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reyad sekh em initiations and cleansing cycle

Initiations can also be called Attunements, as people are actually being attuned to a new vibrational rate.  The physical body needs to adjust to this new rate through a 21 day clearing cycle where the physical body is boosted to cope with the faster cellular vibration and the spiritual awakening which follows.

The word initiate also means to begin; achieved by placing ancient sacred symbols into the aura at specific chakra points.  These symbols manifest in a dimension normally outside our awareness causing a change in the energy field.  Welcoming these symbols into the auric field, sends a positive signal to the loving energy beings (Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides etc.) in other dimensions that the person is ready to interact with them.  As these beings exist in a higher vibrational state, we must increase our own vibrational state to bring awareness of their presence and accept their loving guidance.  They will boost memories of ancient truths and open the door to soul awakening.  Once this has happened, it is up to the individual to decide how and when they walk the path towards enlightenment.

The Sekh Em initiation opens the body to the universal rays of Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit. Each Level (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) gives a cumulative ability to channel more of each ray.  Chronic illness, including stress, can be helped by using the energy every day to clear any blockages, quickly creating a strong clear channel for the energy. See training courses for Sekh Em courses.

Fear is another common barrier to self-empowerment.  Society feeds us fear at every opportunity.  Our best approach for overcoming fear is to nurture a trust that all will be well.

The initiation itself also starts a three week healing, cleansing cycle starting with the root chakra.  The day after the attunement the clearing will progress to the sacral chakra; the next day the solar plexus and so on. One week after the attunement the second, more refined, cycle of clearing starts again at the root chakra. Two weeks after the attunement the third cycle of chakra clearing will begin. Initiates should make the most of this cleansing cycle by letting go of old issues; eating healthy organic food and drinking lots of spring water, as well as allowing time to exercise and rest.

The chakras are like portals leading to different energy fields in the aura. They are the interface between the life-force energy inside our physical body and the vast expanse of this energy which exists on other dimensions.  Energy moves in and out of chakras in a spiral formation. The chakras can become blocked, silted up, closed down or stuck open.  Sekh Em (and any form of Reiki) can clean and rebalance chakras very effectively.  Most sources agree on seven chakras each represented by the colours of the rainbow and vibrating at different speeds.  The lowest (base or root) chakra is the most dense and the crown chakra has the highest vibration.  All are linked to angels.

The main chakra energy centres of the body form a column in the core of the body (about the thickness of the circle formed by thumb and forefinger) which continues into the top and bottom of a star tetrahedron.  In addition to the eight main colours (the seven colours of the spectrum starting with red at the Base to violet/white at the crown, plus the secondary colour of magenta pink at the sacred heart chakra), the aura area above the crown chakra is depicted as pure white symbolising purity and spirituality.  As a person develops spiritually the entire etheric sheath (the part of the aura nearest to the body) turns gradually from pale blue towards white, and in the most highly spiritual persons it is pure white, hence the halo effect above the crown.

The extent to which clearing is experienced, either physically or emotionally, may reflect how people have progressed on their spiritual journey.  However, if people experience more discomfort than anticipated; they should take heart as other dimensional helpers may have decided to escalate the pace!

In order to minimise your discomfort, the REYAD SEKH EM system utilises a protective Group Merkaba field throughout your clearing period.  This links initiates together within an intensified electro-magnetic energy field, enhancing the environment for adjusting to new vibrations.

Joanna's comment: "This is just one way of achieving an increased vibratory rate and therefore an accelerated path to enlightenment.  I was fortunate in receiving a fast-track awakening, which I try to replicate for others, however, such training courses can be extremely intensive and not for the faint-hearted!  Soul awakening is a very personal journey, a careful assessment of the style and approach of the chosen mentor for this journey is advisable".

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