Reyad Sekh Em® Level 1


Reyad Sekh Em® (Egyptian Alchemy) Healing - Level 1

What is Reyad Sekh Em®?

In essence: Reyad Sekh Em® (RSE) is an ultra high vibrational Egyptian Alchemy healing system which harnesses the angelic elemental healing rays of earth, air, fire, water and spirit with etheric crystalline energies, plus sound vibration and sacred breathing.

Harmony Healing is a Mystery School training academy and the courses are designed to help lightworkers and seekers of spiritual truths open up additional perceptions and expand their consciousness. The training methods are intense and best suited to those who are looking for a fast-tracked programme to deepen their esoteric understanding and awareness.

Reyad Sekh Em can be learned as a natural progression from Reiki, although others learn the system having never felt drawn to learn Reiki. It is a deep system, which for many people, leads to advancement on their personal healing journey and a spiritual awakening, hence most students are not beginners and many are already Masters of other energy healing systems, though this isn't a pre-requisite.

Background, context and philosophy

The Ancient Egyptians, who called themselves Khemitians, identified five stages of life, each one of which was represented by a sacred symbol *:

  • Dawn, known as Kheper (re-birth),
  • High noon, known as Ra (inner child),
  • The afternoon sun - Oon (the scholar),
  • Full afternoon sun - Aten (the wisdom-keeper)
  • And finally, at dusk, Amen (the hidden or veil).

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'Initiations' (also known as attunements) are given into Reyad Sekh Em by placing these sacred symbols*, as part of a special sequence of empowering symbols, into the aura at specific chakra points. This opens the body to the angelic elemental healing rays of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. These symbols manifest in a dimension normally outside our awareness, causing a change in the energy field.

It’s like adding new code to a computer to enable a new programme to operate or changing the dial on a radio/TV to allow access to a different channel.

Our own vibrational state is enhanced to bring awareness of other dimensions and accept the loving guidance of the life-forces within them.

*Kheper, Ra, Oon, Aten and Amen - one at each training Level 1-5 (where Level 2 is the Practitioner level)

Level one breakdown:

In addition to two personal initiations, you will receive

  • A full introduction to Khemitology (Ancient Egyptian Philosophies according to the local wisdom keepers) and Essene Angelology, working with the elemental healing angels, using the violet flame, understanding Will & Intent and Thoth's Law of Three
  • Calming meditations and connecting with angel frequencies
  • A brief overview of chakras, self-healing techniques and conducting a seated healing.
  • At Level One, two personal attunements are included: (i) Reyad Sekh Em Level 1 (Kheper - the Scarab) as well as (ii) the Violet Flame of Amenti.

An initiation is a powerful spiritual experience, where your energetic pathways are opened to allow the healing energy to flow freely through your body, connect to the specific source being called upon and attune you to that energetic body.

CMA CPD logoWho is this course for?

Suitable for self-empowerment as well as for use on others. Most initiates find RSE healing training expands their consciousness and enhances other spiritual work.

This course is ideal for other Practitioners wanting an induction into this exciting and profound healing modality, and is also registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) being valued at CMA CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours matching the course duration. Suitable for self-empowerment and self healing as well as for unremunerated use on others (RSE Level 2 is the professional practitioner level).

Testimonial: "I just completed the Reyad Sekh Em level 1 and Khemitology and Essene angels couse and I am buzzing with excitement! Joanna is a wonderful person with amazing knowledge. The course exceeded my expectations and I can confidently say that it is a beautiful course to do regardless of your religious beliefs, whether you are (or not) a Reiki/holistic therapist. There is a lot of theory and practice to learn but also so much more that you can research and practice afterwards. You will learn some profound ancient knowledge that will deepen your understanding and awareness about life in general. The most important is that you can access and communicate with the angels and divine energies/beings regardless of your religion and beliefs. There is some powerful tools to use every day and improve your life in all levels." Fiora, London, UK, 19 November 2020.

Modular unit details:

RSE Level 1 is now available as a modular course in virtual format. Each is module is a stand alone course and they can be studied individually or collectively in any order. Start dates have been postponed because whilst there is always interest in previous students resitting the courses (something i offer at 75% discount), there have been no new student enrolments and thus live courses are not currently viable to operate.  Recorded modules can be studied at ANY TIME, so please get in touch to discuss options.

Essene Angelology course = ½ unit (£66) - next series,

Thurs 19th Oct & 9th Nov
4½ hrs, 2 x 7.30pm-9.45pm (UK time)
Recordings of each Zoom session available
Late registrations accepted


Violet Flame of Amenti = 1 unit (£88) - next series,

30th Nov, 6th &19th Dec
6¾ hours, 3 x 7.30pm-9.45pm (UK time)
Recordings of each Zoom session available
Late registrations accepted


Khemitology Course = 1 unit (£88) - next series,

Thursday 2nd May Revision
(1 day - repeaters only) 
7.30pm-9.45pm (UK time)
Full course (when offered):
6¾ hours, 3 x 7.30pm-9.45pm (UK time)
Recordings of each Zoom session available
Late registrations accepted


Mindful Alignment with your Chakras = ½ unit (£66) - next series,

Tuesday 30th April Revision
(1 day - repeaters only) 
7.30pm-9.45pm (UK time)
Full course (when offered):
6¾ hours, 3 x 7.15pm-9.30pm (GMT/UT)
Recordings of each Zoom session available
Late registrations accepted


Together they cover the full 3 units of RSE Level 1 - the cost is higher than studying via the 2-day in person course, but it's covered in much more depth and includes an additional balancing attunement. And it's accessible to international participants.

Book all the above units together = £266 to include all 4 attunements (Violet Flame, RSE 1 Kheper, Equilibrium chakra balancing attunement & personalised angelic attunement). 75% cost reduction for anyone repeating RSE 1 training = £66.50 for full package as a repeater.  Individual components also available at 75% reduction to those who've studed RSE 1 before, even if they haven't studied the modular format. Contact  for discount code or for payment link.

Closed group course options available

If you have a group of three or more interested people and would like to host your own closed online course, or if you would like to study with Joanna on a 1-2-1 basis, please email Jo.

NOTE: In-Person Course was withdrawn during lockdown, previously the RSE 1 Course was available as 2-day 'in person' course, 10.30 am - 6.30/7.30pm (16 CMA CPD hours), cost £225.  The online course is much more thorough, and in some ways, spreading out the sessions helps people to assimilate the material.

Usual Venue: Harmony Healing, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 3BH

If you have a group of three or more interested people and would like to host your own course at a venue near you, or if you would like to study with Joanna on a 1-2-1 basis, please email Jo to discuss options as restrictions are lifted.