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Joanna Bristow Watkins Harmony Healing Director

Review of previous UK Heart Chakra Tour 18th - 25th June 2005

We stayed in charming mews cottages (converted stables) with self catering facilities (bed and continental breakfast) in an ideal location within a few miles of Stonehenge. In a lovely, quiet country location the setting is perfect for mini workshops, meditations and performing the sort of global miracles we require.

The cost was £650 per person (twin share) including: -

  • Transfers from London Heathrow Airport for overseas participants
  • 7 nights accommodation as detailed above and the following activities/tours led by Joanna Bristow-Watkins: -
  • Experiencing the Summer Solstice within the confines of Stonehenge itself;
  • Visit to Glastonbury, taking in Chalice Wells, The Tor (with meditation at portal location) and The Abbey (if time);
  • Visit to Avebury stone circle (including meditational procession along the Michael Ley-Line to the star gate as in ancient times), West Kennett Longbarrow and Silbury Hill;
  • Crop Circles if available (this is the very start of the Crop Circle Season);
  • Healing share sessions; mini-workshops and angelic meditations.
  • Talk from Andy Thomas, Author and respected Crop Circle Expert.

Two people opted to study Reyad Sekh Em Egyptian healing initiations and courses on location (including Avebury) during the week.

For the UK Heart Chakra Tour (18th – 25th June) we were based at a converted stables in Britford, near Salisbury.  It proved a lovely setting with a private enclosed English Cottage Garden and fantastic weather all week until the last day.

On Sunday, we had fun adventures at Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Wells, contemplating angelic channellings in the sunshine.  On Monday we went to Old Sarum, for what we expected to be a brief visit, after four hours we left having completed a very powerful spontaneous ceremony where 4 pillars of light were created by merging our heart chakra energies.  We connected the pillars so that there was a tube contained within the circle and then we projected as much love and light into the tube as we could and imagined it radiating out across the world.

Next we visited Salisbury Cathedral and later that night we had perfect weather for the Solstice at Stonehenge.  Even though we arrived after 2 a.m. (dawn was at 4.57) we moved effortlessly through 21,000 crowd and were amazed to find enough space for all seven of us at the spot we had identified between the heel stone and the stone circle.  We also got the final parking slot on the end of a row, so we were able to leave really quickly afterwards.

We spent the next day enjoying an informative and stimulating talk from Andy Thomas (a well respected Crop Circle Author) and later we went to investigate some first hand.  We found two next to each other where donation boxes indicated that crop circle visitors would be welcomed (or at least tolerated) and spent a couple of hours getting the ‘feel’ of them.  Later we decided to go to Silbury Hill (near Avebury) for the sunset, but slow service at our chosen restaurant meant we arrived at the top of the Hill just after the sun had gone behind the horizon, but the colour of the sky was breath-taking.  We decided to stay and watch the stars and night sky emerge and had a great view of Jupiter and Venus with Andy’s binoculars.  As we were about to leave, we noticed the moon rising up from the horizon, it was incredible as the moon was about the size of the sun. We knew it had been a full moon that morning but were unaware at that time that this was apparently the biggest full moon for a very long time.  Again this seemed to be synchronicity as we subsequently found out that whereas Stonehenge was aligned to the sun, Avebury was aligned to the feminine moon energies, so thanks to the delay at the restaurant we had once again stumbled upon the perfect combination.

Thursday was a course day for those studying Reyad Sekh Em Level 2 and a brief overview of Merkaba Lightbody technology.

On Friday we returned to Avebury, this time in the pouring rain (on and off).  We got pretty wet going to the West Kennett Longbarrow and enjoyed a moving angelic channelling from Matriel – angel of rain.  We met up with Kerry Blower from White Horse Recording Studios who fascinated us with her personal tale of how she came to be living in Avebury and how she likes to record spiritual projects with healers and therapists more or less exclusively.  We briefly visited the Sanctuary and finished our Avebury tour with a bare footed meditative walk along the Michael Ley-Line to the Star-gate and felt the tingling after effects of the two-way energy exchange between our feet and Mother Earth – a great culmination to our trip which finished early the next day.

If you are interested in future tours, which will be similar, please e-mail Jo to make an early registration.  See below for a review of the 2003 tour.

2003 Heart Chakra Tour Review

On 16th August 2003, we returned from a UK Tour to the Sacred Triangle (Avebury, Amesbury and Glastonbury), often viewed as the Heart Chakra of the World, to coincide with a major portal opening on 12th August that year.

Joanna's comments were as follows: -

Well last week was amazing - 27 of us spent about 9 hours in Avebury on the 12th (good job it wasn't so hot that day) starting (for the keen ones) at 3.15 by Silbury Hill where we saw what looked like at least two UFO's circling and had a great view of Mars* by the light of the Full Moon.  It was truly magical and I think we were very nearly sucked through the star-gate at one point!  Always good to add a bit of excitement.  I had a phone interview that afternoon for BBC local radio Drive Time and wished I had had a bit more sleep beforehand as I was desperately trying to sound coherent!

*  Mars proximity on the 27th August that year was supposedly closer than it has been to Earth for about 70,000 years, more about this under channellings.

The week also included 2 hours giving attunements at Stonehenge, meditating at crop circles, at Glastonbury egg where the veil between dimensions are thinnest and Shaftesbury Abbey - it's easy to forget how many sacred sites we have on our doorstep ...

Almost everybody was able to experience the astral journeys and other time warping journeys.  We had a Shaman with us who drummed us through a Shamanic Journey which took me back to an underground lake which seems more familiar every time. I enjoyed the week particularly because it was a balance of leading sessions and being able to enjoy other people's sessions.  We also had 'healing shares' where we were looking for and removing Atlantean Devices and past life auric memories.  I was astounded to find that having performed such sessions on people the recipients were in fact then able to detect them in others (see Therapists Technique course for details of how you can experience this).

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