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Joanna Bristow Watkins Harmony Healing Director

Review of the 10 day Fibonacci Sacred Sites of Egypt - May 2005 

There have been amazing Harmony Journeys to Egypt in January 2004, September 2004, May 2005, January 2009 and April 2009.

The political situation in Egypt remains volatile and although, in fact, reports indicate that access to Sacred Sites and tourist centres is better than ever due to reduced visitor numbers, it makes it difficult to arrange tours as we cannot easily estimate costs when tour demand is so difficult to predict.  I am however, always open to organisng a tour or request, as I have personally travelled to Egypt during Gulf Wars and other times of tension in the Middle East without any problems whatsoever.

People often request a review of previous tours to give a flavour of the itinerary, so here's a review of the 2005 Harmony Journeys trip.  At this time, my elderly Egyptian Mentor, Hakim, was still alive and interacted with the group throughout. The tour took place 29th April to 8th May 2005 and it was fantastic. I must say I feel so privileged to have led such a wonderful group of individuals.  Despite the reputation of Egypt for tummy bugs, no-one missed anything on the packed 10 day schedule due to ill-health!

Once again we meditated between the paws of the Sphinx and made it into all the chambers of the Great Pyramid.  Everybody took turns to lie in the Sarcophagus (if they wanted to) and have their name harmoniously sung to them and we also took perfect 5th tuning forks into the Kings Chamber and chanted Hekau (Egyptian mantras or power words) as well as singing the Melchisadec chant, which always sounds so beautiful with the acoustics in this incredible chamber.  In the Lower Chamber, one of our party, who has always suffered claustrophobia and fear of the dark, made it into the 4th dimensional tunnel on her own without a torch! Later eight others joined her and as this is renowned for being somewhere thoughts manifest, we put maximum effort into wishing the world would become a better place - soon …

We also made it into Abu Gurab, the source of the Fibonacci spiral for an early morning meditation and spent the high energy 05/05/05 (Ascension Day no less on the Christian Calendar) at the wonderful Tel El Amarna, where once again we were not disappointed.

Here the newly finalised Reyad Sekh Em Level Three initiations were undertaken for the first time, facing the East towards the brilliant sun.  Even as the first initiate approached for their attunement to Oon (The third stage, meaning Wise) extra information was being channelled advising that the recipient should stand in the shape of the 5 pointed star (like the Leonardo Da Vinci Canon) whilst the attunements were carried out.

A second attunement to Thoth was conducted at another energy hotspot.  I was elated by the feedback, all candidates were overwhelmed by the experience and have gone on to rave about the benefits and thoroughly enjoy the follow-up theory and practical day.

Level Three concentrated on the Khemitian (Ancient Egyptian) view of man’s nine energy bodies and how these interact with nine recognised dimensions, key Khemitian Deities, detecting and removing etheric devices (Melchisadec Devices, sacred truth deterrents and past life energy constructs (Harmony Services, Training under Etheric Encodements) and how removing them opens up Axiatonal Lines (a Higher Self meridian system) facilitating faster progress along the spiritual path.  Full with eight participants, plus one attending remotely in Canada having had the attunements in Egypt, I found immediate sebsequent demand for another Level Three course series after my return.

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