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Joanna Bristow Watkins

Significant dates from ancient folklore; timings given are UK time (GMT)
Listings in black are Harmony Healing Events, Forest Bathing events in green.
Timings given are UK time (GMT), click here to convert to your time zone

March CF is hereDuring March, we can look forward to extended daylight and the awakening of nature, especially in the forest. As well as new green buds and sprouts on the trees, we start to see new growth at ground level, with a plethora of camelias, hellabores,daffodils, narcissi, hyacinths and daphne; some with a lovely subtle fragrance. And even where trees have fallen this last week, following three successive violent storms here in the UK, it will be amazing to observe the speed with which new saplings will appear to fill the spaces.

The Roman Calendar originally started in March and the month was named after Mars, the Roman God of War. To the Anglo-Saxons, March was called 'Hrēðmonath', named after a pagan fertility Goddess called 'Hreða' (also known as Rheda).

March begins with the Welsh celebration of St David's Day as well as the Roman Festival of Matronalia. March was a busy month in the Roman calendar, indeed, there’s even a festival for Roman Matrons (older married women) to celebrate by turning the household hierarchy of their day on its head. March is also a month for celebrating women in the modern calendar, with International Women’s Day (8th), Mothering Sunday (26th) and the celebration of numerous goddesses, Egyptian (5th & 20th) and Roman (1st, 15th, 17th & 19th). The Irish celebrate on 17th with St Patrick's Day. This year we have Easter 29th March - 1st April (different for Orthodox Easter).

We have Nature ConnectionForest Bathing events scheduled this month on the 17th at Harry Edwards, (Shere, Surrey).

For a deep dive into the ‘whys and wherefores’ of the listed festivals and spiritually significant days, I publish a blog post on the day in question. Or to receive the information to your mail inbox, sign-up for Blog update alerts.

Full Moon is Monday 25th March, peaking at 07:00. There's no Full Moon Guided Meditation this month, because I will be at the site of Stalag Luft III WWII POW camp (now in Poland) for the 80th Anniversary of the Great Escape.  I am giving two addresses to an assembly of RAF Officers relating to my father's POW experiences at the camp.

St Davids Day 1st MarchFriday 1st March is St David’s Day. St. David, Dewi Sant, is the patron saint of the Welsh, and 1st March, his feast day, is celebrated as a patriotic and cultural festival in Wales. 

Saint David, Grandson of the King of Ceredigion, was said to have been born on a clifftop during a fierce storm. He died on this day during the year 500. He grew up to be a celebrated Bishop and founder of monastic settlements and churches. Glastonbury Abbey may have been founded by St David.

So why is David associated with a dragon? There is a myth that when David was asked by villagers to slay a dragon, he instead went to visit the dragon and listen to its sad tale.

Matronalia 1st MarchFriday 1st March is also Matronalia, according to Roman tradition, which was the topsy-turvy feast sacred to Juno, the birth Goddess.

It was also a celebration of marriage, and the peace that these unions could usher in between Romans and Sabini, tribes from the mountain region near the Tibor.

The Roman mistress of the house waited on her servants for the day and presents were given to other people’s partners!

The wives of the house also gave a feast for their female slaves.

5th March Ploiaphesia framed

Tuesday 5th March is Ploiaphesia, Egyptian Festival of Navigation. This was when one of the most important festivals of the Egyptian Goddess Isis was celebrated, the Ploiaphesia or Navigium Isidis (Ship of Isis).

The festival marked the opening of the safe sailing season after the stormy weather of winter had passed. A statue of Isis was carried in procession from her temple down to the harbour, where a specially-built ship was moored. The ship would then be loaded with offerings and dedicated to the Goddess, before being launched and carried out to sea by the wind. 

The festival is described by Apuleius in his Metamorphoses (also known as the Golden Ass). To participate you can enjoy the energy of water and celebrate with processions, lights, mirrors, music and flowers. We have informative Egyptian Deity Posters available for sale from the Harmony Shop. explanation.

IWD 8th MarchFriday 8th March is International Women’s Day; a day designated to celebrate the empowerment of women worldwide.

The theme for International Women's Day 2024 is Inspire Inclusion. From the website:

When we inspire others to understand and value women's inclusion, we forge a better world.

And when women themselves are inspired to be included, there's a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment.

Collectively, let's forge a more inclusive world for women.

See the International Women’s Day website for more. Or for other inspiring ideas, see

04 Nov New Moon SupermoonSunday 10th March @ 09:00 is New Moon. It's also a Supermoon.  

The New Moon Abundance Ritual should be carried out within 24 hours after the New Moon. It needs to be after the New Moon because the moon should be waxing (getting bigger again) to carry the manifestation energy. Image by Harmony Healing.

There are video instructions on my Facebook Page or You Tube Page.

It is a good day for creating a personal or corporate Vision Board for 2024. Harmony Healing proviides a Vision Board template and periodically we offer a lunar cycle mentoring programme.

Mothers Day 14thSunday 10th March is also Mothering Sunday in  the UK, now viewed as a chance to recognise the positive role of mothers in our lives.

Often posies of daffodils are presented.

Mothering Sunday is celebrated by Christians  in the UK & Ireland and some other English speaking countries. It takes place on the fourth Sunday in Lent, which is exactly three weeks before Easter Day.

It was once observed as a day when people visited their mother church, but has become a day for honouring mothers and exchanging presents with them. Increasingly it's being referred to as Mother's Day, although that name originated as an American secular holiday, celebrated on a different date and quite distinct from the initial UK based Mothering Sunday.

Friday 15th March was the Ides of March in Roman tradition and a Festival to Jupiter. Anna Perenna etc. 15th

Shakespeare had a soothsayer warn Julius Caesar 'Beware the Ides of March'. Indeed he was reputedly assassinated on 15th March 44 BC. 

In Ancient Rome, 15th March was also the celebration of Anna Perenna.

Offerings were made to the Spirit of the Year, so that the circle could be completed.

Forest Bathing at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, SurreySunday 17th March, 11am - 2pm, Forest Bathing in the grounds of Harry Edward's Healing Sanctuary, £39.77.

Usually at this time of the year, the site is carpeted with daffodils. Immerse yourself in the healing elements of nature and connect deeply with all your senses. Spend three hours in the woods mindfully connecting to your surroundings and living fully in the present moment, guided by me in simple sensory exercises and a treelaxtion. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, and which, despite the title forest bathing, does not involve any swimming!

Some of the scientifically proven benefits of spending time in woodland include reduced stress levels, stronger immune system response, and a stabilised cortisol cycle.

This session which will take place in all weathers except very strong winds or electrical storms. Book via our the Harmony Healing shop. Email  to go on our forest bathing mailing list.  

St Patricks Day used 2021Sunday 17th March is St Patrick’s Day in Ireland. St Patrick is credited with converting the Irish back to Christianity which had been abandoned under Roman rule.

Saint Patrick is said to have used the Shamrock (three leaved clover) as a metaphor for the Christian Trinity.

The name shamrock comes from the Irish word seamróg, which is derived from the Irish word for clover (seamair) and means simply "little clover" or "young clover". 

Liberalia 17 MarchSunday 17th March was also the Roman Festival of Liberalia, this was the feast to celebrate the male coming of age!

In view of the date coinciding with St Patrick's Day, having abandoned Christianity under Roman rule, I wonder if there is a connection that when Eire re-converted to Christianity they chose the Roman Festival for males coming of age as their date of celebration ...

Considering the theme of rebirthing and the Spring Equinox, I can't help wondering if it was a development from the Egyptian Pelusia Festival, see 20th March entry. 

Tuesday 19th March is the Roman Festival of Quinquatrus, so named because it was the 5th day after the Ides of March. Quinquatrus 19th March

This was a Festival in honour of Minerva; it seems that women were accustomed to consult fortune-tellers and diviners upon this day.

At one time, celebrations took place 19th - 23rd of March, orginally an Etruscan festival to celebrate spring, rites of women, rebirthing and the Spring Equinox. I can't help wondering if it was a development from the Egyptian Pelusia Festival, see 20th March entry.

Pagan EquinoxWednesay 20th March is Spring Equinox at 03:06. On the Equinox, light and dark are equal over the whole world: mark the moment of the Equinox with silence and stillness. 

Representing balance of opposites; it's a good time to bring balance into your life. 

Pelusia 20thMonday 20th March is the Egyptian Festival of Pelusia, with the Egyptian Goddess Isis working her spring magic to ensure the flooding of the Nile later in the year, thereby guaranteeing a fruitful harvest. 

We have informative Egyptian Deity Posters available for sale from the Harmony Shop.

IDF image 2Thursday 21st March is International Day of Forests, sponsored by the United Nations. The theme for 2024 is ‘Forests and Innovation’. 

Forests are home to more that 60,000 tree species; comprising about 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

In fact, 1.6 billion people are directly dependent on forests for their shelter, food, medicines, income and energy.  Alarmingly, we are losing around 10 million hectares of global forest annually (the size of Iceland) and this is said to account for 12-20% of greenhouse gas emissions thought to contribute to our climate change. 

As a qualified Forest Bathing guide, I am delighted to see Forests being recognised for their wellbeing benefits and valuable biodiversity and efforts being made to protect dwindling international woodlands. 

Alec Bristow the Great EscapeSunday 24th March, 80 years ago today, during the night of 24 March 1944, 76 airmen escaped out of the Prisoner of War camp Stalag Luft III. The event was immortalised by the 1963 Hollywood blockbuster The Great Escape, which was partly fictional but a surprising amount of astounding activities depicted in the film were based on fact. Of the 76, only three made it home and, of the remainder, 50 were murdered on Hitler’s orders, in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention. Joanna's father, Alec Bristow, was a WWII Mosquito Pilot, imprisoned in the camp at the time, and Joanna offers a popular talk on his memoirs of the occasion. She will be giving two addresses to RAF officers, at the museum located at original location of the camp (now in Poland) as part of the 80th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony.

Sunday 24th March, this year, is also Palm Sunday in the Christian Calendar this year. Palm Sunday, also known as Passion Sunday, is the 6th Sunday of Lent and the final Sunday before Easter.

Traditionally it marks the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. 

The name is believed to commemorate the placement of palm leaves on the road to soften the surface for the donkey on which he was riding. 

Equinox worm moonMonday 25th March @ 07:00 is Worm Full Moon and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The start of the eclipse will be visible in London (from about 05:00) until the Moon dips below the horizon, see Time and Date for details.

Between Full Moon and the next New Moon is considered as a good time energetically for detoxing the body. 

For details of Full Moon timings for the year, as well as instructions for an Angela McGerr Angelic Meditation with Gabriel, see Harmony Healing Full Moon link.

This year, since Joanna will be giving presentations in Poland at this time, there will be no live meditation, but you can purchase Joanna's pre-recorded any month Full Moon meditation. Cost to participate is £20 by online BACS payment (£1 admin fee added for PayPal, concessions to RSE/VFoA graduates), book at the Harmony Shop.

To find out how working on your own spiritual consciousness can help humanity and the planet by raising the overall human consciousness levels, see Joanna's You Tube.

Good Friday 2nd AprilFriday 29th March, this year, is also the Christian Festival of Good Friday, which is a Bank Holiday in the UK as part of the Easter break.

This commemorates the day when Jesus was crucified. 

It was not called ‘Good Friday’ until 4th Century and may be a corruption of God’s Friday. 

Easter Saturday 3rd AprilSaturday 30th March is Easter Saturday in the Christian Calendar.

It commemorates the day that Jesus was buried in a tomb following his crucifixion. 

Last weekend in MarchSaturday 30th March, in the UK this year, is also when the clocks go forward.

In fact at 01.00 on Sunday 31st March is the start of British Summer Time/.

However, we often have a while to wait until summer arrives in the UK. 

hare triscol by Jackie MorrisSunday 31st March is Easter Sunday, which is generally taken to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus three days after his crucifixion. Intriguingly, Easter Sunday is not a set date but is calculated according to the Lunar cycle, so it can move around between 22nd March and 25th April. It's fixed as the Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Vernal (Spring) Equinox. Coptic Easter, celebrated by the Orthodox Church is usually a week later.

This points to the celebration being linked to an earlier Pagan celebration, which were all associated with seasons and moon cycles.  The name Easter itself is derived from the Pagan God Eostre. the Easter Egg is reminiscent of the Pagan egg to symbolise fertility. And of course, the Easter Bunny, a strange addition to a crucifixion story, makes a lot more sense when viewed as a sign of spring, and possibly even a hare. Watch my YouTube presentation: Was Easter superimposed into an earlier Pagan Festival?

The Hare is another ancient symbol of fertility, with a 28 day gestation period very linked to the lunar cycle.

In Ancient Egypt the hare is a hieroglyph meaning ‘existence’


Moonwise Calendar 2022Celestial Forecast is compiled by Joanna Bristow-Watkins of Harmony Healing, the original is published at Joanna's Monthly Celestial Forecasts. It is created using many sources but notably the Moonwise Calendar and Lia Leendertz's annual Almanac. Whilst considerable effort is made to ensure accuracy, this is not an exact science and sources are sometimes contradictory!

These monthly Celestial Forecasts (CF) are generally uploaded to the Harmony Healing website 2-3 months ahead and can be accessed via the drop-down box on the right. They are sent out to the main mailing list and CF subscribers a few days before the month starts. 

Extracts from the Celestial Forecast are reproduced in Glyden Magick, an online magazine offered via Gylden Fellowship which is a fabulous resource for Neo-Pagans (particularly in the South of England when physical meet-ups can resume). 

To subscribe to the detailed Blog updates (headed with a title detailing the occasion/event so you can choose whether to open it or not), featuring New and Full Moon, meteor showers, eclipses and other meteorological events, interesting anniversaries, ancient festival dates plus notification of dates of numerological significance, sign up here. The nature of the Blog means that whenever there are several key dates in close succession, there will be frequent mailings. 

If you would rather ONLY receive the monthly Celestial Forecast, select the appropriate subscription. You will receive occasional newsletters but this opts you out of the smart Blog which emails regular notifications as events occur.

Through Harmony Healing, Joanna utilises the philosophies of the Ancient Egyptians, in the form of Reyad Sekh Em® (RSE) Level 1 Egyptian Alchemy Healing. Featuring four online modules of Khemitology (Ancient Egyptology according to the indigenous oral traditions), Violet Flame of Amenti, Mindful Chakra Balancing & Essene AngelologyMissed sessions are fully recorded so that late registrations or are possible. Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Level 1 costs £266 and run about three times a year. the individual modules are stand-alone and cost either £88 or £66, hence the RSE 1 package offers a cost saving.

These are periodically interspersed by her one month Lunar Cycle Alignment Programmes. She is also an intuitive healer offering 1-2-1 distant healings and readings, plus MP3 recordings. She is a fully qualified Forest Bathing guide, offering Forest Bathing sessions in the Surrey Hills of England. Joanna acts as the retailer for her sister, Angela Mcgerr's, best selling angelogy books and angel card sets. The are mostly now out-of-print, but Joanna still has some unused copies as well as pre-used versions of many of the card sets, see the Harnony Shop for the full details. 


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