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Angels or Angelic beings are a common feature of most ancient and modern world religions as well as traditional folklore. Sometimes called The Breath of God; they are beings of pure, positive energy. More people than ever are interested in knowing about them - their history, the Angelic realms and the relationship they have with mankind.

Angela McGerr Angel AuthorJoanna's sister, Angela McGerr, became interested in angelology in 1999.  Quadrille Publications have since published nine of her works, comprising four books and five sets of angel cards, plus an angelic meditation CD. In 2015, she added a new non-illustrated instructional book titled Angel Healing and Alchemy to the list. To order signed copies of Angela's books and cards which are still in print, see the Harmony Shop.

Angela McGerr spent over 30 years as a businesswoman before determining the need to bring a more spiritual focus into her life. In 1999, she was persuaded by Joanna to follow her into Sekh Em energy healing, so that when both were suitably-qualified, they would be able to train others in healing and various related subjects.

On entering the world of energy healing, Angela's consulting business disappeared within two months and she became immersed in deep research on the subject of angels and angelic support in daily life. In fact you might almost say that Angela was hi-jacked by the angelic realm for a year and fast-tracked in the history of angels (the word angel is from the Greek: angelos - winged messenger). She traced sacred writings on the subject through many belief systems back to the earliest recorded civilisation (Sumeria) and beyond, though angelology itself derives from the Essenes. Angela describes herself as a modern mystic, tasked with disseminating ancient, angelic wisdom, combined with brand new channellings, in a 21st Century format that is suitable for today's audience.

A Harmony of Angels Angela McGerrWith the assistance of the angels, and using a simplified form of Essene philosophy with the addition of angels from other sources, she made her first set of angel cards and then approached a publisher. She was commissioned to write her first book A Harmony of Angels, published by Quadrille in hardback in October 2001. This book sold successfully and was reprinted several times. On the strength of this, a year later Quadrille agreed to publish the Harmony Angel Cards - still Angela's best-selling title so far. Angelic Abundance followed in September 2003, The Gold & Silver Guardians in September 2004, An Angel For Every Day in September 2005, Heart & Soul Angel Cards (a companion set for the Harmony Angel Cards which were re-printed with additional artworks) in August 2006, The Angel Quest of the Heart (2007), The Angel Almanac (2008) and the Love & Light Angel Cards (2009). Most are still in print and translations are available in Dutch, French, German, Lithuanian, Czech and Slovak, with more in the pipeline. Special US editions were published in 2007.  Collective sales of Angela's products topped 800,000 copies worldwide.

You may also like to visit Angela's Calling in Angels instructional video footage.

Information on Angela's publications are available in the Harmony Shop and are also available to purchase - many of the books are signed copies. Those wanting an introduction to the subject may be best advised to start with the earliest publications A Harmony of Angels Introductory book or the Harmony Angel Cards.

USA readers may find some of Angela's books available at Barnes & Noble Stores although I think they are mostly unavailable everywhere now..

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