Joanna Bristow Watkins


  • Egyptian Festival of Nehebkau, 29th November 2017


    Image of Ka armsWednesday 29th November is the Egyptian celebration Nehebkau, which literally meant 'he who unites the Kas'; the Ka being the body double which we might interpret as spirit or soul.  Different texts identify the Ka as the Lower Self and the Ba as the Higher Self, whilst other specialists believe the opposite. Either way, Nehebkau effectively means the unity of the Hight and Lower Self, so essentially spiritual enlightenment.

    Nehebkau was depicted in the form of a snake (typically with two heads - able to attack and defend at the same time - see image on the left) or as conjoined arms, legs and occasionally wings! 

    He was yet another Deity associated with protection and magic, and was said to guard the Dwat (Void) or the Underworld.