Equilibrium Attunement


Empowerment via Equilibrium Attunement

Special Balancing Attunement 

This attunement includes Melchisadec Chant & Equilibrium Exercise

  • Special optional attunement with Joanna at £55 (50% for RSE graduates, use code RSEGRAD50)
  • 2024 OFFER = £44 each for the remaining attunements for the current LCAP = New Moon on 9th/10th February (50% for RSE graduates, code RSEGRAD50)

The special Equilibrium Attunement (also known as an Initiation) involves placing symbols into your aura which will permanently connect you with the Essene Angels Raphael (Sun), Gabriel (Moon), Melchisadec (Earth) and Pistis Sophia (constellations) as well as the Egyptian Deities Ra (Sun), Tehuti (Moon), Geb (Earth) and Nut (Sky).

The ceremony also involves the nature angels Aratron and Achaia and the Egyptian Deities Ausar (Osirus) and Aset (Isis).

Geb & Nut imageThis attunement can be taken alone but works even better when both chakra meditations have been completed in advance.

This balancing attunement will be available on Spring & Autumn Equinox, Winter & Summer Solstice, any New Moon (with advance booking as some preparation is required), on certain numerologically signifcant dates in the future and can be booked to co-incide with a birthday or other date of personal significance. Several attunments are featured during the Lunar Cycle Alignment Programmes (LCAP) and sometimes they can be booked as an add on to other participants.

See below for more general information about Attunements (Initiations).

Attunements are not recommended for anyone who is feeling mentally, emotionally or spiritually vulnerable.

What is an Attunement (or Initiation)?

Attunements can also be called Initiations; you are being attuned to a new vibrational rate. Your physical body needs to adjust to this new rate and hence you may experience a 21-day clearing. Some people don't really notice anything during the clearing period, but others can experience physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual symptoms with mood swings, aches and pains plus emotional outbursts. Your physical body needs to be ‘boosted’ in order to cope with the faster cellular vibration and the spiritual awakening which usually follows.

The word 'initiate' also means 'to begin'. This is achieved by placing ancient sacred symbols into your aura at specific chakra points. These symbols manifest in a dimension normally outside our awareness causing a change in your energy field. As the symbols are drawn by the Healing Master (the title used for teachers/mentors who are able to impart these symbols to others), they manifest in a different dimension which is generally invisible to us [though it may be tangible in other ways] but visible to Higher Dimensional Beings.

Sacred symbols are currently a language that we don't fully understand on an intellectual level, but having them in our auric field seems to signify to higher frequency beings that we want to work with them.  At this point in time, we don't have any scientific proof of any of this, it is purely a theory. Use your discretion to determine whether this sounds feasible to you. Being open to the concept is enough; I was extremely sceptical to the idea, but having felt so totally different afterwards and conscious of a whole new array of perceptive ability over a period of time, I was fully converted.  If the idea sounds ridiculous to you, don't waste your time or money.  Similarly, attunements are not recommended for anyone who is feeling mentally, emotionally or spiritually vulnerable.

By welcoming these symbols into your auric field, you are sending a signal to the loving positive energy beings (Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides etc.) in other dimensions that you are ready to interact with them. Your vibrational frequency is modified (by means of the symbols) as if you are a radio set with the wavelength being adjusted along the dial.  Your new frequency enables you to interact more easily with higher frequency Beings and for them to be able to communicate with you.

These Beings exist in a higher vibrational state to us and therefore as we increase our own vibrational state we are more aware of their presence and more able to accept their loving guidance. They will want to help you remember the ancient truths you have known and worked with before. You have opened the door to your soul awakening, it is up to you to decide how and when you will walk the path towards enlightenment; these Beings readily accept your invitation to illuminate that path for you.