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Joanna Bristow Watkins Harmony Healing Director

Mineral Deficiencies

Approximately 99% of the body is comprised of minerals, yet minerals are generally overlooked when nutrition is considered even though vitamins are basically useless without them. Gary Price Todd, M.D., says the human body needs at least 60 trace minerals in order to maintain a disease and ailment free state but foods grown today commonly contain no more than 18. This is due to a mineral deficiency in the soils around the world. In prehistoric times, soil contained approximately 80 minerals. However, millions of years of wind and rain erosion and centuries of unwise farming have drastically reduced the mineral content of the earth's surface. According to Dr. Todd, minerally deficient soils produce sick plants, which in time produce sick animals and ultimately sick human beings. Dr. Linus Pauling, two times Nobel Laureate, said that every sickness, every disease and every ailment could be traced to a mineral deficiency.

Sizzling Minerals - available from UK based Simply Naturals, provide up to 75 trace minerals. It is also plant derived, containing the same kind of hydrophilic minerals that are found in fruits and vegetables. This type of mineral is unlike metallic minerals obtained from soil or ground up rocks. Metallic minerals have a positive electrical charge whereby plant minerals have a negative charge, which makes them easier for the body to digest. Today's environment of polluted atmosphere, toxic chemicals, toxic emissions and contaminated water can alter the functions of one's body on a day-to-day basis. Plant derived minerals can help regulate these alterations.

Link to Simply Naturals Website - see below for help with placing an order.

Link to Simply Naturals Brochure to request further details and testimonials plus a sample.

Simply Naturals produce a range of health supplements and also offer a wonderful business opportunity for therapists - or indeed anyone with an insufficient income or pension plan - retailing ethically produced and good quality products for wellbeing management.

Joanna Bristow-Watkins and her immediate family have all taken Sizzling Minerals on a daily basis since 2005 and are convinced that it has been beneficial. Having spent over 10 years in the health and wellbeing industry, Joanna is a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine (Member Number 00708751).

Help with ordering online - if needed

You may well find it all very self explanatory, but just in case:

When you first go into, you will be asked to click on the UK flag to ensure you are charged in UK sterling. Sometimes a window comes up asking if you want a free book, and the 'I'm not a robot' recaptcha feature may not work (this could be one of the remaining glitches with the new website), in which case just say 'no thanks not interested' to that. 

The welcome image has a 'buy now' button.  If you click on that, then the first image shows sizzling minerals (displayed at £19.99 which is before VAT is added) and if you click on the image, the various flavours are listed in a drop down box.  The supply comes as two tubes containing 15 mineral lozenges in each, so you can have two tubes of the same flavour or two different ones.  The natural flavours taste a bit like Alka Seltzer and are the preferred choice for my mum who likes to minimise additives!  Just add your choice to the basket and then go to the cart and register as a new customer.

The system will assume that you want the autoship version i.e. the box is already ticked ( Check this box and you will automatically begin receiving the above products monthly.)  So you will need to untick it for a one-off order and the rate will go up from £23.98 to £28.97.  

As it takes 3-6 months for some people to feel the full benefits, we usually recommend the auto-ship which can be cancelled at any time.

If you do encounter any problems ordering, just contact me.

Please note, the Simply Naturals office and warehouse is manned Monday - Friday only.

The price includes free postage to your door if living on the UK


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