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Healing is a gentle, relaxing therapy that engenders a feeling of wellbeing in the recipient. It will also target specific areas of the body, as required. A full treatment lasts about two hours. The recipient lies fully clothed on a treatment couch. The healer either places her hands lightly on the body, or within the aura, depending on where they are guided by the element being used. The energy will go to the source of the imbalance and not just treat the symptom. Healing helps to restore vitality and energy and assists self-recovery from many aches, pains, disorders and diseases. There are no contra-indications to receiving  Reyad Sekh Em and because it is non-manipulative, it complements all other forms of therapy and natural health care. As we are all individuals, people respond to healing differently. Some people feel a tingling warmth or heat; others do not. Some feel relaxed, light-headed, sad, calm, very happy, or any combination or even none of these. Most people experience a sense of relaxation and calm wellbeing.   Best results are felt three days later as it can take this long for the energy adjustments to settle.  Occasionally, an individual can experience a worsening of symptoms during this three day period and this should be seen a good sign that 'issues' are being addressed by the body.  It is important in these instances to remain positive about the final outcome as otherwise maximum benefit from the session may be lost.

A full healing session normally lasts about one to two  hours and takes place at an agreed venue. Currently, this costs £150 on weekdays and £200 on evenings/weekends, depending on the venue. Distant healings start from £120.  Anyone wishing to host a 'healing day' for five or more people at their own venue should contact us.

Healing sessions have been found to be very beneficial for those suffering from emotional issues such as post-natal depression or stress-related symptoms. Children identified as dyspraxic, dyslexic or autistic have benefited from  Reyad Sekh Em healing sessions, as this form of healing is good for balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It is even more effective where Reyad Sekh Em healing skills are learned by a parent or by the actual person experiencing learning difficulties.

Joanna is clairsentient - meaning that she feels within her body where the recipient has energy blocks and areas of energy imbalance. In addition to the Reyad Sekh Em elemental healing rays, Joanna uses a special negative energy release system plus sacred breaths and sounds to clear these blocks and remove karmic debris. These skills are demonstrated to other therapists in a special complimentary therapists special techniques course.  The cost of 1-2-1 Reyad Sekh Em® Healing Sessions with Joanna reflect her 10+ years of experience in creating profound results with the majority of her clients (testimonials available). 1-2-1 Reyad Sekh Em® Healing Sessions are also available, sometimes at considerably lower cost, at other locations with practitioners who have trained with Joanna. In due course, a links section on this website will list other RSE practitioners and their respective complementary therapy skills. Session times and costs vary from £60+. In the meantime, contact us for details.

To book a Weekday 1-2-1 healing session with Joanna at £150+ £5 PayPal fee (see below for fee-free bank transfer details)

To book an Evening or Weekend 1-2-1 healing session with Joanna at £200 + £5 PayPal fee

Assuming you have a GB pound sterling bank account (or are happy to make an international transfer), you can save the PayPal fee by making an online bank transfer for £150 or £200 (as appropriate) to bank account name: Harmony Healing, A/C no: 70660345, sort code 20-90-56, using ref 121 + your name.

   See Distant Healings to book a distant healing (from £120) or Intuitive Mini-reading with Joanna (£60).

Details of other therapists offering Reyad Sekh Em healings will be in the forthcoming links section.

Healing restores and harmonises your life energy and increases the body's ability to heal itself . Reyad Sekh Em healing balances your energies and creates a sense of relaxation.

For further information, see Harmony Healing Summary of Courses and Services

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Surrey Networking, £10 (advance)
Surrey Therapists 2 hour Meetups
Monday 3rd Jun, 7-9 pm
Tues 4th Jun, 7.30-9.30pm

LONDON Networking, £15 (advance)
London Therapists 2 hour Meetups
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Introducing Khemitology
College of Psychic Studies
South Kensington
Sun 16th June, 10am-5pm
£85 Members, £105 others

Reyad Sekh Em (RSE)
Level 1 - Introduction
Monday 24th/Tues 25th June

Past Lives
Thursday 27th June

Reyad Sekh Em (RSE)
1 & 2 Practitioner Intensive
Mon 1st - Wed 3rd July

Violet Flame of Amenti
Friday 5th July


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