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What's the Big Deal About Metaphors? What the Metaphors You Use Reveal About You.

Next date TBA, 10am - 4pm, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 3BH.

Cost: £75 

Helpers, Healers, Teachers, Coaches, Mentors, anyone who helps others - What is the Big Deal About Metaphor?

We use metaphors all the time, both consciously and unconsciously every day in our verbal language, gesticulations, movements and behaviour. What we don't realise is what clues they are giving to outsiders about ourselves. We can learn to 'listen out for' and 'read' these metaphors to glean insights about our clients and colleagues.

This will be an eye-opening (there's a great metaphor), collaborative and fun workshop which will enable you to communicate with others more effectively.

To enable us to maximise our personalised interaction with the participants, thus sharing tools for each attendee to use in the future, we are offering this pioneering workshop to no more than 10 people. 

Metaphor is how the Unconscious relates to and expresses reality.

Hear what your client is saying Consciously and Unconsciously through metaphors and make help and healing more powerful. 

This event was to have been a collaboration beween Joanna Bristow-Watkins and Arthur Partridge (known as Aypee).  However, sadly Aypee died suddenly on 22nd December.  We have decided that we will go ahead with the workshop as a tribute to Aypee's expertise, but it will now be a collaboration between Joanna Bristow-Watkins and Geoff Rolls; an expert Metaphor practitioner who taught Aypee kinesiology.

We will show you how using metaphor can quickly and easily improve life for your clients. How to:

  • Help your clients to understand why they are stuck in repeated behaviour patterns and aid their aches, pains and chronic conditions
  • Produce a framework for releasing blocked emotions and reboot their life plan
  • Free them from their distractions and get them to feel good, no matter what.
  • Access their commitment, satisfaction, happiness, contentment, increase their resilience and confidence.

“Over the past 30+ years, it has become clear that metaphor is not simply a literary phenomenon; metaphorical thinking underlies the way we make sense of the world conceptually. It governs how we think and how we talk about our day-to-day lives.” …
Researchers at the School of Critical Studies, Glasgow University.

"The ‘metaphor transfer effect’ undoubtedly affects our feelings".
The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

“Like any science, psychology depends on making links from the known to the unknown. Throughout the history of psychology, metaphors have proved an invaluable way of gaining purchase on the unobservables of human cognition. Indeed, a history of metaphors of mind might look very much like a history of psychology.”
The British Psychological Society Report

We will show you how to use metaphor in your therapies, coaching and healing to quickly and easily improve life for your clients and this can be implemented in your daily life to improve your interaction with others.
Two very different trainers. Two very different styles. One simple technique to share.

Only £75

Joanna Bristow-Watkins from Harmony Healing

Joanna is an Egyptian Alchemy healer & teacher, esoteric writer and presenter, Sacred Site escort and past life reader. She is a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine.

With over 15 years in senior management specialising in customer care, Jo overcame her initial scepticism and became a teacher of Egyptian Healing and leader of spiritual pilgrimages. This led to the development of Reyad Sekh Em®, a form of healing endorsed by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). More at Harmony Healing/About Joanna

Joanna's commercial background gives her a broad and versatile understanding from both the employer and employee perspective. Able to effectively tune-in to people, she has extended her perceptive skills to identify patterns and metaphors in diverse circumstances. As well as helping individuals find new purpose, Joanna is an ideal consultant to corporate management looking for 'outside-the-box' thinking.

Geoff Rolls, 

An award-winning learning and development practitioner, Geoff has worked with businesses in sectors as diverse as Education, Finance, IT, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Retail and even a Multi-World Championship winning Formula 1 racing team. Qualifying as a Coach in 2003, Geoff is a Coach Trainer on the Accredited Diploma course at Thoughtitude. Geoff is also a Touch for Health Kinesiology Consultant and PRISM Brain mapping practitioner, using neuroscience in coaching.

In 2005, Geoff became a member of Paul McKenna’s, Dr Richard Bandler's and John La Valle's NLP Life Training in London. In 2008, he met Aypee and found him “a phenomenal character, thinker and facilitator”. Geoff became one of his NLP Trainers and then his Touch for Health Kinesiology Instructor. It was whilst learning Touch for Health Kinesiology that Geoff first encountered the power of metaphors. “We started using words to effect change in the body. Previously, we had been using neuro-lymphatic massage, neuro-vascular holding points, spinal reflexes, muscle origins and insertions to balance the flow of qi around the body. We applied some 111 metaphors to different Chinese elements including Faith/Worldview, Emotions and Personal Power. There are countless metaphors that impact on how you live, how you’re affected by stress and the body’s ability to remain in balance.”

When Geoff met Aypee, the power of Metaphors really resonated with him and in testimony to AyPee’s passion for this field it gives Geoff great pleasure to share knowledge that can help you on a daily basis, when you observe, listen and witness more around you.

Arthur Partridge from AyPeeCo Ltd

Jo Aypee and bucketWhen Joanna met ‘Aypee’ back in the summer of 2017, they soon realised that they both used metaphors constantly in their everyday lives and that it was the major tool they each used with their clients. Following a Winter Solstice dawn gong bath on 21st December, they were posing for promotional photos for this metaphor workshop. There was a bucket down by their feet and the photographer said 'mind you don't kick the bucket, Aypee'. He laughed, picked it up and included it in the photo. The next day, as Joanna started promoting - using the photo - he actually did 'kick the bucket for real' a fatal heart attack; Joanna felt it was as if he was making a final point about how accurate metaphors can be.  He always was a massive joker!

He had originally suggested this workshop and it was felt that he would want it to go ahead as Metaphors was his main focus in life.

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 Pay by payPal (£75 + £2.39 Admin fee): 

You can save the PayPal fee by making an online bank transfer for £75 to bank account name: Harmony Healing, A/C no: 70660345, sort code 20-90-56, using ref Metaphor + your name.

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