Joanna's sister, Angela McGerr, became interested in angelology in 1999. Quadrille Publications have since published nine of her works, comprising four books and five sets of angel cards, plus an angelic meditation CD. Apart from Angela's new book Angel Healing and Alchemy and the Angel Card Trilogy (detailed below), all other books are out of print which means that they are no longer available to us - or other suppliers - direct from the Publisher. We do have a few copies available from time-to-time, but they will be priced at higher rate than the recommended retail value due to their scarcity and of course, wherever possible, they are signed by Angela. 

The Angel Quest of the Heart


Now out of print

Angela's semi-autobiographical work

The Angel Quest of the Heart is now out of print. We are selling our final stock of unused & signed copies at £40 + p&p. 

The Angel Quest of the Heart (a Labyrinthine Quest with Melchisadec, Hermes Trismegistus and Pistis Sophia) was published in October 2007. This is a two-book set.

The first book is a narrative, based on Angela's own self-healing journey through the 7-turn 7-colour Labyrinth, in which the angels guide her in gradually healing each chakra, and then opening her higher heart flower, which is the 8th chakra - at the heart of the labyrinth - which is also the heart of the true self.

The second book contains meditations and mandalas, one for each colour of the Labyrinth, so that readers can undertake their own personal journey either once only, or many times, as each time will heal at a new level. In keeping with Angela's previous publications, the latest book features more beautiful artworks from Richard Rockwood.

This book is long out of print and becoming harder to obtain. The original Hardback RRP was £12.99.

Further information regarding Angela McGerr publications

USA readers may find some of Angela's books available at Barnes & Noble Stores.

Many of the publications really are incredibly heavy and are offered purely as a service since otherwise some readers find them difficult to obtain. Checking locally is advisable before ordering through us, although where possible we do try and send copies personally signed by Angela. Please be assured there is no profit on the postage and packing costs, we barely cover PayPal fees and actual postage and we recycle old envelopes where possible. Time spent queuing at the Post Office is unremunerated!

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