Special 555 Expanded Consciousness Guided Meditation


Special 555 Expanded Consciousness Guided Meditation for 5th, 14th & 23rd May 2021

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555 chakra chart plus earth and soul no label

For the amazing expansive triple 5 numerology energy we'll be experiencing, we have a 555 meditation available for £15.55 (which can be used on the 5th, 14th and/or 23rd May).

Starting from the Soul Star chakra (6" or 10 cm above your Crown), down to the Earth Star Chakra (6" or 10 cm below your feet), we work though each chakra wih colour and crystal energy and connect you to the Woodwideweb lattice of tree roots found in ancient forests. We then contemplate the Microcosm (the Divine Essence in Man, represented by the 5-pointed star «) and the Macrocosm (The Divine Essence in All, represented by the 6-pointed star ¬) to expand our consciousness.

This meditation was devised for the 555 numerology on 5th, 14th & 23rd May 2021. Image right of Joanna's alternative 9+2 chakra system (used for this meditation) was drawn by Ella Tritton.

Testimonial from 5th May 2021 (at a live version of the meditation): "That was absolutely amazing, the energy was fabulous. I went off a couple of times but just before you said it was 5.55 on the clock, there was a greenish-white light and I saw a mystical figure holding his hands out palms upwards. It was a special moment." Yvonne, London.