Full Chakra Balancing & Global Healing Guided Meditation


Fully guided chakra and global healing meditation

This meditation was devised for the 4:4:4 numerology on 4th April 2020, but has been edited so that it can be used anytime.

Cost: £9.99* (*reduced to £4.44 to email subscribers, using discount code HHSUB)

This is a fully guided chakra and global healing meditation, which works through the 9-chakra system Joanna uses, from Base to Crown. Each chakra is balanced with the appropriate colour with the addition of relevant crystalline energy and the creation of a self-regulating filter. At the end of the chakra balancing, the meditation expands out to send healing throughout and beyond the world into far galaxies. 

Testimonial: I just finished the Chakra Healing meditation. So lovely! I saw and felt all of the colors swirling and moving through, adjusting. The connection with the universe and heavenly bodies was fantastic. Sensed being able to share the healing with Gaia and all life, especially the ancient forests! Thank you so much, dear Jo!, Alyse Korn, USA, 4th April 2020. 

Image of Joanna's 9-chakra system was drawn by Ella Tritton.