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  • Thursday 28th April, Roman Festival of Floralia

    Floralia 28th AprilThursday 28th April was the Roman fertility festival of flowers and crops called Floralia, that later developed into a celebration of sexuality, and may have influenced the subsequent celebrations for Beltane and May Day. Or it could have been the other way around...

    According to Pliny (circa 240 BCE), celebrations were to solicit protection from the Goddess Flora,associated with flowers, blossoming plants and fertility.

    The festival lasted for six days and incorporated Ludi Florae, the "Games of Flora". The revelry was much enjoyed by Plebeian members of Roman society and seems to have involved actresses performing naked as well as other racy behaviour. Brightly coloured clothes were worn (if any!), races and shows were performed.

    Symbols of fertility such as deer and hares were let loose in the Circus Maximus to honour the Goddess as protector of fields and gardens (but not wild animals or woods) and, colourful garments were worn, rater than the customary white, during the festivities, some of which were nocturnal. Chickpeas (another symbol of fertility, also known as garbanzo beans) also were thrown to the Circus audience.

    By keeping traditions, Roman communities retained a sense of harmony and connection, thereby bringing balance and wellbeing into their lives.

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