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Joanna Bristow Watkins

ETHERIC ENCODEMENTS by  Joanna Bristow-Watkins, written July 2005 (updated August 2008/June 2018)

Sometimes I wonder what a strange quirk of fate led me to spend much of my time on such bizarre activities. I am fully aware that some of the less unorthodox activities I undertake would have challenged my own belief system not long ago. I therefore recommend that you read this with an open mind.  Whilst I consider myself lucid and well-informed, this after all, is only my opinion and if it does not resonate with you I am in no way offended.   Try not to dismiss it all, put the incredible on one side and see if more information transpires that will shed new light on the issues.  Some of you will find that the ideas presented here will help to clarify all sorts of unanswered questions.

I have identified several types of encodements, sometimes called etheric blocks/devices or energy constructs, which may be hostile or non-hostile.  The term etheric means that they exist on a non-physical level, although they may manifest in physical discomfort. They predominantly fall into three categories: Melchisadec/Atlantean devices, sacred truth deterrents and past life constructs. 

They can be quite tricky to remove at first, but it gets easier with practice.  The first thing I do is beam in a telepathic thought that I am determined to remove it - I’m sure that these devices have a degree of sentience of their own - or perhaps they retain a memory or echo of the thought pattern of the person who placed it there.

Occasionally I find hostile energetic implants; however, these are much rarer than the non-hostile ones.  When I come across them I simply follow the guidance I am given; trusting intuitive messages about how and why to remove them in a particular sequence.  I don’t think I have ever found one other than in group healing situations; perhaps group support is needed to safely diffuse them or maybe fear driven thoughts within the group energy field caused them to be detected or to manifest in the first place.

Melchisadec (Melchizedek) Atlantean Devices

These are generally non-hostile energetic constructs and are activated in response to a vibrational imbalance between the physical body and the spiritual energy body.  Dismantling this etheric structure seems to remove a block in psychic development (frequently the person feels stuck on their spiritual path) and often activates a circlet around the top of the head with an etheric crystal over the third eye. This is an emblem of the order of Melchisadec (an ancient priesthood order now re-grouping for global healing action) and often enhances psychic growth.

They are called Melchisadec Atlantean Devices because they occur in members of the Order of Melchisadec Priesthood who were incarnate in Atlantis and dedicated to the veneration and anchoring of the Melchisadec energy, the spiritual presence on the planet. Members generally have a strong connection with Egypt, the Essenes (including the era when Jesus lived), Rosecrucians, Knights Templars and Cathars, Native American and other Shamanism and various Eastern religious healing orders.

 In Atlantis there were several different factions of the Order of Melchisadec.  Melchisadec was the first angel to be created as a direct emanation of the Divine Source; a direct expression of God’s Love.  Melchisadec is considered, by many, to be to the angelic kingdom what Christ is to mankind and that the Melchisadec energy is a bridging consciousness that connects the rest of the angelic continuum with the Divine.  Melchisadec is also often considered to be the Womb of the Divine through which the entire angelic kingdom was born.  This is why the sacred geometric shape attributed to Melchisadec is the prism, symbolic of the Loving energy that shone through Melchisadec and became the angelic continuum. 

Each of these factions handled different emanations or expressions of the vast Melchisadec power upon the planet.  Common to all was the empowerment; transmissions of energy from the Angel itself which enabled them to perform their allotted tasks.  These transmissions could lead to transformations within their mental, emotional and physical bodies, but were inconsistent as certain constructs of energy actually regulated growth, ensuring that the evolution took place in a healthy and beneficial harmony, without unbalancing the body or creating dangerous diversions. Without these constructs, the sudden spurts in cellular vibration (resulting from a surge in spiritual understanding) could seriously harm the physical capabilities of the body, which had no way of channelling this rush of extra energy.

These constructs were introduced during the rituals and initiations of the Melchisadec Priesthood and lay dormant until the host reached a key stage of spiritual evolution and was ready for a new transmission of energy from the Angels. Physical symptoms could include problems down one side of the body especially hips, knee and ankles (not necessarily all three) and sometimes a minor version on the opposite side.  They could major on either side of the body, depending on the male/female balance within the host.  These devices are usually also connected into one or more of the chakras, often terminating at the third eye. This is why, when they are removed by appointed representatives of the Order, the coronet of Melchisadec around the brow is activated.  This is happening more as we experience periodic increases in global vibration rate, significant planetary alignments, powerful numerological dates and other triggers. In a sense, this can be seen as a summoning of all the old members of this Order who are ready to move into their next evolutionary state and download the new energies of this great angelic force to the planet.  Although there are different strands of this knowledge, the key thing is that this gathering is happening – now. It is important to recognise this and to reach out to these people, to inform them of the truths that are coming their way. And once they know that they are part of the ancient Melchisadec Order, to help them define their spiritual path and utilise the energy that they feel flowing through them.

The main structures tend to be either in the upper torso (generally shoulder/heart) or lower down (foot/ankle/knee) and resemble wires or chains anchored by rods, plates or bolts at various other locations. They run along the axiatonal system; which is a Higher Self version of the meridians. The bolts are often found situated at the Spin Points; the interface between the acupuncture meridians and the axiatonal lines. 

According to the channelled writings of J.J. Hurtak, the axiatonal lines of our bodies were originally connected to the Earth grid, which circumnavigates the planet crossing at various sacred sites. These also connect to the universal grid. At some point, we became cut off from these lines that served as our interface with the universe and allowed transfer of information and energy between macrocosm and microcosm, the universe and humankind. The remaining energy flow, now separated from Source, evolved into the meridian or acupuncture lines we are familiar with today. Removing these etheric blocking devices restores the axiatonal lines, re-establishing the connection to the natural and celestial world and lifts the natural vibratory frequencies of the energy body bringing light and information onto the planet and promoting vitality, faster healing, improved understanding of our soul purpose and greater confidence and enthusiasm.

Both the axiatonal and acupuncture meridians are located in the etheric body, which interpenetrates the physical body. The acupuncture meridians are a 4th dimensional grid, whereas the axiatonal meridians can be seen as a higher dimensional energetic grid that connects each cell in the body to Source. Axiatonal energy is Light and Sound which spirals through the meridians and via each spin point into the axial circulatory system.

The etheric blocking devices are very effectively removed in a group healing environment.  However, with experience one healer (even in a distant healing session) can detect and dismantle these structures.  I generally start by undoing the bolts that first grab my attention (usually at the hips) which makes it easier to remove any rods from the predominantly affected area - through the bottom of the foot.  They may also be fastened (by hinges or strapping) at the knees and/or ankles.

I work with 'Archangel' Michael (who is actually from an angel hierarchy well above the archangels and I never refer to him as Archangel Michael personally) asking him to invoke his sword to cut away any remaining wiring.  Sometimes I draw the sword itself, or Egyptian symbols such as Ayebt or the Staff of Life empowered by Ankhs, to cut away and clear any debris. I also work with the Ascended Master St Germain and the Angels of the Violet Flame, which is another tool for spiritual alchemy and transmutes negative energies by returning it to its own dimension.  I often use Hekau (Egyptian/Atlantean mantras or power words) to invoke ancient mystical forces to help the process. Affected areas can be purified with violet flame or etheric crystal and tones to re-establish the optimum cellular vibration.

Once a Melchisadec Device is removed, the etheric circlet around the forehead, and the colour of the crystal suspended over the third eye may be determined.  A tightening around the upper arm could signify a serpent bangle, or a long dormant emblem may be activated over the thymus gland.  Generally, if these are at all uncomfortable, it is only to briefly draw attention to their existence.  The areas can then be filled with empowered etheric crystal breaths and a tone can be placed into the crown to re-connect the emblem transmitters back to the angelic hierarchy.  Soon they will be ready to receive the next download of data from the Melchisadec Order to progress the host on their spiritual path.  This can be further enhanced by singing the Melchisadec Chant.

Sacred Truth Deterrents

There are some variations to this theme, but generally there is a small etheric vial (the shape of which varies) placed in or near the Solar Plexus or Heart.  It is often connected to the throat.  If in past lives the host was privy to the ancient truths these vials were full of poison that would kill anyone tempted or forced to divulge their knowledge.  Although lethal, I believe they were requested; as to betray this wisdom beyond the trusted confines of the Order would mean a painful death for them and their colleagues. 

In this lifetime they are only energetic constructs and no longer dangerous - just inhibiting. Frequently, the host has experienced fear when talking about their healing interests; as if they have said something which they irrationally think was too much.  If the client would like to be liberated to speak more openly and if they are ready to release this structure, I simply unhook it and levitate it out, then pass it to Michael or Ma’at or St Germain. 

Afterwards, I fill the area with etheric crystal energy, usually sapphire or lapis towards the throat, gold to nourish the solar plexus and emerald, rose quartz, turquoise or pearl for the heart as appropriate. I then place an intuitive tone into the area to recalibrate the vibration back to its optimum rate.  Tuning forks could also be used for this.

I have also removed these from whole groups by leading a group meditation, setting up an etheric tetrahedron filled with violet flame in the room, suggesting that the individuals present release any constructs that are holding them back and asking Michael, Ma’at and St Germain to escort any released debris out of the apex of the tetrahedron and transmute it back to its own dimension.

Past Life Energy Constructs

Past life energy constructs are now occurring more frequently both in private and group sessions. This is where, within the loving support of the healing room, clients are able to re-live past life and death experiences which often pertain to similar patterns within this life-time. Some believe they are genuine previous (or future) life experiences, others see them as metaphors for current life challenges. It is a Shamanic belief that we can hold, within our energy field, areas of weakness where we will tend to manifest issues time after time in the same and/or different incarnations; in other words we have a pre-disposition to repeated emotional and or physical manifestations. This either causes, or is perhaps due to, disrupted energy patterns in that part of the body.

Whilst they will only occur if it is in the highest good of the healing recipient, I have found the best way to induce these, in a safe and supported environment, is to place the healers hands under the head - covering the back of the third eye (brow) chakra - and using slight pressure to gently stimulate the occipital ridge at the back of the head. This is a Shamanic technique for inducing a trance state and it is worth noting any thoughts that come to mind; often they will turn out to be of key importance.

These past life experiences can be very dramatic and even gruesome. We recently ran a group session where one lady remembered being killed in a jousting tournament. She felt her arm was hanging off (and it did look somehow limp and pathetic) and needed to be released from her helmet.  Her emotional concern was that she was dying away from home without being able to say goodbye to her love ones (she was actually male in this scenario). For a short while the experience was so vivid it frightened her, although always it was clear that this was a reflection of an event and not the event itself.  As is the norm with these experiences, we sought to repair her ethereally, in this case sewing the arm back on, as if we had to hand all the necessary medical equipment, herbal salves, bandages etc.  Afterwards it seemed a very surreal experience.

At other times the healing recipient simply feels as if they are observing their past life or death as a detached bystander. Or else they may be telling their story in an animated way but not require any input from us other than nods of agreement and loving support. A metaphor, symbolised by the event revisited, is often apparent. This can shed light on why life patterns are recurring and present opportunities for future change.

General advice to those working with energetic encodements.

I believe it is possible to remove many devices (including on oneself) purely by positive intent. The secret is to go with the flow, liberate your intuition and see where it takes you.  We can never rule out an active imagination, but if we get positive results does it really matter?  Certainly it is true that we often find, within groups, that we can all contribute to the picture we are creating and one person’s contribution embellishes that of another.  Whether we are fabricating a group fantasy, or somehow tapping into the expectations of our healing recipient, these sessions really change people’s lives and as long as the changes are for the better then true understanding of what is going on is probably unnecessary.



If, having read the article, you feel you may have one or more etheric device(s) and/or any entities, there are various options open to you:-

1/.  Self-healing.  Ask for help from ('Archangel') Michael, St Germain and Melchisadec. If possible, get into a relaxed and/or meditative state and try to connect with these angelic beings as well as making a connection with other members of the Melchisadec Order. Concentrate and see if you can identify where the devices are within your energy body. Ask that the devices be released and trust and believe that this has taken place.

2/.  Healing Session (£130/160).  Make an appointment for a healing to include a scanning and removal of any devices, which present themselves for removal at that time.  There may be others offering this service, use your intuition to determine who you want to use.  In my experience, I find that one session (from £120 distant/£150 in person) is enough to make a difference and could be all that is required.  Occasionally more complex structures appear in subsequent healing sessions, but in many cases a large amount of issues (should that prove necessary) can be addressed in a single session, so be wary of anyone who suggests you should commit to a long or expensive series of treatments.

Soul purpose alignment sessions currently cost: -

Distant: £130 for a weekday and £160 for an evening or weekend.

In person: £160 for a weekday and £210 for an evening or weekend.

I allow 1½ to 2½ hours for a session, depending on what I find.  A session can be conducted in person (lying on a healing couch, fully clothed) or at a distance.  For a distant healing, we select a convenient time and ideally you lie down somewhere comfortable, where you will not be disturbed, with a drink of water nearby.  If you have a recording device (IPhones and most smart phones have a memo facility), or a friend who will sit with you, to make note of anything you feel or sensations you experience with times, it can be fun to collate this with my recording later, but this is by no means essential.  It is best not to try and make written notes yourself (although this would not influence the effectiveness of the healing) as it may detract from your experience and/or enjoyment of the session.  Unless we've arranged otherwise, I generally text or telephone just beforehand to ensure the timing is still convenient.  I call your etheric energy body onto my healing couch and work on you as if you were in the room.  A running commentary of the entire session is recorded and this is sent to you afterwards. Recordings are also made for those visiting in person and may be kept for future reference. Occasionally the subsequent playing of the tapes seems to initiate another healing!

On the whole, I prefer not to know too much detail in advance as this can alter the time spent on issues I might otherwise consider a priority.  In other words, areas which gain my attention first may not correspond with areas manifesting physical symptoms, as I am working at a level beyond the physical.  There is no manipulation involved and you remain fully clothed.

The format of a session unfolds as I go along.  I usually start at the head and work along the body to the feet, scanning and adjusting energies, which may feel similar to a Reiki-type healing session.

Part of this process may induce past life recall, I will detail anything that comes to mind on the tape.  The healee (person being healed) may experience the same and/or different past lives or have no recollection of this process.

I then perform a negative energy drain on part or all of the body.  In my view, it is not really negative energy being removed, just heavy stale energy, which is in the wrong place.  We offer a portal to return this energy to its own dimension. Generally, this energy drain system will also release any entities provided the host is ready to let go!  Any etheric devices discovered may be removed before or after this drain as appropriate.

I finish with a Melchisadec chant, a high vibrational invocation to re-affirm your connection to the order.

Frequently the healee feels immediately different; they describe it as feeling somehow lighter. There may be an adjustment period of three days to three weeks, during which there could be a worsening of symptoms although this is uncommon. It is important to stay positive and not invite the problems back!  Keep drinking as much pure water as you can (2 litres per day if possible) and keep toxins such as coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and any other artificial sweeteners, high sugar diets, cigarettes etc. to a minimum, especially if you are suffering any discomfort.  A good balanced diet, preferably with fresh organic vegetables, is ideal together with as much time for yourself as is practical!  You may have released constructs which have been with you for hundreds if not thousands of years, so a period of self-reflection and relaxation may be advisable.  It is certainly best not to plan too much for later the same day; although some previous clients have experienced an immediate burst of energy, a renewed zest for life and an apparent upturn in their luck!

This is just my personal approach, there may be many successful ways of achieving this end result, including the self-healing option listed earlier. My healing sessions often lead to accelerated spiritual development; hence a soul purpose alignment may result.  Other healers may offer a telephone service, personally I like to have comfortable use of both my hands and I prefer the couch format.

I send a client consultation form should you decide you wish to go ahead with a healing session.  More details and booking link.

3/.  Workshop (£300) - as detailed below.  This will include initiation(s) to facilitate your sensitivity when working on others and re-connect with the Melchisadec Order as an active member of the team in this life-time! 

A one-day workshop option (the first day only for £200), includes the scanning and removal of any devices etc, some greater understanding than can be achieved during a healing session, plus an initiation into Archangel Michael for future protection and a more passive reconnection with the order.

The second day, with one initiation into Tehuti (Thoth/Hermes Trismegistos/Mercury) and also an initiation into the Eyes of Horus (comprising the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Tehuti) reconnecting with the left and right eye of Horus ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.  I feel those drawn to the two day courses (or those offered as part of the Reyad Sekh Em Healing system) will be fast-track individuals, who are ready to take a more active, maybe even a teaching role, in the unfolding spiritual revolution.

2 day course  – etheric device removal workshop, £200 (1 day), £300 (2 days)


A one or two-day workshop covering the detection and removal of etheric devices, including Melchisadec Devices, and how removing them opens up the Axiatonal System or Ka Channels (a Higher Self meridian system) facilitating faster progress along one’s chosen spiritual path.  This workshop also covers sacred truth deterrents and past life energy constructs and will feature attunements to Archangel Michael and Thoth (sometimes called Tehuti in Egypt; known to the Greeks as Hermes Trismegistus and the Romans as Mercury).  Please look out for an article in the July issue of Paradigm Shift Magazine.

A one-day workshop option (the first day only), features the scanning and removal of any devices etc, some greater understanding than can be achieved during a one-to-one healing session, plus an initiation into Archangel Michael for future protection and a more passive reconnection with the order.  The second day features an initiation into Ra (the Egyptian Sun God), Tehuti (Thoth/Hermes Trismegistos/Mercury) and the Eyes of Horus (comprising the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Tehuti) reconnecting with the left and right eye of Horus ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.  Those drawn to the two day courses will be fast-track individuals, who are ready to reconnect with the Melchisadec Order and take a more active, maybe even a teaching role, in the unfolding spiritual revolution. They may become functional members of our growing team of healers practising around the UK or overseas. 

Space will be limited to ensure that all participants are thoroughly scanned for devices, and to allow plenty of time to practise using the skills.  The subject is deep and the pace will be fast and intensive.

Email Jo for a course booking form.

I have only just uploaded this article onto the website (June 2018) and haven't offered the above workshop for a while. Since writing this article 16 years ago, I have now seen etheric encodements in many other formats including Past Life glimpses (See my Past Lives, Future Impact article also under this Joanna's article heading or linked here)

Etheric Encodements is offered as part of Reyad Sekh Em Level 3 (Advanced Practitioner) but I would be able to offer a dedicated Etheric Encodement Workshop in Walton-on-Thames and/or other locations according to demand. Contact me to register interest.

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