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Book & Card Box Set, £75+P&P

Angela McGerr Love & Light Angel CardsThe third/final of the trilogy of Angel Card sets, which can be used completely separately, or together for a full and deep angelic guidance reading covering past, present, future. RRP £9.99, limited reserves available, we have found one more signed copy which we are selling for £75 plus postage and packing. Due to the value of the book, these are now sent fully tracked and insured.  Please advise if you would rather collect from London or Surrey.

This Love & Light Angel Card set is based around the Sacred Eden Tree of Oneness and its mighty Guardians: Shekinah (earthly self, heart, happiness) and Metatron (spiritual self and soul). 

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The first 24 Shekinah cards focus on Heart Quest - self-healing and achieving the first five subtle energy centre aspects of wholeness, with 12 guidance angels and 12 Angelic Colour Healing cards. The healing cards are set in Templa Mar. This is the timeless, etheric Temple of Healing that we can access through higher heart. The second 24 Metatron cards focus on Soul Quest, determining where you are on Soul Quest, and how to progress further towards the Angel Star Gates. When you are One with the Sacred Eden Tree your roots lie in the heart of Mother Earth and Below, with Shekinah, your heart is in Templa Mar and your crown touches the 44:44 Angel Star Gate of the Heart and Above with Metatron. Using the Metatron cards allows you (if ready) to access this and many other Star Gates, retrieving your own ancient wisdom and offering it to aid All as we move through personal towards planetary Ascension.Boxed Card set + instruction book. Signed by Angela unless we advise you that we are out of signed stock. It may be possible to put a personalised message, please advise the date by which they are needed.

USA readers may find this card set available at their local Barnes & Noble Store, though this is now unlikely.

Emmanuelle, our angel e-course mentor based in Germany, was one of the first to receive them. Here's her review:

"This set is a absolutely amazing, I can not keep my hands off it! What I especially love about this set is that it is accessible and easy to work with. You can work with one card at a time, two cards or all the cards. I love that I can just go to Templa Mar for color healing or pick one of Shekinah's card and apply the suggested healing as indicated in the little book. Regardless of where you are on your self-healing journey, this set is appropriate for beginners and advanced learners alike. The angels will take you to the appropriate level."


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