Harmony in Nature Forest Bathing Therapeutic Sessions

Harmony In Nature is run by Katie Robinson & Joanna Bristow-Watkins; both experienced & insured Forest Bathing+ Guides licensed by The Forest Bathing Institute.  Operating mainly in Woodland around the Surrey Hills and London SW20, they offer two-three hour public & private sessions. Read more about Forest Bathing with Harmony in Nature or listen to their Brooklands Radio Forest Bathing podcast interview with Jill Bennett (8½ mins).

Kosmon Sanctuary

Price range : £30.00 to £300.00

Kosmon Sanctuary

Image shows light and shade at play amongst the trees at the Kosmon

Thursday 18th August, 11am-2pm, £35*
Tuesday 13th September, 5-7.30pm, £30 - evening session for Epsom business networking group
*Please note, if you are booking after 2pm the day before an event, DO NOT assume there is space available. Text 07930 414525 before booking.
This site is available for private group bookings. Preferred timings for private bookings is 11-2, but other timings can be arranged.
We will take you on a 3-hour journey through the private woodland of the lovely Kosmon Healing Sanctuary. Forest Bathing+ is based on the Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku and involves a slow exploration of nature through your senses. Feel the changes in the air, observe the colours, inhale deeply and savour the smells of the season. 
Kosman Healing Sanctuary 2022:

We will take you on a mindful, sensory journey through the beautiful woodland at the Kosmon Sanctuary, deep in the Surrey Hills. Forest Bathing+ is based on the Japanese art of Shinrin-Yoku and involves a slow exploration of nature through your senses. Not only is this calming and relaxing but it also has well documented therapeutic benefits.

This session will be calming and relaxing and FB+ has scientifically proven beneficial therapeutic effects. You can learn more about the practice on our forest bathing section of the website.

50% of the benefit from Forest Bathing is proven to come from the phytoncides emanating from trees when walking in an ambient forest environment. However, mindfulness has a separate evidence base for inducing a 'feel good factor' as well as demonstrating a reduction in stress and an improvement in mental health and wellbeing.

Your guide will share many interesting facts, for example, how trees communicate and the role they can play in our strengthening our immune system.

You will be required to complete and return the registration form in advance, so look out for the welcome email from your guide a few days before the event.  

DOGS: Regrettably we cannot accept dogs on our Forest Bathing+ sessions unless they are trained Guide Dogs.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: We operate in all weathers (we just request that you wear appropriate clothing) except winds exceeding 30mph and/or electrical storms due to safety reasons.

When you have booked your session, your guide will send you forms to complete and return by email before the event, as well as further instructions for the session.

We look forward to welcoming you to Forest Bathing+.

Events at the Kosmon Sanctuary, Tasdworth (near Epsom); see below for dates/times and booking links. These are 3 hour Forest Bathing+ session which will take place in all weathers except 30+mph winds. 

Thursday 18th August, 11am - 2pm, £35
Tuesday 13th September, 5-7.30pm, £30 - evening session for Epsom business networking group
 *Cost is £35 for 3 hours (plus £1.75 admin fee if paid by Paypal), £30 for an evening taster session (plus £1.50 PayPal fee).
About the Kosmon Sanctuary
The Kosmon Church, now called The Kosmon Sanctuary, was initiated in April 1904 by a group of seven men who were inspired by a book called Oahspe, channelled in 1848 by the medium Dr. John Newbrough, and published in 1881.
They relocated from London to Tadworth in 1952. Featuring 22 acres of private woodland, the undulating ground and rich variety of trees in the beautiful ancient woodland offers ever changing vistas and surprises.  Some of the trees are very old, whilst the circles of yew trees, planted several years ago, invites the visitor to enter and experience a deep stillness. Anyone wishing to connect with the natural world, for  meditation, sturdy, reflection or simply peaceful walking, will enjoy being here.

The gardens, merging seamlessly with the woodland, includes many beautiful specimen trees, with stately silver birches (which rarely reach such maturity) as well as an old orchard which has been extended to contain a wide range of fruit trees. There are two labyrinths for quiet reflection.

More about the Kosmon Sanctuary at their website.