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  • Wednesday 14th February, Ash Wednesday in Christian Tradition

    Ash Wednesday 17thWednesday 14th February,this year, as well as being Valentine's Day, is also Ash Wednesday; generally said to have been named after the tradition of burning away old issues in preparation for Lent. The days leading up to and into Lent were Collop Monday, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Fritter Thursday and Kissing Friday(source: Lia Leendertz's2020 Almanac).

    The date of Lent - which takes place in either February or March but always seven weeks before Easter - varies from year to year according to the lunar calendar which determines when Easter falls. The fact that Lent, and indeed Easter, are determined by the lunar calendar tends to suggest that they were superimposed over Pagan celebrations.

    Similarly, Ash Wednesday, although observed as a Christian Festival probably originated as a Pagan Festival and could have obtained its name from an apparent tradition of placing a stick of Ash down one's sock for good luck!  

    Ouch, I can't see that being popular, but then maybe choice of a suitable stick is paramount.

    Ash Wednesday certainly isn't mentioned in the Bible, although in Biblical times, sprinkling oneself with dust and ashes was part of a Indian Vedic tradition as a mark of repentance, and repentance rituals were generally often accompanied with fasting. Furthermore, the German Pagans had a tradition of putting ashes over their brows to secure protection of the Norse God Odin (one of Odin's names in Norse is Ygg, which also means ash). Wednesday was Odin's day (our weekday name is directly derived from 'Odinsday'), making the naming of Ash Wednesday particularly pertinent.

    Ash Wednesday was also only accepted into Catholic Church beliefs at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD when the council also approved a 40-day fast duration to celebrate Lent. This was the time period during which Constantine was striving for a harmonious union between the Christians and Pagans within the Roman Empire.

    The start date of Lent was still under debate even after the Council of Nicaea. Pope Gregory, in 601, moved the commencement of Lent to Ash Wednesday (from the fourth Sunday of the year); this being 46 days before Easter. This allowed for 40 days of fasting with the six Sundays counting as feast days, making a total of 46 days for Lent. The tradition of using ashes to create the shape of a cross on parishioners foreheads was also instigated by Pope Gregory. 

    See bibleinfo.complant-lorecom websites for references.

    By partaking in Ash Wednesday and living a modest life throughout the period of Lent, Christian's believed that it would enhance their harmony and wellbeing.

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