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Past Lives; Future Impact

Dressed up in Tudor clothes august 2016Some years ago, soon after qualifying as an Egyptian energy-healing therapist, I was invited to the home of Susan, a homeopathic vet.  In an effort to clear some 'stuck energy', which she believed was the spirit of a previous resident, we placed some powerful symbols in the air and felt the energy shift quite palpably.  Afterwards, as I was giving Susan a healing, she suddenly exclaimed "I am in a young Roman boy in a field, you are with me, we are picking herbs for use with our clients.  It is a beautiful sunny day, no clouds in the sky."

She may have listed some herbs, but I wasn't listening to the detail; I was stunned. Could it be that Susan was experiencing a spontaneous Past Life memory?  I hadn't been told that this was a possible consequence of a healing.  At the time, I actually felt a bit panicky, what if I couldn't cope?  What did she mean by 'you are with me'?  The session opened a 'can of worms' and I was going to have look into it!

I'd never really thought much about re-incarnation at that time, I wasn't a believer or disbeliever. Brought up in the Church of England, but not a regular church goer, I considered myself a Gnostic - a believer in the existence of a 'Creator' (and that Jesus and other 'Prophets' had most likely lived and delivered their parallel messages) - and sympathetic to a myriad of religions at core level, but not a 'follower' of any.  I remembered a couple of strange experiences in my childhood, a visit to Bangkok, aged 9, with my sister then 13, when we insisted to our father that we had visited the Emerald Buddha Temple before and seemed to know the layout with uncanny familiarity.  Another episode when I was 18, I was working part-time in my father's travel agency and was offered an 'educational' trip to Israel.  The trip involved a walk along the The Via Dolorosa; the route that Christ took carrying the cross on his shoulders before his crucifixion.  I was inexplicably moved to tears for the entire journey.

The experience with Susan led me to investigate what proof, if any, there was for re-incarnation and more to the point, Past Life recall.

In her book Yesterday's ChildrenJenny Cockell, from Northampton, was haunted from early childhood by memories of her 'past' life as Mary Sutton, living in rural Ireland; even including her 1930's death shortly after giving birth to her eighth child.  As a small child, she drew maps/plans of where Mary lived and following painstaking research and past life regression, she was able to pinpoint the village.  After further research and a visit to Ireland, she was finally able to trace two of the 'children' from her former life as Mary. Although a practising Catholic and therefore against the principle of re-incarnation, Mary's oldest son, Sonny, felt a strong bond and recognition immediately on meeting her. He then verified that many of the 'memories' Jenny recounted involved details never divulged to anyone and known only to him, his siblings and his late mother.

Further empirical data is supplied by the late Dr Ian Stevenson, an American scientist who compiled an amazing amount of circumstantial evidence for reincarnation. He spent decades tracking down over 2,000 children who demonstrated memories of a 'previous life'. Situated mainly in Lebanon and rural India, where re-incarnation within one or two generations is accepted as fact, many were able to give precise details including their former names and the circumstances surrounding their deaths. Often they can recall the names of friends and family, several of whom Dr Stevenson traced through birth records. Many knew intimate details known only to the deceased's family.

Furthermore, follow-up studies were witnessed by Tom Shroder, a sceptical journalist, who accompanied Dr Stevenson and subsequently evaluated his research. 

Intriguingly, Dr Stevenson found that some of these children displayed birthmarks or deformities reminisent of the injury that killed them in their former life. The case of Daniel Jirdi, in war-torn Lebanon, is typical.

From the age of two, Daniel repeatedly proclaimed to his 'birth parents' that he was not their son and theirs was not his home. He insisted that he was Rashid Khaddege, only son of Muntaha and Naim, who died of a head wound after being thrown out of a car following a high-speed crash. He recalls onlookers rushing over and saying "leave this one, he's dead".

Daniel would give his name as Rashid at school, such that the school contacted his mother about it, but she didn't tell them the full story until they called again to say that he made a suggestive comment to an attractive young teacher at school and pinched her bottom. Apparently, acting much more mature than their physical age is another common feature in these cases. Interestingly, Daniel was born with a lemon-shaped lump on his head, which was concerning enough for the birth parents to take him for a check-up. It disappeared after 3 months.

Daniel has since met the Khadegge family, convincing Rashid's mother and sisters that he is Rashid reborn. He even remarked about a jumper that Muntaha was knitting for him when he died. She unpicked it and knitted a tiny jumper for Daniel! Daniel has identified several relatives and friends of Rashid's and given personal details about each of them. He has confronted his cousin Ibrahim, who's bad driving caused the fatal crash. Now adult himself, Daniel, who was born three years after Rashid died, now has children of his own, and together with his wife, they regularly visit Rashid's former home seeing them all as extended family. Rashid's mother proudly displays pictures of Daniel's family and his birth parents seem to accept the situation, as re-incarnation is part of their culture.

Many Past Life Regression Therapists have presented transcripts from client sessions, which ultimately lead to new discoveries; unknown at the time the session was taped. Joanna Prentice has co-written a book on the life of the Essenes, derived from data noted from clients undergoing hypnosis, who remember a life concurrent with Jesus Christ. One of these recorded hypnosis sessions referred to a place within the ancient settlement of Qumran, which at that time had not been excavated, but has since been discovered. The book features revelations about Joseph of Arimathea (Jesus's uncle) being a metal merchant, causing him to make regular visits to the Cornish tin mines with his nephew in tow. Indeed, the book suggests that Jesus's heritage may have included some Celtic ancestry and that he may have undergone some training with practising Druids at that time.

Following my bizarre and unexpected encounter with Susan's 'Past Life' recall, I subsequently encountered 'Past Life' visions with other clients - and 'remembered' many snippets through dreams and experiences of my own - relating to Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, the Essenes, Shamanic lives of the Americas (North and South), Templars, Cathars, Middle Age Witches and more. I was able to furnish details to some of these through research and even Crystal Skull Readings with accomplished Clairvoyant Edwin Courtney*. I discovered that many of these lives were thought to belong to people whose heritage belonged to the 'Order of Melchisadec' a known lineage of healers through the Millennia. Could it be that I have myself descended from this lineage - that they form part of my ancestry - or might my soul have actually taken these forms in previous incarnations?  Or, maybe my personal interest and training in the healing arts enabled me to tap-into this knowledge through the 'Collective Unconscious', an underused resource which, I believe, is available to anyone.

It is a well-documented Shamanic belief that we may carry in our cellular programming the memory of physical afflictions from one or more past lives and even emotions, particularly connected with our thoughts and beliefs in the dying moments of a previous incarnation.

I also discovered that I had a penchant for 'glimpses' of Past Life images when working on people of all ages. Sometimes I would need only to hear their name  - or read an account of something that had happened to them - to get a snapshot event coming in via all available senses; sights, sounds, smells, emotions. I somehow 'freeze' this image and can later re-examine the initial sensations and even fill in an extraordinary amount of detail, through further consideration and research of similar events. Surprisingly, I wasn't very interested in history at school and now found that I was fascinated with learning to furnish relevant details to my ever-growing catalogue of frozen 'moments in time'.

Frankly it is exciting, tantalising, entertaining. Of course, I have wondered whether I am embellishing this 'glimpse' with my own imagination and story writing ability. It is as if a mini-novel is being compiled. I cannot refute that this might be the case. However, what cannot be denied is the number of times I have stumbled across a set of circumstances, which have an amazing relevance to that person's current life issues. As if the 'historical' setting with either real or fictitious characters, is a perfect metaphor for their life today, explaining many personal life patterns and emotional triggers. By examining the circumstances in this way, somehow remote to their current life situation, the solution can often be found in a less traumatic way.

Naturally I have been asked how this apparent 'knowledge' comes about. I believe that anybody can do this, but like anything practice makes perfect. 

To begin, I offer a telepathic contract between myself, and the person asking for Past Life clarification; let's call him John; on some level, I am invited to decode any messages hanging in his auric field. I then 'tune into' the name and vibration of the person - connecting with the unity consciousness aspect of that person which is therefore in unity with me. In effect, I send a 'probe' from my heart to his, accessing hidden codes in the energy body. It is like the story of the 'message in a bottle'.  A message is written, popped inside a bottle and sent to sea. Once discovered, centuries later, it is like a time-capsule, detailing events from a time long passed.

I then map that energy over my body and read the message as it is sensed. Sometimes these relate to actual areas of pain or discomfort in the physical body of the person for whom I am tuning in, at other times they are emotional (often relating to the final emotions in that life which may have left an imprint on this) or they are metaphors  ...

When a successful 'connection' is made, I feel sensations within my body, which act as clues. I tune-into these sensations (which may last seconds or longer whilst I concentrate on them) and then my own 'glimpse' appears. Interpretation would rely on feedback from John himself (body language, responses to questions) but in the case of a distant 'reading', then it takes form by itself.  It could be a jumble of senses, which I will need to co-ordinate into a sequence of events until a scenario is created.

Sometimes the clue has an obvious linguistic meaning, for example I may see a man running across the top of a high building and flinging himself off. Typically this person will have a personality trait of not facing issues, but always running away. Often there may also be a fear of heights. The same issue on another occasion may involve more detail, I may get a sense that the 'runner' cannot believe who is chasing him to his death, a sense of betrayal is tangible. In this case, there may be an issue with trust in this lifetime.

When I am 'channelling' this sort of information about a person, I have no idea what stream of information is going to come and no time to 'sensor' it before stating some kind of interpretation. It might be an actual past life event or a metaphor invented by my guides (I predominantly work with Angelic energies and Egyptian Deities) to highlight an issue, which needs addressing at that time.

For example, on tuning into Amelia, I felt a pulling sensation under my arm, as if I was hanging from the edge of a cliff, dreading the fall! 

This represented feeling unsupported and afraid of the future and could be corrected by pulling herself up or by letting go and surviving unscathed. Or did she have a preferred solution of her own? Yes, I'd like to fly away but I'm afraid of birds. Uncensored, I blurted "Well I know why that is" which I immediately regretted as I didn't want to elaborate! The audience looked on expectantly, I'd have to explain "Well, I saw this life where your eyes were pecked out by birds!"

"I know" she remarked, "I've seen that myself, I was telling Helen about it this afternoon (gesticulating towards the audience) and about my fear of heights!" I was speechless, maybe, I had 'tapped-into' the earlier conversation rather than an 'actual past life'.

She left a marriage because her partner blocked her spiritual progress.  After years of being alone, she'd embarked on a relationship with a man who seemed compatible, but was now showing an intolerance for her desire to grow spiritually. By imagining herself flying away she could lose her fear of birds and re-pattern her cellular programming, liberating her from repeating this life lesson.

I once looked at Claudia and immediately remarked, "You are like a headless chicken, always juggling lots of activities with no direction". "Yes" she agreed.  I proceeded to etherically (go through the imaginary act) sew her head back on, with invisible needle and thread, the intent being to 'trick' her sub-conscious into accepting that she will no longer need this life pattern. It was very surreal. A few weeks later, I received a tongue-in-cheek but none-the less heartfelt e-mail stating "Since you stitched my neck back on ...ha ha ... it is uncanny because I have felt more grounded and my head actually feels it belongs to my body which was an underlying issue for me."

I recently tuned into Maria in Mexico, via an email she had sent me.  The 'knowing' I received from de-ciphering her auric codes, was that she had a connection with the barbaric 'hung, drawn and quartering' process seemingly unique to our glorious isle! I undertook some research on the grizzly practice. Apparently, victims, were dragged behind a horse, hung until they were almost dead, they were publicly disembowelled, and finally split into four with each quarter being separately buried. Although I felt she had died via this torture, it could simply indicate that she would have physical issues with her throat (or difficulties expressing herself), digestive complications (Crohns Disease, Coeliac or more minor issues such as ulcers, acid reflux etc.) and feel generally fragmented with at least four projects on the go at any one time. Incredibly, all this proved to be the case, as well as the fact that she had actually been 'dragged' behind a horse in this lifetime! This Past Life glimpse - whether a genuine Past Life or not - was a comfort to her as it explained a great deal and she was able to concentrate on re-integrating her soul fragments.

Another lady, Wendy, was 'seen' leading a Macedonian Army to victory during a healing session. Afterwards she was 'found' to have a head injury from her helmet, so we applied healing to the wound. Subsequently, her recurring headaches stopped, but furthermore she felt empowered by our discovery. In her own words "When in my mind's eye I see myself riding the horse, going into the battle, I get this fantastic brave and magnificent feeling of utter strength in my chest. I have already recalled few times and boy it works!!!  I would also like to say that the visualisation I had during the session was sooooo clear; like taking pictures with the best camera."

In my own client therapy sessions, past life images have been coming up more and more. Sometimes I alone get the image and at other times the client is also able to tune into it.

Of course the sceptics view is how can so many people have been 'Cleopatra' and 'King Arthur' and the like. This gives rise to the understandable concern that it is 'ego' that drives people to discover who they may have been in previous lives.

With regard to the issue, over whether hundreds of souls could have been Cleopatra. My view is that, if on one level we are all one, then surely we could all have been Cleopatra! At least we should all be able to access the aspect of 'ourselves' that could have been Cleopatra. Maybe the process is easier if we are personally derived from her soul group.

In other words, when working with a client, a competent past life 'decode', may be able to access a key archetype - sometimes represented by a famous iconic personality - which somehow identifies the key life lesson for that client in that moment in time. However, in my experience, more often than not, the remembered life is mundane but generally sums up a current issue in that person's life, which may need to be resolved.

Past Lives: Future Impact  by Joanna Bristow-Watkins of Harmony Healing, originally written July 2009.
(Pseudonyms are used throughout for client examples)

Yesterday's Children by Jenny Cockell, Paitkus Press, 1993. Not the most well-written book, but a touching account of her relentless search for the children she remembered leaving behind.
Old Souls by Tom Shroder, Simon & Shuster, 1999.  I really enjoyed this book, which I felt was very evocatively written and analysed Dr Ian Stevenson's work thoroughly.
Essenes: Children of the Light, Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis, Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2005. I found this gave fascinating insights into the life of Jesus Christ and his uncle Joseph of Arimathea.

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The Magic of Peru

Carved by the powerful Urubamba River, the Sacred Valley of the Incas in south-eastern Peru is protected by the slopes of the Andes that surround it. The air is warm and humid, crops flourish and the agricultural terraces, originally hewn by the Incas, are still in use today.

The presence of Pachamama, Mother Earth, is strong in this primal landscape and, despite the advent of Catholicism, belief in the goddess and her powers to bring safety and abundance is strong. Before putting up a new building, it’s common practice to make offerings to Pachamama, leaving coca leaves and chicha (traditional corn beer) in the foundations to ensure her blessings.

The Sacred Valley is home to native Quechua people, who depend on Pachamama’s bounty for their survival. They live in adobe dwellings, made from the earth they stand on, and still mostly wear traditional dress, as they tend their fields, working on the time-honoured principle of ayni – ‘today for you, tomorrow for me’.

Many of the Andean people still consider each mountain to be a spiritual entity – an Apu – to be honoured and respected and shamans lead sacred ceremonies to tap into the core essence of the peaks.

In their shadow, throughout the Sacred Valley, are many megalithic temples, immersed in the geo-energetic wisdom of the ancients. Sacsaywaman is a natural power site made with perfectly engineered stones weighing in excess of 300 tonnes. Mysterious carvings adorn the rock, which probably date back thousands of years prior to the Inca Empire.   It is a multi-tiered site with a natural energy vortex on the highest level, which originally housed a water tower reputedly used as a cosmic calendar. Hundreds of the most mysterious machine-like carvings are found in the living rock, some of them resembling petrified waves and I found many children (and adults) were sliding down the stone flumes!  Perhaps this is evidence of an industrial civilization dating thousands of years prior to the Inca Empire.

At Ollantaytambo there are incredibly complex structures constructed from stones weighing over 230 tonnes taken from non-local mines. These fit together with such precision that it’s supposedly impossible to fit a razor blade between them. But how these incredibly heavy and bulky materials were transported across the high altitude peaks is a subject of much speculation; as is the observation that most of the rocks have small raised areas.  One theory proposes that they were used as grips for positioning the stones, I favoured the idea these nodules contain encoded messages that we are yet to decipher.  Another view, also put forward in connection with the Egyptian Pyramids at Giza, hypothesises that these civilizations were able to liquefy the stones and remould them on site.  Ancient sources talk of an acidic substance extracted from jungle plants that actually softened the surface of the rock causing them to bond, so perhaps this technology was available.  Some say the area was a landing pad for the ancient ones, a pre-cataclysmic power spot.  Perhaps the stones were transported by highly advanced aircraft power? 

The highlight of any trip to Peru has to be a visit to the mythical ancient city of light – Machu Picchu – surrounded by the cloud-forested slopes of the Andean foothills as they sweep down towards Amazonia. The ancient sacred site is fed by a grid of powerful natural energies patterned by the surrounding peaks above and from extensive caverns below.

Many cultures have built at Machu Picchu but skilfully-crafted megalithic structures suggest that an ancient, highly advanced people, many thousands of years vanished, were the first to make this their home. Through many millennia, Machu Picchu has served as an initiatory centre for students of a higher learning. On my last trip, the first glimpse of the city and its vast scale simply took my breath away.  The architecture embraces a constant flow of water, which cascades down in gentle stages via carefully chiselled channels.  Water vapour disperses into the air, magnifying the combined elemental forces.  The effect is wonderfully empowering.  I had brought a few crystals with me from home and delighted in finding little nooks and crannies in which to place them; leaving me with a permanent connection. Some of them I placed in the water, enjoying the way they caused the rivulets to deviate slightly.  Synchronicity led me several times to bump into the same few kindred souls in our group with whom I had already connected.  At one point I sneaked into a narrow passage between rocks which I felt had beckoned me in for an impromptu ritual.  As I drifted off into a meditative state, I began to sing and found that my vocals were answered by another of these folk who had crept into the same gap from a different direction!  I had a strong sense of a tunnel, like a deep lift shaft, being created miles down into the rock, it felt like an access point to the centre of the Earth. Interestingly, I later discovered that this area was known as the Condor with many mummies having been found here.

The energetic climb to the top of Wayna Picchu, the iconic sugarloaf mountain next to Machu Picchu, is well worthwhile, not only to appreciate the stunning views of the ruins below but also to connect to the powerful energy vortex which runs through this sacred aerie. The climb was more strenuous than I expected and as we all travelled at our own pace, I soon found myself walking alone.  At one point I took a wrong turn and reached a dead end with a branch overhanging a ten foot drop.  I took off my rucksack to assess whether I could successfully negotiate the drop and as I did so, my water bottle slid out of the side pocket and disappeared over the edge of the mountain.  Near the top, there was a tight squeeze through a cave, and emerging the other side I felt a real sense of achievement.  Our climbing party gradually congregated at the top and being situated on a powerful energy vortex, this afforded us an ideal opportunity for reflection and integration of everything to date.  I texted my family at home, amazingly after two attempts I got a signal! 

One member of our group was determined to climb down a back route to the Moon Temple, a stunning example of Inca stonework aligned with the Pleiades.  The rest of us dithered at first, fearing that the diversion might cause us to miss the last bus back to our base at Aguas Calientas.  However, we had not come this far to miss such an exciting opportunity. 

The climb was steep, difficult and tiring and at one point a narrow vertical ladder was set into the rock; having lost my water I soon felt parched.  Eventually we reached the Moon Temple and grouped together in the cave at the back.  We all held a moonstone crystal with our right hands, to charge it with our combined energies, and found that we were swaying in an anti-clockwise circle which felt really powerful.  I slipped climbing up to a high shelf where I planned to leave it and scraped my wrist.  Afterwards we went back outside to create a wheel, placing our heads together so that our bodies formed spokes.  Spontaneously we found ourselves singing and chanting.

Soon the air was spangled with energy and we all felt fantastic.  More people joined our wheel, some of whom were not with our group, so that it kept expanding.  We didn’t want to move, but realised we had better return for the bus.  We hadn’t realised that the Moon Temple was well below Machu Picchu, so we needed to climb up again before hiking back down to the ruins.  It required major effort, I called on Archangel Michael to give me strength.  I asked around if anyone had spare water.   One lady, who had less than most, offered me half of her remaining supplies, I gratefully accepted.  We got back half an hour after the last bus should have left, but amazingly one was waiting, thank you angels …

In the midst if the Sacred Valley nestles Willka T’ika, a yoga retreat and guest house created and run by Carol Cumes, author of Journey to Machu Picchu – Spiritual Wisdom from the Andes. Willka T’ika, which means ‘sacred flower’ in the Quechua language, is built completely from local natural materials. The rooms are scattered around lush organic gardens, full of medicinal herbs and fragrant flowers, which are regularly visited by hummingbirds.

Connected by meandering flower-lined pathways and arches draped with fuchsias and honeysuckle are seven sacred gardens, each representing one of the energy centres of the body. The imagery used is a combination of Andean and Asian, reflecting the fascinating fact that the traditional Andean belief system recognises the same chakras as yoga, and other eastern philosophies. There is also a huge spiral garden, which Carol felt directed by nature to create. Originally intended to facilitate walking meditation, the swirl soon also became a plant hospital, as the staff discovered that ailing plants quickly began to flourish when moved into this energetic position. There’s also an organic garden where fresh vegetables are harvested daily for sumptuous gourmet vegetarian meals, and there’s always an array of fresh herbs and hot water available to make delicious healing infusions to sip during the day.

In a secluded nook there are outdoor pools where you can bathe in solar-heated water infused with salt from the local Incan mines and healing herbs and petals. Lying in the warm, aromatic water, with either the sunlight and mountain views surrounding you or the phenomenal starlight of the Andean night above you is a deeply healing experience. The centre also has a crystal bed, which Carol brought back from Brazil after her stay with the legendary healer João de Deus, which is reputed to have amazing healing powers. As well as Andean massages and other therapies, there’s a purpose designed yoga studio, fully equipped with mats, belts and blankets. Guests are free to use the facilities at will, and can take the equipment out into the garden or one of the cosy round rooms if they prefer.

Through the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund, Carol has also maintained contact and support with local mountain village schools where the children still wear traditional dress.  Weather permitting, we are privileged to visit the schools.

Willka T’ika is the main base for Harmony Journeys trips to the Sacred Valley, allowing guests time to take advantage of this inspiring place and fully absorb the life-changing experiences that seem to be part of any trip to this mystical land.  We hope you will join us and discover the magic of Peru for yourselves.


The Magic of Peru, by Joanna Bristow-Watkins with Kathryn McCann, was first published in Paradigm Shift Magazine in October 2006


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