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  • Wednesday 7th April, World Health Day

    World Health Day 7th AprilWednesday 7th April is World Health Day. The message of World Health Day is simple: giving people access to healthcare without the prospect of financial hardship. 

    COVID-19 has highlighted, that our world is an unequal one, with access to healthcare being entirely dependent on the geographical location and conditions into which people are born, live, work, grow and age.

    The theme for 2021 is 'building a fairer, healthier world'.

    Sadly, in parts of the world, folks struggle with minimal income, poor living conditions, limited education, less employment opportunities and gender inequality.  Many do not enjoy a safe environment, unpolluted water and/or air, plentoful food supplies or easy access to reliable health services. Inevitably, this not only harms communities and our global economies, but also results in avoidable illness, unnecessary suffering and premature death. 

    Furthermore it is entirely preventable. That’s why World Health Day calls on political leaders and decision makers to improve international living and working conditions so that they are conducive to good health.  

    COVID-19 has hit every country hard, but communities which were already vulnerable, and are more exposed to the disease, are less likely to have quality health care services available. Futhermore, measures which have been implemented to contain the global pandemic have impacted on them hardest.

    By showing respect for vital services played by others and honouring causes through international co-ordinated activities, we can bring balance and wellbeing into our lives.

    Harmony Healing activities are aimed at bringing harmony and wellbeing into your life. We have programmes designed to help you keep aligned with our natural environment and the movements of our planet, communities retained a sense of harmony and connection, bringing balance into their lives. Our New Moon New Vision lunar cycle alignment programme starts again on 12th April and will take in Beltane plus the 555 numerology (5 means expansion) of the 5th May. See YouTube for informational video with feedback from previous participants.

    If you are looking for regular spiritually enlightening activities during lockdown, which help to connect you with the lunar cycle, we have the next virtual healing circle later this month on Monday 26th April, at 7.30-9.30pm (UK time = GMT+1), and costs £20 (+ £2 Paypal fee). During this session, we connect with other like-minded people and together we work through a mindful chakra balancing process using colours and etheric crystals, with the aim that all participants will experience a degree of unity consciousness, and we make a positive difference in the world (see this Youtube footage for explanation of how this affects the global situation). This activity serves as a good taster of my work in general and the virtual format of our Zoom based programme.

    If you would like to experience one of our spiritual offerings (meditation, reading, 1:1 healing, a Forest Bathing+ session or a full mentoring course), why not ask for a Harmony Healing gift voucherfor a birthday or other celebratory occasion? 

    A number of virtual courses are now ready, details on Harmony Healing Virtual Events. Currently, due to Coronavirus, most events will be virtual hence distant readings and healings are proving popular. We don't recommend giving a reading or healing to another person, without first checking whether it would be welcomed.

    Joanna offers distant intuitive readings (past life and/or aura readings) and distant 1-2-1 healings and virtual healing circles. We also have meditations available.

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