Harmony in Nature Forest Bathing Therapeutic Sessions

Harmony In Nature is run by Katie Robinson & Joanna Bristow-Watkins; both experienced & insured Forest Bathing+ Guides licensed by The Forest Bathing Institute.  Operating mainly in Woodland around the Surrey Hills and London SW20, they offer two-three hour public & private sessions. Read more about Forest Bathing with Harmony in Nature or listen to their Brooklands Radio Forest Bathing podcast interview with Jill Bennett (8½ mins).

Themed Full Day Workshops with afternoon Forest Bathing, £77

Price range : £25.00 to £300.00

Themed Full Day Workshops with afternoon Forest Bathing, £77

Sunday 9th October, 9.30-4.15, at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, Shere, Surrey*
*Please note, if you are booking after 2pm the day before an event, DO NOT assume there is space available. Text 07930 414525 before booking.

This site is available for private group bookings.

Themed Day Workshops with afternoon Forest Bathing:

Special Events:
Connecting with the Moon Cycle
Sunday 9th October, Full Moon, 09.30am - 4.15pm
Connect with the Lunar Cycle Morning Workshop, afternoon Full Moon Forest Bathing (£40)
Morning WorkshopHarness the Power of the Moon for Health, Wealth & Wellbeing

Human beings have always been fascinated by the moon and its power to influence so much of what happens on our planet.

The Moon Cycle is actually 29.53 days, however, it passes through four Quarters, said, for convenience, to last 7 days each. These are New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter and back to New Moon.

Between these phases, the moon is either waxing (getting bigger) or waning (shrinking).

In this workshop, Joanna outlines why aligning ourselves with the moon cycle is very therapeutic, including:

  • · Why should you disconnect from your laptop and connect with the moon?
  • · What are the Moon Phases and the 28 Mansions of  the Moon?
  • · Who are the key Guardian Angels of the lunar cycle?
  • · How to work with the moon cycle to support your everyday life.
  • · Utilising moon energy for projects.
  • · How to create a personal and/or corporate vision board, harnessing moon energy.
Morning session only: £50
Afternoon: Forest Bathing Session on this day of the Ivy Hunter Full Moon which peaks at @ 21:54, but we will already be in the energy of it
Afternoon session only: £40
All day cost £77
Other themed Sessions to be repeated

Tree Connection
This was successfully run Monday 21st March (International Day of Forests) and will be repeated, date tba - contact us to register an interest

Tree Connection Workshop with Harmony in Nature at Harry Edwards.  Date TBA (ran successfully 21st march, new date to be arranged)

Join us for the day, 9.30-4.15, in the Bluebell Room as well as outdoors, to strengthen your connection with trees, particularly those native to the UK.  

Find out more about our most popular trees, and learn how you can bring wellbeing into your life through a selection of tree essences, teas and essential oils.

Discover nature's 'Wood-Wide Web', learn how to connect with it on a daily basis, and experience a tree meditation through the seasons, as well as a 2-hour forest bathing session in the lovely private grounds, connecting with nature, using mindful sensory activities.

An educational, interactive and fun workshop for tree lovers, which can work around school runs. Due to the shortened day, we suggest bringing snacks to eat as needed, to make the most of our time together.

Morning session only: £50
Afternoon session only: £40
All day, 09.30-4.15, cost £77


Connecting with the Nature Angels
This was successfully run Sunday 15th May and will be repeated, date tba - contact us to register an interest
Nature Angels Morning Workshop, afternoon Bluebell Forest Bathing with Nature Angels (£40)
Morning WorkshopConnecting with the Elemental and Nature Angels
Joanna is sister to best-selling angelology and angel card author Angela McGerr, who took her inspiration from the Essenes; a religious sect of healers living around the Dead sea area 2000 years ago. 

This workshop will cover:

  • Who were the Essenes and what is Essene Angelology?
  • The Law of Three and how to invoke an angel.
  • How might angels be experienced if you can’t see them?
  • About Angela McGerr and how she came to be a best-selling angelology author.
  • Connecting with the Essene elemental angels of earth, air, fire, water and spirit.
  • The Essene Angel Guardians of plants & trees, wild animals, wind, rain, mountains, seasons, nature’s magic and nature’s secrets.
  • Meditations with various elemental and nature angels throughout the workshop.

Workshop participants will receive guidance and practical experience on working with the Essene Nature and Elemental Angels and integrating them into your life

Morning session only: £50
Afternoon: Forest Bathing Session featuring channellings from the Nature Angels (we will have studied earelier) appropriate to the conditions of the day.
Afternoon session only: £40
All day, 09.30-4.15, cost £77.