Monthly Full Moon Virtual Healing & Unity Consciousness Guided Meditation

Price range : £20.00 to £60.00

Full Moon

Virtual Full Moon Meditation, £20 to participate
(all orders, except Multi-Buy package, are half price to my RSE/NMNV Moon students & TFBI staff - use discount code FULLMOON50).

Sunday 21st July
Monday 19th August
Tuesday 17th September (Supermoon/Equinox)
Thursday 17th October (Supermoon & almost eclipse)
No live meditation Friday 15th November*
Saturday 21st December (Solstice)

*See pre-recorded video for any Full Moon

Multi-buy package: 2 for £35, 3 for £45, 4 for £50, 5 for £55, 6 for £60

Price options:

Gabriel Full Moon imageThis will be a Zoom video gathering and all participants will receive group healing, be able to nominate others for healing, plus there will be a global healing exercise. The Zoom link will be sent to all those booked in prior to the event.

We start with brief introductions (assuming numbers are small enough to allow this), the usually invoke Gabriel, Essene Guardian of the Moon, as well as Ophaniel, who is the Angelic Guardian of the 28 Moon Mansions, plus other planetary angels and the elemental angels of earth, air, fire and water.

Then we will 'invite in' (remotely) the Higher Self or soul essence of any 'guests' brought to the circle for healing by those present (see note marked * below).

Joanna will guide participants through a balancing colour & crystal healing exercise by means of mindful connection with the 9 personal chakras.

When the balancing exercise is completed (30-45 mins), we will all connect into a virtual circle and then activate the additional two chakras connecting us above (sky) and below (mother earth) with additional guiding angels in each case.

Once we are 'plugged in' above & below, we will send healing around the circle which will include our absent guests and time will be spent focussing on global healing to humanity, other living beings, the planet herself and the universe.

When we return from this experience, we draw the event to a close. I anticipate 2 hours, up to 2½ hours. Folks can leave earlier, but they would have to bring themselves back from a meditative space. To do this, visualise roots connecting you to the ground below, focussing on the day, date and venue space where you are meditating. Make sure you feel safely back and drink some water before re-assuming general life chores.

* ideally, before the event, draw up a list of people to whom you would like to send healing; make sure they are people who would welcome distance healing as its not considered 'spiritually ethical' to force healing onto unwilling recipients! Unless you know that it would be against their beliefs, it is considered ethical to send healing to those with whom you are directly connected (spouse, partner, parents, children, siblings) and/or anyone who is not conscious or readily contactable and therefore cannot be consulted. We then add the proviso that the healing be sent to them IF it is in their 'Highest Good'. These make up the 'guests' brought to the circle by participants.

Healing Circle Testimonials: 
Testimonial: “I have attended a few weeklong workshops within different spiritual practices. The level of unity consciousness I experienced with Joanna’s online healing circle, I would normally expect to only reach five days into a workshop. Not after an hour or so on a virtual meet up. Incredibly powerful attunement and global healing. Thanks to Joanna’s beautifully guided meditations the momentum builds and builds. Extremely grateful for Joanna’s talents and the other members of the group. A heart expanding experience connecting to the cosmos and healing via the higher realms.“ Adrian Briscoe, Sussex, UK, June 2020.

Testimonial:"Although my journey with Jo started much earlier the monthly meetings Healing Circle opened my eyes to what my heart desires the most: give and receive love, light and healings. The wonderful guided meditation during healing circle every time brings my vibration higher and I can feel this deep connection with all, mother Earth and father Sky. This is spiritual bliss to me. Jo is so natural and passionate about what she loves that it is positively contagious and I can't recommend more for others to try one of her modules, healings or joining our monthly healing circle. Whatever your calling is, you would be able to find answers here." Agata Majchrak, REDHILL, UK,