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Joanna Bristow Watkins

Ancient Egyptians called their land KHEMIT (pronounced KHEMPT, meaning the black land due to the silt from the Nile) and their language was known as Souf.  The name EGYPT was derived from the Greeks, who occupied the land around 500 BC;  a stone tablet in Memphis gave tribute to the land Hit Ka Ptah (which became Hi-gi-ptos = Egypt) which meant place of the image of Ptah.  Ptah was a prominent deity at Memphis in the Old Kingdom (2700-2100 BC).

The Greeks regarded Egypt as the font of all knowledge, hence the word Philosophy, derived from Philo - Souf, meaning son of the Egyptian Culture.

The word pyramid is also Greek, meaning what is on the horizon.  The Khemitian name for pyramid is Per-Neter meaning House of Nature or even House of the Gods.  Most pyramids, and certainly the three main ones at Giza, were never built as burial chambers (for example the sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid is larger than the entrance to the chamber) but as places of worship, to be at one with nature and the universe.    Built on a massive clockwise white light energy spiral, it was most likely used as an initiation chamber following twelve years of study into the Left Eye of Horus Mystery School and twelve years with the Right Eye of Horus Mystery School.  Initiates meditated out on the spiral for between two-and-a-half and four days, returning to their bodies with an expanded consciousness and understanding of unity.  Traces of a white powder secreted, by the pituitary gland through the forehead, when the Theta state level of meditation is reached, have been found in some of these sarcophagi.  A few initiates found the experience so wonderful that they decided not to return to their bodies and died in the process but it was their choice.  The Queens Chamber was used to energetically stabilise the initiates after their return.

Hakim believes that the Sphinx was built over 54,000 years ago, and the Pyramids at Giza around 13,000 years ago, using technology far in advance of what we know today.  Essentially, they used sonar cutting equipment facilitating precision engineering and built anti-gravitational devices which enabled them to lift great weights effortlessly. 

The Khemitian population comprised 42 different tribes who together made up the Sesh.  Some of the tribes may have been survivors from Atlantis and possibly Lemuria, who escaped the destruction of their lands using Merkaba technology.  Khemit was a Matriarchal society with authority being passed down from mother to daughter; only the identity of the mother can be guaranteed.

Life was viewed as a cycle, connected with the sun which was born every morning in the East and set every night in the West.  Nut - the Goddess of the Sky - was said to be give birth to the sun in the mornings and swallow it at night.  During the hours of darkness the sun disc was said to travel the Dwat - or void - until it was reborn.   The cycle of life was seen as being similar, with no fear attached to either the beginning or end.  The Khemitians had no word for death in their language.  A dying person was said to be Westing.

It was also believed that we all have the capacity for 360 senses, rather than the five senses that we acknowledge.  These other senses are re-awakened by self-empowerment activities including positive intent, meditation, healing energies, attunements and by pilgrimages to key sacred sites.  All of these activities raise our vibratory rate and therefore act as triggers for clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and much more that cannot be readily identified by current levels of understanding.  These senses can also be empowered by the elements.  We are said to be over 90% water.  Maya (also the name of a major ancient civilisation) and Ankh were both Khemitian words used for water.  The Ankh was also the key to everlasting life.  An old expression said she has life, she has water, she is water.

The Egyptian five pointed star represented the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.  Reyad means Elemental, like a little piece of Heaven - the source of the Cosmic Spirit - Chi, Prana or whatever we wish to call it.  He said that the meaning of the word vibrationally within you is much greater than any definition.

The 5 pointed star also represented the five stages of the sun during the day and the five stages of life: Dawn known as Kheper (the scarab), high noon known as Ra (the ram), the afternoon sun was Oon (the wise), full afternoon sun Aten (the wiser) and finally at dusk Amen (the hidden or veil).

From time-to-time Joanna escorts some Journeys to Egypt, UK and other sacred sites through Harmnony Journeys.

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