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  • Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd February, Celtic & Pagan Festival of Imbolc

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    Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd February is the Pagan Imbolc Ceremony, which is one of the four Great Celtic Festivals (between the Solstices and the Equinoxes), and which is a Wiccan, Gaelic and Druid Festival of Fertility anfd Growing Light. Imbolc (pronouned EE-molk) is an old Celtic Word and the celebration can also be known as Candlemas. The Pagan Wheel image was purchased from Shutterstock.

    Imbolc is sacred to the Goddess Brigid, Brigit or Bridie, the power of the new moon, the Spring of the year, the flowing sea, corn dollies and the Great Moon Mother - Patroness of Poetry Making and Healing. Brigid is a triple Goddess, so she can be honoured in all her aspects, she is associated with fire, fertility, midwifery and the young. 

    Imbolc Image by Antonia SkeltonThe Imbolc Festival marks the passing of Winter and the first signs of Spring, with the emergence of new leaves and early flowers such as the snowdrop and crocus, as well as being the transition point of the threefold Goddess energies from those of the Crone to the Maiden. 

    Imbolc is a Fire Festival and it is traditional, at sunset, to briefly light every light in the house. Or light candles in each toom to celebrate the return of the sun. If it's been snowing, take time to enjoy walking in the snow, draw an image of the sun into the snow and reflect on the sun's warmth.

    Traditional foods for Imbolc include anything dairy, including sour cream, as the Festival celebrated the calving season. Spicy and rich foods, such as curry or anything made with peppers, leeks, onion, chives and/or garlic are appropriate to celebrate the sun, together with mulled wine and anything containing raisins which also represent the sun.

    So fire and purification were an important part of the Imbolc festival with candles being lit to signify the increasing power of the Sun and the return of warmth over the forthcoming months and Holy wells were visited at Imbolc, and at the other Celtic festivals of Beltane and Lughnasa. All this focus on nurturing warmth and purification plus water to release emotions brings harmony and wellbeing into your life.

    t's also a good time to clear clutter and look at what you want to achieve this year and ask Brigid's help in making it happen.

    Here's a little water blessing you can do with Brigid, given to me by the wonderful esoteric author Christopher Street in 2012. I highly recommend his book London Leylines; Pathways of Enlightenment

    Ideally in a glass container (I use a clean jam jar), collect some water from your local river or pond, if safe to do so, or else rain water or even tap water. Hold it in your hands and radiate love from your heart, via your hands, into the water and say the following Imbolc poem to Brigid: -

    A budding blossom, fair I grow

    The light of youth is on my brow

    Purity of crystal spring,

    and gift of morning flower I bring

    From death and darkness, frost and cold

    a tale of birth and life unfolds

    Healing gifts spring from her bag

    She who was the Winter Hag

    Fruit of the Earth, from Goddess fair

    No man-made gift could be compared

    to that which flows from nature’s love

    and the blessings of the dove

    Then, if you feel inspired, you can utter this apology on behalf of mankind, similar to one that was used at an international water healing ceremony I attended on 3rd August 2008:

    Water, We Are Sorry.

    Water, We Love You.

    Water, We Thank You.

    Water, We Respect You.

    Send the intention that the water in the glass is completely filled with the vibrations of Apology, Love, Gratitude and Respect. As you hold both of your hands against the glass, and visualise that the vibrations of your sincere apology emitting from your heart will be projected into the water and imagine that each water molecule in the glass is healed and sparkling with life like millions of little suns.

    Then, when you feel it's appropriate, put the water back where it came from.  If it was rain or tap water you can pour it into the earth so that the blessed water filters down into the water table beneath the surface or you can return your blessed water to a local waterway or pond/lake.

    Celebration of local customs, such as those at Imbolc, with other members of the Pagan Community was found to be therapeutic; bringing harmony and wellbeing into their lives.

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