Distant and In-person Healings

Price range : £30.00 to £210.00

Reyad Sekh Em Distant & In-person Healing sessions

Distant healings can be very effective. A time is agreed as to when the healing will take place and the recipient makes themselves comfortable at home. After the allotted treatment time, which is usually one hour or so, contact is made to disclose what was experienced during the healing session.

Very occasionally Joanna offers in person healings at Walton--onThames, contact Joanna for a provisional date and then confirm your booking with the In-person links below.
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This service is especially popular with those who are too unwell to come in person, although it is also used by clients in other locations worldwide.

Session cost is less when conducted at a distance, for a face-to face (visiting Joanna in person) healing, see Individual Healings (these are on hold currently pending relaxation of the post-lockdown criteria).  For a distant healing, a convenient time is selected and ideally the recipient down somewhere comfortable, where they will not be disturbed, with a drink of water nearby.  If there’s a recording device, or a friend who will note the time of any feelings or  sensations, this can be collated with the recording, but is by no means essential.  At the arranged time, the etheric energy body is called onto the healing couch and Joanna works as if the recipient were in the room.  Whenever possible, a running commentary of the session is recorded live and the MP3 (or ITunes) recording file is forwarded afterwards.  Subsequent playing of the recording can initiate another healing!

Part of the process may induce past life recall, this will be detailed on the recording.  The person being healed may experience the same and/or different past lives or have no recollection of this process.

A negative energy drain is performed on part or all of the body, releasing any heavy stale energy.  A portal is created to return this energy to its own dimension.  To end, there is a Melchisadec chant, a high vibrational invocation re-affirming any connection to the order.

Frequently the client feels immediately different; they describe it as feeling somehow lighter.  There may be an adjustment period of three days to three weeks, during which there could be a worsening of symptoms although this is unusual.  It is important to stay positive and not invite the problems back!  Keep drinking as much pure water as you can (2 litres per day if possible) keeping toxins such as alcohol, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, artificial sweeteners, high sugar diets, cigarettes etc. to a minimum, especially if you are suffering any discomfort.  A good balanced diet, preferably with fresh organic vegetables, is ideal together with as much time for yourself as is practical!  You may have released constructs which have been with you for lifetimes, so a relaxed time of self-reflection may be advisable.  Try not to plan too much for later the same day; although some clients have experienced an immediate burst of energy, a renewed zest for life and an apparent upturn in their luck!

The cost of 1-2-1 Reyad Sekh Em® Healing Sessions with Joanna reflect her 20+ years of experience in creating profound results with the majority of her clients (testimonials available). 1-2-1 Reyad Sekh Em® Healing Sessions are also available, sometimes at considerably lower cost, at other locations with practitioners who have trained with Joanna.

Joanna occasionally offers in-person 1-2-1 healings if you live near north Surrey/south-west London it may be possible to book one by contacting her direct (email ), cost is £160 for a weekday daytime session or £210 for a weekend or evening session - allow 2-3 hours. Book and pay for your session after you have arranged a date with Joanna via email  or text 07930 414525.

In due course, a links section on this website will list other RSE practitioners and their respective complementary therapy skills. Session times and costs vary from £60+. Contact Harmony Healing for details.