth, air, fire, metal and wood (Chinese philosophy). The 5th dimension represents spirit or ether.

We have 5 perceptions (taste, touch, smell, hearing and sigjht) and 5 digits at the end of each limb.

The 5-pointed stair represents the Microcosm - God in Man or Man's Divine Spark.

Double numbers (i.e. 11, 22, 33 etc.) and triple numbers (111, 222, 333 etc.) are known as repdigits and intensifies the meaning. 555 is said to represent a life changing thought/event has just occurred. 

Friday 14th and Sunday 23rd May will carry secondary 5:5:5 energy as the components of these dates also add up to 5. 

There will be a full Harmony Healing Blog entry posted on 5th May featuring finer details on the meaning of numerological triple numbers and more on the interpretation of 555 specifically, as well as a special 555 meditation available from Harmony Shop for £15.55 (£9.99 to subscribers). The meditation can be used on any or all of the 555 dates this month. Subscribers to the Blog updates will be sent the 555 Blog and meditation reminders.

For the amazing expansive triple 5 numerology energy we'll be experiencing, we have a 555 meditation available for £15.55 or you can join our live 555 Guided Meditation (which can be used on the 5th, 14th and/or 23rd May).

555 MP3 downloadable meditation
To order MP3 555 meditation via Paypal

Wednesday 5th May, 4.15pm  - 6.15 pm UK time (GMT+1) on 5th May itself for £20 (50% concession for RSE/VFoA/TFBI students).
The meditation will take place 5-55pm UK time.
2-hour 555 Lightworker Gathering & Guided Meditation, 5th May @ £22
To book live 555 event via Paypal

AquaridsWednesday 5th May (specifically Wednesday night/Thursday morning) is peak of the ETA Aquariid Meteor Shower, see or EarthSky Website.Predominantly, this is a pre-dawn shower, that is one where the meteors may occur in the dark hour before dawn.

The best display will rain down on the morning of the 5th May (although the waning Moon may slightly hamper viewing, New Moon on the 11th is close enough to help reduce light pollution, but these ETA Aquariids can appear any time between 24th April and 20th May.

9th May LemuriaSunday 9th May is the Roman Festival of Lemuria.

This involved a ritual by the Master (or Mistress) of the House with nine black beans(!) to honour the Lemures – spirits of those who died unnatural or violent deaths.

I wondered if it was connected to the ancient land of Lemuria, believed to have been situated in the Pacific area near Hawaii, and a possible belief by the Romans that the land may have been destroyed violently (legend says that, like Atlantis, a disaster such as volcanic eruption or flood caused its destruction).

Monday 10th - Sunday 16th May is Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK, and the theme this year is Connect with Nature.

Sadly, the Covid-19 Pandemic and resulting lockdowns, won't have helped mental health at all, with loneliness and isolation a known cause of depression already. Thank goodness the government advice included going out for exercise regularly. 

On the plus side, this last year has put health and wellbeing in the public eye more than ever.

Most of us have a natural affinity with nature - in fact the word 'natural' itself implies that! A simple therapy for a headache or low mood can be to go for a walk (or even sit and read) in a local woods or other beauty spot or even your nearby park and get some fresh air.

Beltane dark moonTuesday 11th May is New Moon @ 20:00. This is Beltane Dark Micro Moon.

The New Moon Abundance Ritual should be carried out within 24 hours after the New Moon. It needs to be after the New Moon because the moon should be waxing (getting bigger again) to carry the manifestation energy. 

There are video instructions on my Facebook Page and/or You Tube Page.

New Moon is a good time to work on your Vision Board for the rest of 2021.

Panegyric of IsisFriday 14th May is the Egyptian Celebration known as the Panegyric of Isis, when Aset (Isis) found Asar (Osiris) and duly celebrated.

Offerings of wine, bread and milk are made and traditionally Auset is praised for her gifts.  It is a happy time for celebrating quests in life. 

Violet flame course startingFridays 14th  21st & 28th May Harmony Healing Virtual Workshop: Violet Flame of Ament (Level 1), 7.15-9.30pm, £88 (+ £4 Paypal fee). See Violet Flame of Amenti page for details and to book. This is 1 unit (of 3) towards Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Level 1 Egyptian Alchemy Healing.

The colour violet has an established association with spirituality. Having the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, violet is at the point of transition to the next octave of light. During the pre-Dynastic period of Khem (Ancient Egypt), the Violet Flame of Amenti was ruled by the Deities Ausar (also known as Wzr or Osirus), brandished by Sekhmet, and made freely available to Akhenaton.

Both in Atlantis, and subsequently during the Essene era (which spanned the lifetimes of Mother Mary, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene), this powerful tool was retained under the Guardianship of Angels Melchisadec and Ariel. 

moon lodge w window 1Friday 14th  May is the Moon Lodge Healing Women's Circle, 7-8.30pm GMT, £11 + Eventbrite fee = £11.27. 

Run by Harmony Healing collaborator Sarah Jane Dennis, this is a sacred circle for women in the community to come together as we once did, to connect in a safe and loving space to the energies of the moon and our own cycles.

Talk, support, heal, celebrate, and hold each other. It's a virtual event on Zoom. Book at Eventbrite

Contact Sarah-Jane via or email .

555 14 MayFriday 14th May is also a secondary 5:5:5 in numerology.  2021 is a '5' year in numerology (2+0+2+1 = 5), May is the 5th month and with the 5th May being the 5th day of the month, it was a primary 5:5:5 as digits for all aspects of the month each add up to 5.

Friday 14th (today) and Sunday 23rd May, carry secondary 5:5:5 energy as the digits of those dates also add up to 5. Subscribers to the Harmony Healing e-Newsletters will receive reminders on the day. See above entry for 5th May for more on the numerology of 5 and the full Harmony Healing Blog entry for 5th Mayfor further details on the meaning of triple numbers in numerology and the interpretation of 555 specifically.  Special 555 meditation available from Harmony Shop.  

Argei 15 MaySaturday 15th May is the Ancient Roman Ceremony of Argei. At this festival, 27 human-shaped bundles of rushes, known as Argei were carried in an anti-clockwise procession through the city; possibly in a ritual undertaken as a substitute for human sacrifice. Finally, the Vestal Virgins were thrown the Argei into the River Tiber from the Bridge of Sublicius.

Forest Bathing 2020Saturday 15th May, 11am - 2pm, Forest Bathing+ in the grounds of Harry Edward's Healing Sanctuary, £38 (+ Eventbrite fee = £38.32).

Immerse yourself in the healing elements of nature and connect deeply with all your senses. Spend 3 hours in the woods mindfully connecting to your surroundings and living fully in the present moment, guided by me in simple sensory exercises and a treelaxtion. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and which, despite the title forest bathing, does not involve any swimming!

Some of the scientifically proven benefits of spending time in woodland include reduced stress levels, stronger immune system response, and a stabilised cortisol cycle.

We have small groups of maximum 15* excluding guide(s) to allow us to adopt COVID precautions and social distancing. Book at Eventbrite. If the event is full, email me on  to go on a waitlist. *We are exempt from the social group maximum 6 rule due to our categorisation under sport and exercise.

This is a 3-hour Forest Bathing+ session which will take place in all weathers except 30+mph winds.

Veneration of the ThornSunday 16th May, honouring the fairy spirits of hawthorns. Lunantisidhe honours the fairy spirits of Hawthorns (whitethorns as opposed to the blackthorns venerated at Samhain)

Holy bushes and trees marking sacred places and wells are acknowledged and new scraps of cloth are tied to their branches.

Mondays 17th 24th & 31st May is the Harmony Healing Virtual Workshop Series: Mindful Alignment of your Chakras & Unity Consciousness, 7.15-9.30pm, £66 (+ £3.50 Paypal fee). This is ½ unit (of 3) towards Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Level 1 Egyptian Alchemy Healing.

555 23 MaySunday 23rd May is also a secondary 555 in numerology.  2021 is a '5' year in numerology (2+0+2+1 = 5), May is the 5th month and with the 5th May being the 5th day of the month, it was a primary 555 as digits for all aspects of the month each add up to 5.

Friday 14th and today, Sunday 23rd May, both carry secondary 555 energy as the digits of those dates also add up to 5. Subscribers to the Harmony Healing e-Newsletters will receive reminders on the day. See above entry for 5th May for more on the numerology of 5 and the full Harmony Healing Blog entry for 5th Mayfor full details on the meaning of triple numbers in numerology and the interpretation of 555 specifically. Special 555 meditation available from Harmony Shop.  

24 May Festival of the 3 MarysMonday 24th May is the Romani and Christian Festival of the Three Marys at Sainte-Maries-de-la-Mar, on the south coast of France. Here landed Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacob (the sister of Our Lady) and Mary Salome (mother of James and John).

A local Chieftain, Sara the Kali, had a vision of their arrival and by spreading her cloak over the rough sea ensured their safe arrival.

Super Blood MoonWednesday 26th May is Flower Moon & Supermoon (and Total Lunar Eclipse) @ 12:14. This is the second of three consecutive Supermoons. Total lunar eclipses are sometimes called a Full Blood Moon Eclipse because of the orange-red glow the moon seems to adopt during the eclipse phase.

The Full Moon is closest to the Earth on the day of this eclipse too, making it seem larger in the sky, hence it is a Blood Super Full Moon Eclipse.

Although the eclipse won't be visible in UK or Europe, it will still affect us energetically. It will be at least partially visible throughout the majority of North & South America, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica, South/East Asia, Australia, Pacific. More at

Between Full Moon and the next New Moon is considered as a good time energetically for detoxing the body. 

See below for our monthly Full Moon Personal and Global Healing & Unity Consciousness Lightworker Community Virtual Meditation or, if you prefer instructions to meditate alone, see Angela McGerr's Full Moon Meditation with Gabrielfrom Angela McGerr's book A Harmony of Angels; signed copies of which are available from the Harmony Shop.

Healing Circle Wednesday 26th May 2021Wednesday 26th May, 7.30-9.30pm UK Time (GMT+1 which is also UT+1) - Virtual Healing Share & Healing Circle, £22 to participate. Harmony Healing graduates of Violet Flame of Amenti or RSE at any level, pay half price, see Healing Healing Circle for payment links. This will be a Zoom video gathering and all participants will receive group healing, be able to nominate others for healing, plus there will be a global healing and unity consciousness exercise.

Please email  or contact me via Facebook Messenger/What's App to let me know you've booked to make sure I send you the link.

2-hour Virtual Healing Share & Healing Circle, 26th May @ £22
To book via Paypal

Forest Bathing 17th 22nd AprilThursday 27th May, 10,30am – 1.30pm Forest Bathing+ at Newlands Corner, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in the Surrey Hills, £38 (+ Eventbrite fee = £38.32).  

Enjoy a reviving, yet relaxing, Forest Bathing+ session in our local ancient woodlands. I will lead you slowly and purposefully through a series of mindfulness-based sensory exercises and a treelaxation. Deeply relaxing and surprisingly profound, you will be delighted by your reconnection with, and enhanced appreciation for, nature. Despite the name, there's no swimming involved, this relates to bathing in the ambience of the tree canopy.

We have small groups of maximum 16*, excluding your guide(s) to allow us to adopt COVID precautions and social distancing. *We are exempt from the social group maximum 6 rule due to our categorisation under sport and exercise.

This is a 3-hour Forest Bathing+ session which will take place in all weathers except 30+mph winds. Book at EventbriteIf the event is full, email me on  to go on a waitlist. 

29th May Oak Apple DaySaturday 29th May is the English Folk Festival of Oak Apple Day; held in honour of oak trees after Charles II escaped from Cromwell’s army by hiding in an oak tree. Oak leaves are worn until midday.

In May 1660, Oak Apple Day or Royal Oak Day was a declared as a formal public holiday, to be celebrated in England on 29th May to commemorate the restoration of the English Monarchy.

Although it was formally abolished in 1869, until national lockdown, the day was still celebrated in some parts of the country and is alternatively known as Shick Shack Day. Oak and Nettle Day, Yak Bob Day or Arbour tree Day.  

Bank Holiday nature TrailMonday 31st May is the Spring Bank Holiday Monday in the UK this year. 

It's also known as the Late May bank holiday.

It falls on the last Monday of May but it used to be on the Monday after Pentecost. 

In the United Kingdom, most workers have a day off work or school and the banks are closed.


Moonwise calendar 2021

Celestial Forecast is compiled by Joanna Bristow-Watkins of Harmony Healing, the original is published at Joanna's Monthly Celestial Forecasts. It is created using many sources but notably the Moonwise Calendar and Lia Leendertz's 2021 Almanac. Whilst considerable effort is made to ensure accuracy, this is not an exact science and sources are sometimes contradictory!

These monthly Celestial Forecasts (CF) are generally uploaded to the Harmony Healing website 2-3 months ahead and can be accessed via the drop-down box on the right. They are sent out to the main mailing list and CF subscribers a few days before the month starts. 

Extracts from the Celestial Forecast are reproduced in Glyden Magick, an online magazine offered via Gylden Fellowship which is a fabulous resource for Neo-Pagans (particularly in the South of England when physical meet-ups can resume).

Extracts also appear in Jovi Hoonjan's Alchemical Voice magazine, an initiative to support small businesses in the UK. Jovi is a Shamanic Healer & Reiki Master, do visit her website. Try Jovi's free online shamanic drumming guided meditation, the levels of consciousness for all her meditations have been calibrated as equal to Enlightenment. 

To subscribe to the detailed Blog updates (headed with a title detailing the occasion/event so you can choose whether to open it or not), featuring New and Full Moon, meteor showers, eclipses and other meteorological events, interesting anniversaries, ancient festival dates plus notification of dates of numerological significance, sign up here. The nature of the Blog means that whenever there are several key dates in close succession, there will be frequent mailings. 

If you would rather ONLY receive the monthly Celestial Forecast, select the appropriate subscription. You will receive occasional newsletters but this opts you out of the smart Blog which emails regular notifications as events occur.

Joanna is a Reyad Sekh Em® Egyptian Alchemy Healer and Teaching Mentor. We also have meditations available and a number of virtual courses including Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Egyptian Alchemy Healing Level 1 (which is now fully available as interactive training modules) and a monthly virtual healing circle - details on Harmony Healing Virtual Events. Joanna also offers distant intuitive readings (past life and/or aura readings) and distant 1-2-1 healings and runs various Meet-up groups in London and Surrey and the London & Surrey Alchemists Facebook Group. Harmony Healing Gift Vouchers are available.

Celestial Forecasts

Forthcoming Events and Workshops


New Moon New Vision - £155
Lunar Cycle Alignment
Group Mentoring Programme
Wed 6th Oct - Thur 4th Nov
Held remotely on Zoom
Late starts accommodated

Full Moon Guided meditation - £20

Wednesday 23rd June, 7.30-9.30pm

Held remotely on Zoom

Violet Flame of Amenti - £88
(£44 for RSE Graduates) 

Level 1 including attunement
Fridays 14th, 21st & 28th May,
6¾ hours split, 7.15pm-9.30pm (UK time)

Worth 1 unit towards the RSE Level 1
Held remotely on Zoom

Mindful Chakra Alignment- £66
And reconnect with the Earth & Sky
Mondays 17th, 24th & 31st May
6¾ hours, split 7.15pm-9.30pm (UK time).

Worth ½ unit towards the RSE Level 1
Held remotely on Zoom

Introduction to Khemitology - £88
(£44 for RSE Graduates) 
Tuesdays 20th & 27th July & 3rd Aug,
6¾ hours split, 7.15pm-9.30pm (UK time).

Worth 1 unit towards the RSE Level 1
Held remotely on Zoom

Planetary & Elemental Essene Angels
4½ hour course - £66
Tuesdays 10th & 17th August
Split 2 x 7.15pm-9.30pm (UK time)

Worth ½ unit towards the RSE Level 1

Held remotely on Zoom

Advance notice:
Virtual Healing Circle - £20
Friday 23rd July, 7.30-9.30pm
Held remotely on Zoom

Forest Bathing+ Harry Edwards
3 hour sessions for 5-10 & Guide(s)
With COVID precautions observed
Saturday 15th May, 11am-2pm
£35 each (+Eventbrite fee) booking link

Forest Bathing+ Newlands Corner
3hour sessions for 5-10 & Guide(s)
With COVID precautions observed
Joanna works with a rota of FB+Guides,
her next session is as follows:
Thursday 27th May, 10.30-1.30pm

£35 each (+Eventbrite fee) booking link

New Meditations Since Lockdown

555 Spiritual Expansion Meditation
MP3 555 Numerology for 2021
Created for 5th, 14th & 21st May

Chakra Balancing & Global Healing
MP3 Meditation Recording @ £9.99
or £4.44 to Harmony Healing subscribers

Unity Consciousness plus Axiatonal Alignment
MP3 Meditation Recording @ £9.99
or £4.44 to Harmony Healing subscribers

The following are on hold during lockdown:

Reyad Sekh Em (RSE)
Level 1 - Introduction
Next 2-day Course: TBA
A modular version is available (£266)
as separate units taught virtually 

RSE 2 available as modular units
cost is £330

Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) - £500
1 & 2 Practitioner Intensive

Next 3-day Course: TBA
Withdrawn during Covid restrictions
But a modular version of RSE 1 is 
available as units taught virtually


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