Reyad Sekh Em® Level 2 - Practitioner Training 2024 online details


Reyad Sekh Em® (Egyptian Alchemy) Healing - Level 2

  • Complete Level 2 course: £333
  • Available in modular format including two initiations (attunements)
  • See below for full course details
  • Closed group course options available
  • 75% cost reduction for anyone repeating RSE 2 training (use coupon code RSEGRAD)
    (not including Full 1:1 Healing with Joanna, included in original training)

Reyad Sekh Em® Level Two

Cost £330 including two attunements
Available only to RSE Level One Graduates

Time: Online mentoring for approximately 16 hours live Zoom training + 25 hours (11 x 2.25 hour group sessions pre-recorded) + 5 hours optional practical tutorial/observation and 90 mins 1:1 healing with Joanna

Reyad Sekh Em® (RSE) is an ultra high frequency Egyptian Alchemy healing system which harnesses the angelic elemental healing rays of earth, air, fire, water and spirit with etheric crystalline energies plus sound vibration & sacred breathing.

Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Level Two is recognised in the UK as a Practitioner Level by Wellbeing Insurance (underwritten by Hiscox) and the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) meaning that you should be able to get insured as a Reyad Sekh Em Practitioner.

Includes: -

  • attunement into the Ausarion Rainbow Bridge to the angelic realm. Like Level 1, this is an attunement on the crown, third eye, throat and heart.
  • attunement into Reyad Sekh Em Level 2 - Ra - the Ram (hearing/taming the inner child) - this attunement goes into the crown as well as the hands and feet to enhance ability to give/receive healing through the hands and also via the feet to/from the earth.
  • working with a selection of symbols (42 are introduced but there is only time to work with a small selection first hand)
  • using crystal wands
  • grounding exercises to connect with the elements and also the 'above and below'.
  • introduction to Isis (Aset) & Osiris (Asar/Wzr) myth.
  • a brief overview of the Merkaba - Angelic Lightbody concept [to learn how to do it is a separate course, not yet available online].
  • the Alchemy release; an energy drain system for removing negative energy pockets - this greatly helps physical, mental, emotional & physical issues - it is a simple yet profound healing tool which can be used with a number of other healing modalities.
  • discussion and practice of additional practitioner techniqes such as vow breaking and bond breaking.
  • healing and distant healing techniques with practice - each participant receives, and is involved with giving, at least one healing.
  • Detailed manual supplied. Appendix features sample client consultation form, dietary comments, zodiac symbols.
  • Attendance Certificate supplied on receipt of completed assessment questionnaire plus Competence Certificate awarded on receipt of 15 (5 at level 1 plus further 10) Case Studies.

CMA CPD logoCMA registered stamp

This course is ideal for other Practitioners wanting an induction into this exciting and profound healing modality, and is also registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) being valued at 25 CMA CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours. Suitable for self-empowerment as well as for use on others.



UK evenings - 7.30-9.30pm (GMT+1 = UT+1)
Thursday 30th May - Carena’s healing (others meet online)
Thursday 13th June - Sonia’s healing (others meet online)
Thursday 27th June - Brandy's healing (others meet online)
Monday 1st July [discuss group members own 1:1 healings plus 1st three videos (Benjy's healing - already discussed really, lessons 1&2)
Tuesday 9th July
Thursday 11th July
Tuesday 16th July
Thursday 18th July

After this there will a selection of optional practice times to join in and develop your practical experience.