Joanna Bristow Watkins Harmony Healing Director

Sometimes there are etheric structures within the auric field, either brought forward from past life experiences or there as a pre-arranged regulators to block psychic progress.  Often they are activated in waves, in response to local fluctuations and global energy peaks.  This could even be how viruses work.  This can park an individuals spiritual awakening at a particular point until they feel ready to progress further.  Appropriate courses, healing treatments, focussed meditations or even force of intent may be sufficient to dissolve these structures.  Otherwise there are various ways to remove them, when individuals feel ready to do so.

I was amazed when I first started to notice these structures, sometimes referred to as Atlantean Devices.  They can appear as a form of wiring bolted into metal plates often over the hips or shoulders, normally prominent on one side of the body at the ankle, knee, hips, solar plexus, neck and even head, or any combination of these. Frequently they are also wired into the heart.  They are removed by undoing the bolts and pulling out the wires in a specific order, whilst rebalancing the energy by introducing sacred colour breathing into the site.  A sacred sound may also help the vibrational adjustment.  The sound sometimes activates other latent energy structures which enhance the spiritual awakening.  An ordination into The Order of Melchisadec can follow which regularly involves an etheric head circlet (or tiara) which holding a crystal over the third eye; periodic tightness around the forehead can be an indication that one of these is awaiting activation.  This circlet is an emblem of the Order and the chosen crystal represents the wearers role within the order and the angel/ascended master with whom they work most closely.  Amethyst can represent MELCHISADEC (also spelled Melchizedek) himself, Ruler of the Violet Ray, and Ascended Master St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Ray, and the Angels of the Violet Fire.  The Violet Fire is the fire of spiritual alchemy, which transmutes all negativity back to pure white light and brings about spiritual growth and transformation.

See Harmony Training courses section for details of specialist techniques for complementary therapists courses which includes the detection and removal of Atlantean devices and activation of etheric head circlets.

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