Joanna Bristow Watkins Harmony Healing Director

Bu Wizzer, meaning the Land of Osiris, was an area of Khemit, stretching to Abu Ruwash in the North and Dashur in the South, bordered by the Libyan desert to the west and Helwan to the east.  Bu Wizzer incorporated Giza, Saqqara, Abu Sir and Abu Gurab (site of an ancient ruined obelisk).  These sacred sites are all linked by a Fibonacci Spiral - a naturally occurring phenomenon which mirrors the sacred geometry of the Golden Mean Spiral.  The Golden Mean Spiral is based on the Phi Ratio, which is the ratio featured everywhere in human anatomy.

This is the energy spiral which passes through the King's Chamber and is responsible for the heightened energy experienced there.  It is why this was such a potent location for the Left and Right Eyes of Horus Mystery Schools Initiations.

Saqqara was undoubtedly a healing metropolis at least 7000 years ago.  You can still see the platform used by the healing physicians to diagnose medical conditions.  Patients would stand on the stage and the physicians would enter one of 21 chambers surrounding the stage area.  These chambers each contained, at around head height, a niche about two foot wide, two foot high and two foot deep.  By placing the head inside the niche and concentrating on the patient, the physician made an empathic connection with the patient's auric field and also with the energy field of the Earth.  The construction of the healing temple allowed the signals from the patient to be amplified by underground water flow which determined what healing treatments would rectify the ailment.  These healing chambers and diagnostic niches, normally ignored by tourists, are accessed during our visits.

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